It's time to chase a few butterflies, climb a few trees, ride a few ponies, and make some giant sandcastles with these ratbags. I will still be answering enquiries/emails but things will be a little quieter than usual on the social pages. I'll be back behind the camera on Sunday 29th - see you on the flip side x ⠀

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The weather wasn't great but it wasn't important - it just felt good to acknowledge and spend time with those we care for most and celebrate a milestone. It was a celebration of our life together, and family, and that we have beautiful children - I wanted them to see that we all love each other. Celebrating 10 amazing years of marriage. Happy anniversary guys ❤️ www.foxbellephotography.com.au .

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It’s not every day that two people meet on a television show, fall madly in love, and have a baby. I’m so glad they did, he is perfect. Welcome to the world baby Harry ❤️ @samanthagash and @mark.a.wales you clever kids!

Let me tell you about me. Even just saying those words makes me sweat. I am not an extrovert and I don't enjoy being the centre of attention.
I am tall, like six foot tall (which makes it hard to hide in a crowd) and in my twenties I tore my retina while white water rafting in Zimbabwe so I look like I have a permanent lazy eye.
I have four children and consider myself an endurance parent, mostly because by the end of each day I literally feel like I have run a marathon, the kind that I will get up and do all over again the next day.
I feel way safer on the other side of the camera and when I look in the mirror I see someone who looks a bit tired, scarred (but definitely not scared), slightly lopsided (from lugging around giant babes for the past seven years) and googley-eyed. But thats all ok, I completely accept that these are parts of ME, because I know that although flawed, I am also beautiful. I am deeply happy, loved by many, funny (mostly), have stories to tell and a healthy and strong body.
In my first forty years I have learned that life is an incredible gift, an opportunity to be grasped with both hands and to be lived. There is no end to my quest for knowledge, and adventure, and like every human my deepest desire is to be accepted, included and loved.
Beauty is all around me, not the pretty face kind, but the real 'I can see it beaming from deep inside' kind. The kind that can't be masked and the kind that I seek to surround my family and myself with every single day.
So yep, this is me. I am real. I like to be silly, I can be difficult to photograph and I am hiding behind my camera because well, I am a photographer.
I am ever so grateful to the beautiful @julieabreu.photography for accepting this challenge earlier in the week, I know I didn't make it easy for you. If you want to see my actual face you’ll need to pop on over to the website xx ❤️

Pure love ❤️ www.foxbellephotography.com.au

Those lips! ❤️ www.foxbellephotography.com.au

A mothers love knows no bounds ❤️ www.foxbellephotography.com.au

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