You know when you’re sick and the only thing that makes you feel slightly better is a nice hot shower? Well Lily has been getting a warm, relaxing shower/bath once or twice a week and it makes her feel SO much better!🤗 She really enjoys baths and will sit under the water while purring. With Stomatitis, it’s painful to groom regularly so I think she appreciates it. Lily has an appointment next week to game plan her mouth extraction. Once her teeth are removed, she will feel the best she ever has. Looking forward to getting this girl feeling better. If anyone is interested in adopting this super sweet, cuddly, spunky Lily pad when she’s fully recovered, please send an email to javacatsmarietta@gmail.com. ❤️ #javacatscafe #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #lily #tuxedocat #fosterlife

Miss Tabetha found her forever home today! Yay! #catsofinstagram #meoowzresq #fosterlife

Forget a box pawty it's #kittenbowl Friday here today. Have a great Friday everyone
The boys will be back with the #animalwelfareleague and pending vet checks #availableforadoption from Monday 23 July, you can meet them at the Warra Rehoming Centre in Bracken Ridge if you're interested in adopting them

Oh hello mahm we all sit pretty for da snacks. 😍 @snapbackstattoos24 look all our pretty babies!!! #fosterlife #whodafosterkid #ratpack #rescuelife #pittynation #babes #unleashedpetrescue

Sweet Miss Dixie, thank you for cooperating for your morning weigh-in! 1 more pound to go ❤️❤️❤️

I’m absolutely losing on this battle 😫

#singledadlife #fosterlife #fostercare

For real guys. I know I just changed your litter box, but you don't ALL have to try to use it at once. Take turns, y'all.

Sweet cuddles w this lil boy who isn’t feeling good!!
#momlife #fosterlife

Johnjohn b is falling asleep
2nd day, 終於有💩💩。仍然鍾情瞓貓砂盆。。。
#fosterlife #johnjohnb#kitten #暫託貓咪東東 #kedi #neko #köttur #貓奴日常 #worldstraycats #快d有家#lifewithcats #behealthy

The Breakfast Club.

Morning nap photobomb. Tom is just trying to sleep but Charlotte didn’t get the memo.

So many things in life will be lead by our feelings. It’s hard not to. We’re human, we feel. We’re real, we have emotions.
On the blog today, I’m talking about which one will lead your life.... feelings or faith??
Link in Bio
#thejourney #faithorfeelings #fosterlife #fosterlove #fostercare #livebyfaith

Cuddly Carter has been adopted so we're celebrating with a #throwbackthursday video. Congratulations to Carter's new family he's a wonderful new addition

Sweet Hershey and shy Chester are still available for adoption through the #awlqld so if you're in Brisbane and looking for an affectionate adorable new family member go meet them at the Warra Rehoming Centre in Bracken Ridge

It’s my last night with these two...and have to be honest, I’m having a rough go of it! Never wanted to keep 2 fosters more. It’s a sad, panicky feeling thinking of letting them go. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮But I keep reminding myself that there are two families out there whose lives are going to be made better with these two little babes. 💗 I think about how our lives have been changed with Olive and if I could help give that to someone else by keeping these two safe temporarily, then that’s worth the sadness I’m feeling now. BUT. It’s still hard as **@$!! #fosterlife

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