@castarapp had a great night learning new acting techniques... hyped for this next step in life. #actor #getuafamouskk #getuakkontv #Godisworking #foundmycalling @ingridreeves is an awesome coach! Great energy and knowledge in the acting bizz. #blessed

Don’t let the pretty face fool you;💪🏻🔨🎯my aim is on point 😉#axevikingtuesdays#foundmycalling #innerviking

For the longest time... I had no clue what I wanted to do...dreading where my future was going! All I knew I wanted to help people...inspire...motivate...be that vocal figure that so many people needed. •
I just knew something need to change if I wanted to get there! So proud to say my life changed and now live my biggest passion of helping others and their families be free of physical and financial pain. I work with a team of incredible people who's burning desire is to live without limits...live with purpose...live with intention of helping others in building their best self and helping them feel incredible in their own skin. Guide them on an amazing journey that takes control of their health, and breaks through the struggles they are having that create stress and unfulfillment in their lives...importantly...a journey that creates an incredible life for their families! •
If you're not sure what you want to do in life or where it’s headed...be open to opportunities that are out there because you never know the impact...value it can bring to your life! If you’re in a place right this very moment where your unhappy...stressed...low energy...struggling with time and financially pain...just want more for you and your family...or you have a vision for yourself of where you want to go but not sure on the path to get there...then let’s see if this is something for you. You’ll never know unless you take a look.

Beast mode 100% this morning. Only another 2 tonnes to go 💪🙌🤣😜 #beastmode #firewood #countrygirl #toastywarmthiswinter #axe #icandothis #whoneedsaman #pocketrocketbeast #muscle #foundmycalling #lumberjack @axethrowingireland I'm coming to get you 🙌

So lucky to be living my dream of creating art and running a rad shop. It was a massive risk to put my all into @thetinycactusbrokenhill and to open myself up by sharing my jewellery with others, like any creative endeavour making yourself vulnerable to others opinions is kinda scary. I had such an amazing day today where I saw numerous people that I adore and admire wearing creations I had made for Tom & Doris Designs, pieces that I love but wondered if anyone else would value their beauty. I’ve done a lot of stupid shit in my life and I’ve made a lot of decisions I’m not proud of, but taking this risk and daring to show this side of me is something that I am proud of. Living with anxiety means that I spend a lot of time absolutely loathing myself, but today I was proud and it felt good. Thank you to all the beautiful people who give me a constant source of inspiration and who believe in me, some things in life are worth the risk x #makersgunnamake #piratelifeforme #foundmycalling

Look...I am not even going to lie, I was VERY nervous to hang out with 21 other women... in a house...for 3 days
We all know how us ladies can get #justsayingtho.
But...Im telling you!! Something amazing happened! Women truely supporting other women
And I am not talking about on the surface support like an atta-girl...I am talking 100% to the core though the good and bad type support
When you share a common purpose and common passion with other people...I am telling you there is not better emotional feeling like feeling you have found your people and your calling
Surround yourself with people who act on their big ideas, who take action on making a positive change in the world..people who see nothing as out of their reach!
Dont let opportunity pass you by! If you desire more..work for it! Dont let ANYTHING get in your way. DONT make excuses, make it happen 👈 thats what I am doing! .
And guess what! YOU CAN TOO!! Join my sneak peek group-The Coach Life. The link is in my bio, come in..be a fly on the wall! Learn more about my tribe, my community, my business and all its opportunities!

In my journey to find me, I’ve finally found my calling! Now I only have 16.5 years until I can retire 🤦‍♀️ #mybestme #midlifejourney #foundmycalling

“ I once was lost but now I’m found ... was blind but now I see “ ..... 💫Make sure everyday you do what you love . Never regret anything you do and live life to the fullest 😍
I have finally found my calling
#amazinggrace #lovelife #nevergiveup #foundmycalling

My love ❤️❤️ #bowls #partytime #foundmycalling #hescute ☀️

• F I N D I N G . M Y S E L F •
If you’ve followed me for a while you will know how much I dabble. I’ve tried making melts (which I hope to start again as soon as Christmas is over!) I’ve tried forever living, which sent me into extreme depression and anxiety, it works so well for others but it really wasn’t for me. I’ve tried writing a book, I’ve actually wrote up a children’s book but need to go through it and double check and create some art work for it. I often dabble in yoga but struggle to stick to it because I struggle to find “quiet time”
I’ve started my own hashtag to raise awareness for anxiety #anxieteaandme
I secretly had big dreams for this I imagined it taking off and opening my own cafe where people were encouraged to sit with someone they don’t know and to have a conversation and a trained counsellor to be on site incase anyone just needed that extra care. (Yes, when I dream I dream big)
Some people probably think I’m crazy when I start something new because I get so excited and I do put my all in, I love helping people and I enjoy learning new things. I’ve started teaching myself palmistry, tarot cards and learning about healing crystals.
One thing I’ve realised is how most of my dreams or the things I dabble in is about self care/love or healing.
Which leads me to the reason I’m writing this. After years of being unsure and sort of floating about while others follow their dreams and find their career paths, watching them graduate. Knowing what they want to do straight from school and succeeding. I’ve finally found something I want to try to pursue I’m hoping to learn as much as I can from home until the kids are both in school but I want to train to become a counsellor. I feel I have enough “life experience” to relate to people and actually help I haven’t been this excited about a venture in a while, I just need to try to find a way to do it around other commitments. If anybody has any help or advice on training to become a counsellor I would love to hear it. #dreambig #mydreams #mydreamjob #foundmycalling #mothertotwo #ukmum #dabbler #counselling #counsellor #university #myfuturegoals #bigdreamer #motherhoodslens

I think I fell in love today with a very challenging, demanding, fast-paced, but very rewarding lady. Her name is Emergency Room. #foundmycalling #emergencyroom #nursing #40daystillgraduation

So I’m a hand model now 🙌🏻👏🏻

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