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One of our garage toads. He's a Fowlers toad. We have about 5 that live in our garage. Isn't he the CUTEST!! #toad #fowlerstoad

This Fowler's toad was spotted near the Province Lands Visitor Center this weekend, relaxing before the rain came! #findyourpark #nps100 #Amphibians #FowlersToad

Last tongue shot quick! Such a cool experience! #herping #fowlerstoad

Put on your best mad face 😂 #fowlerstoad

You're probably like "oh my god Monica what's with the toads" but this is the prettiest toad I've ever seen. And she may be a #fowlerstoad :D #nerdalert #canthelpmyself #iloveherps

Anaxyrus fowleri
Fowlers toad
Fowler's toad is usually brown, grey, olive green and rust red in color with darkened warty spots. If the toad has a pale stripe on its back it is an adult. The belly is usually uniformly whitish except for one dark spot. The male may be darker in overall color than the female. #fowlerstoad #noticethesmallthings #getoutside #bushcraft


“black phoebe (reconstitution),” Gouache, watercolor, sumi ink, marker, and thread on cut Arches paper, 14 x 15 1/4 inches, 2010
From “Some Remove,” an essay of mine published by @humansandnature:
“The Eastern phoebe [is a] principal icon of reconstitution in my personal symbology. [Reconstitution is my term for the biological ‘afterlife,' when our corporeal substance rots and, in so doing, releases energy for use by the rest of things.] A few months after my 2010 move from New York City to San Francisco, I watched a black phoebe, the Eastern phoebe's western cousin, hawking over the surf-sculpted rocks of a Pacific beach. Standing at the edge of the continent, three thousand miles from the Atlantic salt marsh I’d grown up alongside, admiring the western incarnation of an eastern totem animal, I began to fathom the fact that Fowler’s toads, Eastern phoebes, and many other longtime acquaintances would from then on make only irregular appearances in my life. But the black and white bird winging above the waves, at once strange and familiar, allayed some of my unease. It often requires some remove to understand one's emotions. I didn't fully appreciate [then] why the black phoebe was a calming presence. [Later, it] occurred to me that my move from east to west was itself a kind of reconstitution. Studying species range maps, I often ponder how animals’ appearances and behaviors are fundamentally informed by their environments, and this is true for the human animal, too. A cross-country move is a radical uprooting, one that requires us to adapt—maybe even to reinvent ourselves—so that we can find a suitable niche in the new habitat. And yet there is also essential continuity, some form or force that keeps on keeping on.”
#art #drawing #worksonpaper #transitions #reconstitution #EasternPhoebe #SayornisPhoebe #BlackPhoebe #SayornisNigricans #FowlersToad #AnaxyrusFowleri #CenterForHumansAndNature #CityCreatures #totemanimals #PacificOcean #AtlanticOcean #NorthAmerica #saltmarsh

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