I now own three pairs of slightly different hued pink trousers. I may have an issue, BUT they do match with my daily commute so... onto number four? 🧠🐽🐷🐙🌸🍭🎟 #commutecoordination

THE HERMES TAKEOVER // Oh my Lord @hermes, you did it again. A beautiful presentation seamlessly integrated with a community touch. Let’s all have a day of drawing in chalk on the street, yeah?

Mirror Magic - - - 💙🏢💛 It's time for a little change of perspective! Because if this gorgeous installation from @cosstores x @phillipksmith3 doesn't persuade you to look at things from a different angle... I don't know what will! Rather than wallowing about my injured knee (see my stories), I'm embracing it instead. I think it's a sign from the universe telling me to slow down. Living life in the fast lane is definitely fun. But sometimes you just gotta pace it better. So hobbling around isn't really all that bad after all. Gosh, maybe these 'Inception' vibes are rubbing off on me.
- - - Rosh Realness - - - This was such a difficult shot to get. If you look at the location, lots of people managed to photograph beautiful portraits of themselves - no idea how, it was so tricky. One of the best though is definitely @catesthill - go check out her feed for her fab mirror selfie. 💛🏢💙 (P.S. Swipe ➡️ to see 'before the edit')

Colourful days 🌈

The suns going in, just as my summer wardrobe is coming out. I shan’t be defeated. 🌞

flying over the rainbow over the sea! 🌈💙

🍡 F I S H B A L L S 🍡
pretty much an oriental street food staple, fish balls bring back memories from way back when we’d rush out of school to get our afternoon snack.. we’d also have a big selection of sauces to choose from 🤤🤤🤤
from the @PopUpWok set menu:
HK style iced lemon tea,
Curry Fish Balls on
Chee Cheung Fun (Rice Noodle Roll) with all the sauces - sriracha too if you’re feeling adventurous! 🔥
When ordered with the set menu, it comes in this innovative tray that sits on top of the cup - so you can ‘gram both your food AND drink.

⛵️ M I L L E N N I U M B R I D G E ⛵️
The world’s first tilting bridge, and the #RiverTyne’s only foot and cycle bridge. Spanning 126m from Newcastle to Gateshead, this unmissable engineering feature is at the end of a line of bridges across the river. A couple of weeks ago I caught it “blinking” to allow the #FishingForLeave flotilla through.. Swipe right ➡️ to see the bridge in action.
PS you can find the scheduled bridge tilts over on the gateshead.gov.uk website


🍩 T H E H O M E R 🍩
None of our plans today are going right, so we decided to walk the day off through Jesmond Dene and saw that the market’s on! #winning as always, difficult to choose which flavour to go for, this one’s lemon curd custard and #MyGeordieLad has gone for his favourite The Homer..

I love flowering gum nuts! 💕

VERY ACCURATE REPRESENTATION OF MY BRAIN TODAY 🧠❌🤪🌀🤡⚠️ We're trying to open in two weeks and while all the construction is done and we've started moving in products and studio supplies, there's still all these tiny details that have to be worked out. I heavily identify with this color wall rn
#graffiti #graffitiart #painting #colorwall #colorcrush #colorgram #colorhunters #foundpalettes #wallcrawl #studiodiywallcrawl #abmlovesmurals #walltraveled #thehappynow #flashesofdelight #abmlifeiscolorful #livecolorfully #ihavethisthingwithcolor #mystyle #dscolor #colorexplosion #mood #waronblackwhiteandbeige #streetart #streetphotography #muralist #streetartist #streetartglobe

That bean side made last time with chicken breast

Where flowers bloom so does hope 🌸
~ Lady Bird Johnson ~

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