working with knits for the first time, and it has been a pain in the ASS 😤💀 here’s the shirt I just finished (finally). I made it out of leggings and a giant teal muumuu I found at goodwill.

Found objects pinned to the wall
#foundobjects #foundmaterial #reuse #lostandfound

all work// all play

If you need a Coventry skip tourguide, hit me up
#foundmaterial #coventry #skip #yellow

‘JULIAN BRAZIL & THE PROTESTORS VIEW’ #2 poster working from the limited resource of my pictures folder. South Hams inspired, if u kno u kno. Lmao making this... gazette clipping circa 2007 print qual too tasty,, rip lib dem #foundmaterial #digitalcollage #c_expo #collage

Come check out VESTIGIAL BODIES @tinningstreet , I’ll be babysitting my works until 5pm! “Let The Whispers of Those You’ve Forgotten Sing You To Sleep” is gently moving in the rainy breeze and it’s eerie af! Exhibition is on until the 24th of June!

‘The Epiphyllic Princes’
‘Epiphyllum are often grown as house plants as they are relatively trouble free...’ working with the limited resource of my pictures folder #collage #foundmaterial

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