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Lewks 👀 in love with this #steviemay dress. Foundation free make up 🤛🏽 #ootd #foundationfree

I did it, you guys. I went foundation free for the first time! Nothing but some concealer courtesy of @fentybeauty matchstix, @itcosmetics ombre blush, and eyeliner! .
Honestly, I was kind of super nervous. I've always been conscious of my acne scars, some of which a pretty big and red. And because of them, I've always worn foundation and powder as a cover up. But lately I've been pretty happy with the way my skin has been looking. My scars have been fading thanks to Differin and Vitamin C (and sunscreen!), I don't have gigantic breakouts, and my skin has been much less oily. And honestly, who doesn't have scars or marks? I've started to think of them as battle scars - my breakouts have always been worse during times of stress and high emotion. But those were also the times that I persevered through. And thanks to #kbeauty, the #abcommunity and all the support here, I've finally come to terms with my skin and face 😊. What a freeing feeling!
I wanted to also give a shout-out to everyone in this wonderful community who has done the same and we're brave enough to put themselves out there. And for all of you fighting that fight to be happy in your skin, you can do it! It a difficult road, but it so rewarding when you get there 😘. I'm here supporting you all the way!

#foundationfree #nomakeup #bareface #happyinmyskin #kbeauty #koreanskincare #loveyourself #loveyourskin

Introducing our Reverse (double) regimen! With two options, there's double the power against sun damage, dull or uneven skin tone, and age marks. Raise your hand if you ever spent too much time in the sun!

Do you want makeup free skin that glows and lashes for days that are all YOURS? Go ahead, zoom in....NO filters! Message me so we can get you on your way to getting the best skin of your life! #wearerf #1skincare #teamgive #teamesteem #rodanandfields #rodanandfieldslashboost #foundationfree #givemeallthepeptides #bestskincare #rfjourneytogreatskin #illhookyouup

Holla if you hear me! I am so proud to be foundation free! But I get some peeps love makeup! You gotta start with a great canvas! You truly should invest more in your skincare than your makeup! #RodanAndFields #RodanAndFieldsConsultant #FreshFace #NakedFace #BreakUpWithYourMakeup #WhatIfYouDidntHaveAnythingToCoverUp #FilterFree #FoundationFree #LashBoost #LongLashes #GlowingSkin #Flawless #NaturalGlow

I don’t usually wear mascara without also wearing foundation but hey I wanted to feel pretty, and I do! I need foundation recommendations though because mine tends to dry out my skin and ends up flaking and “melting” off lol.
I was in a really bad spot the other day, cried while looking in the mirror and then just sunk to the floor. But today I’m in a good mood, I feel pretty and comfortable in my skin. Acne does not define me or my worth. Acne doesn’t even make me less beautiful or less desirable. Also again, I would not be here and feel this comfortable if I did not have the acne community. You guys have changed my entire outlook on this new journey of mine. .
#acnecommunity #stillbeautiful #acnejourney #foundationfree

Quem me conhece sabe que este é o look que eu uso com mais frequência: cara lavada. Adoro maquilhagem e o poder que ela tem sobre o meu rosto, mas tudo desaparece com um desmaquilhante e o vermelhão fica novamente visível, as olheiras, as borbulhas. O que eu tenho para vocês hoje é um look que pode ser muito complicado de fazer, pois há cada vez mais pessoas que continuam inseguras sobre o seu aspeto e não tem coragem de sair á rua sem a máscara do dia a dia. A minha pele não é das piores e se fosse eu ia aceita-la da mesma forma. Com base sou feliz, mas sem base sou ainda mais!
Não se esqueçam de amar as vossas imperfeições e aceita-las como características únicas que pertencem a mais ninguém senão a vocês ❤️ #nomakeup #nofoundation #makeupfree #ilovemakeup #babyface #cleanface #imperfections #loveyourself #foundationfree

#makeovermonday This is Nicole Wagner @nicwagner78. I rarely share before and afters but this one spoke to me. Nicole is a crazy successful makeup artist and these pics show perfectly the effects of a great skincare routine. I had to steal @kyleleemcd’s post and #repost 🤷🏼‍♀️🧖🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️
Here’s what Nicole shared ❤️❤️ “To answer all your questions I received yesterday after sharing my photos:
1. I use Rodan + Fields skincare and have everyday since August 1, 2015! It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made * I alternate the reverse regimens in the mornings and the redefine with the Amp Md roller at night along with eye cream, lip serum, eye serum and Lashboost:) 2. I have never done Botox or anything of the like. I’ve actually only ever had 2 facials in my life 😂😂😂 3. I sell Rodan + Fields because I fell in love with it and find great joy helping others get the best skin of their life and the life changing confidence that comes with it.
4. It takes consistency and results get better over time but I saw results starting within a couple days! My husband noticed too!
5. We have skincare to address 95% of peoples skin concerns (including acne, scarring, wrinkles, large pores, uneven skin tone, sun damage, sensitivity etc

6. Rodan + Fields was created by the same doctors that made Proactiv. Rodan + Fields was the #1 selling skincare line in @nordstrom for 6yrs And in 2008 went to direct sales so women like you and me could sell it. 9yrs later we are the #1 skincare line in all of North America. Yes you can google those facts that come from Euromonitor International.” Mic drop !! 🎤🎉 #rodanandfields

Covering your problematic skin with makeup?
There are many of us that spend lots of our TIME and MONEY trying to cover up our skin concerns, rather than fixing them.

