Four months today!
Thank heaven for little boys💕
My handsome butterball weighs 16 lbs😍
Dr says he is growing happy and healthy
#breastfedbaby #fourmonths #happy #healthy #blessed #grateful

Amor bonito! Un mes mas juntos! #Monses #TwoYears #fourmonths


I'm actually a little suprised I got her to smile. She just got shots 😟 #fourmonths

Not to quote my family or anything, but it really is like Kade had a baby. Or more like he has been cloned (with different color hair & eyes). I like that idea better because I don’t like thinking of being a Grandma yet. 😆 #fourmonths #thunderthighs

💪🏽Thanks a million for my first 1k followers. 💓🙏 I only started this page merely under 4 months ago showcasing my love and passion for fitness and vegetarian bodybuilding and helping people get better through my coaching business. But it's turned into more than just that.
The beautiful messages I had received off all of you I truly appreciate and love each & everyone of you and wish to help every single person even more throughout my social media journey and beyond. These past 4 months was my first ever time experiencing what social media is all about and it's been a blessing! 🤝🙏you guys have made it a cherishable experience for me and am excited to see how far it can expand as I continue to educate you guys and show my gratitude through my content. Instagram has been such a blessed platform which has aided me to change my and and many other's lives through showcasing and imapcting via my work with the audience I've been able to reach. Thanks @instagram. 🙏🏼
But more than just a "number" of followers, the level of engagement is what I honour and cherish the most that I have been able to have with so many of you. 💓 It honestly means alot having many of you share your stories with me, and giving me the priveledge of being part of your good and bad times. To all of those who have reached out to me or have commented and liked my content from the start I love you. Feel free to DM me and just talk about whatever you like!
I love you guys 🙏

#1k #whatagreatexperience #thankyou

Already 4 months! This little guy brings so much joy! He’s rolling around the house, blowing bubbles, always hollering and makes us laugh. He’s 25.5 inches, 20 pounds (😳) and wearing 9 month duds! #baby #fourmonths #smiles #myarmburns #niah

Oh I just hold the bottle all by myself now 😍💙 #henryrussell #spetember2018 #fourmonths

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