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Wiped down our table after cutting up a bunch of @longfellowfarmkc tomaters, and our tables #foundface had full on 馃憖.


My dying shorts. #vo #voiceover #foundface

... in faces
D23|M8 Nail polish decay left a face, nose and all 馃榿
#faces #foundface #pareidolia #dahliadae


Speak to me my holly speakerness ... I'm listening. Sorry, what? You want me to put on Vanilla Ice?... I don't think I feel comfortable with that. Ooh my look at the time...

Bzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzz... just when I'm about to fall asleep... BZZZZZ like low flying aeroplane above my ear... grrrrr Where's my mosquito squasher?

Here I'm trying to be polite and people just look right through me... So, not nice... Rude, if you ask me. I think I'll curse them. Put some spells, then will see if they'll see me. Avada Kedavra your eyes! Ha!

Meet THRASH-E, a promising star who was on his way up... But he got refused by Andrew Stanton in favour of actor WALL-E. And the movie was a smashing success.
THRASH-E just lost it after disappointment. Desperation and self pity took over his life. "Nobody handles thrash like I do! I'm telling you man, it should have been me! It should've been me" ... 馃槙

Sleepy kung 馃槕馃挙

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