But there's a solution that will ACTUALLY work!

You can target even the toughest problematic skin issues with one of our four regimens: 💜UNBLEMISH for acne and acne scars
💚SOOTHE for redness and sensitivity
💛REVERSE for sun damage and stubborn darkmarks
💙REDEFINE for overall skin texture, wrinkles,and fine lines

#foundationfree #fixitdontcoverit #rodanandfields #moneybackguarantee

Shoooot! I ain’t got time for foundation today! Just thought #Monday is a great day to remind us all that this is #reallife and not a highlight reel ✌🏻#skincare #foundationfree #makeupfree #curlyhair #curls

Does It really Work? Why yes, yes it does! Trust me. 😘 With time + consistency you Will get the results you are looking for! 🤩 YOU are worth it!!! Let your natural Beauty shine and let Make up be Optional 😘. I can help you along the way. Message me for my special I’m running today Only! 🤗 •

#letmehelpyoutoo #number1skincare #youareworthit #foundationfree #makeupoptional

A little #throwback to #summer ‘17 when I gave up foundation. Loved most of 2017 #foundationfree after being inspired by the amazing @jkissamakeup 🙏🏻🙌🏻 Stay tuned more #makeup looks to come 👩🏼‍🎨
#Mua #cosmetology #pinkeyeshadow #jeffreestarcosmetics #anastasiabeverlyhills #benifitbrows #urbandecay #freackles

I had a super fun day yesterday! I spent about 14 hours in the car rocking out to music and fitting in selfies at every stop, but I felt proud of myself for focusing on my goals MORE than I focus on my insecurities which has not been my pattern of living. For some reason I told myself it’s selfish to work on me when I have children to focus on first. But I know they need a confident and happy mothers so it’s important to work on myself too. Yay for growth as an adult!! I included the picture from the Gabi Fresh & swimsuitsforall shoot because the last post cropped it weird after having saved it as a draft.
P.S. Snapchat is way too much fun and totally compensates for the fact that my #motd is now almost always #foundationfree. .
#learningtolovemyself #goals #focused #opportunity #loveyourselfnow #workonyourselfnow #gabifresh #swimsuitsforall #curves #lovingallbodies #motd #snapchat #snap #lovingme

That's why her hair's so big, it's full of secrets.
Tank from @nothingbutpixies / @wickeddopehair. There's a discount code out there. Go find it! 😘

👉🏻Why do I use Ever? This photo is why I use Ever! Fresh faced this am. Only wearing a touch of mascara and moisturizer. ❄️Usually January in the western Burbs destroys my face. Uber dry. Not smooth. Red. ❄️Today, I can confidently rock a clean face with ZERO foundation, no dry patches or redness. 👉🏻Why should YOU give EVER a go? Do you want glowing skin? More youthful skin? Smooth skin? Diminished lines/wrinkles? It is NEVER too late to start taking care of your skin. 😘 #everskin #momof4 #skincare #selfcare #fitmom #bblogger #selfie #nofilter #cleanbeauty #foundationfree #confident #justme #stelladotstyle

Alhamdulilah ramai yg dah jatuh cinta dengan produk Empresme ni. Sebab apa orang suka? Sebab kualiti tu yang penting hehe. Bella tak tipu eh sebab customer sendiri yg bagi feedback yg positive. Bella apa lagi melonjak bahagia sampai ke langit 😂

Tunggu apa lagi awak semua tu? Cepat whatsapp Bella sekarang untuk dapatkan Perfect Moist Cushion ni

Hanya RM79 sahajaaaa!!!!!

Whatsapp di +6019-6708630 ATAU klik link whatsapp di Bio. .

#empresme #perfectmoistcushion #onthegobeauty

The amount of time I spent on trying to cover up my breakouts in my teens and 20’s was.... absurd. .

I couldn’t find something to tackle the root problem, so I used foundation and coverup as a mask. I’d get it applied how I wanted in the morning, and by mid-afternoon, it would be time to reapply or touch up because it would be cracking, smudging, oily... 🙄

So. Much. Wasted. Time. .

Nothing against makeup, when it’s used a finishing touch. But, I don’t believe we are supposed to hide behind it. Foundation free (and concealer free!) is possible. .

If you are using makeup to cover your blemishes or your dark marks or your redness... there is another option. .

And it comes with money back guarantee. #givehope #purchasewithpurpose

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