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Layered up during cardio after lifting 💪🏻 #sosweaty #workinprogress #girlswholift #fosterfitness

Truth bombs on a Friday💥

#fosterfitness #itstheirturn #itsforthekids

"Now success is something defined by what you make it.....the outcome of hardwork...perseverance..and determination....i know alot of us wish to live every single day like a vacation....but it cost to floss these dirty teeth but keep em clean prior to gold plating😎😎" I know havent been posting alot on here...due to the fact @dc.2tm and myself prepping for the tour....work....live studio sessions....etc.😥😥😥 gets tiresome and frustrating at times....but it has to be done in order to get where we are headed!! 😎😎💪🔥🎧🎸🎛🎙 #2tm #FosterFitness #Progression#PositiveVybezOnly #DoWork

Mellie and Roper did our #puppyplankchallenge today on our pack walk. 💪 Share your plank pic by the end of this week! More info in the link on our profile. Roper is up for adoption, FYI. 😚#fosterdogsnyc #fosterfitness #centralpark @thefatapple @friendswithfourpaws #fosterdog

Não importa como começou seu ano! Interessa como você escolhe terminar!! Sua história ainda não acabou! 2016 ainda tem 21 dias e Deus pode mudar a sua vida! Você só precisa querer!! Hoje dá tempo!! Então comece logo!!!!! #temalgumradicalporjesusai #radicalfitness #vemprarugpindorama #fosterfitness

"Row you lazy whores, ROW!"
"Greeks are dying! ROW!"
-Ajax the Great
@lkcrisp #noxcusesapparel #noxcuses #fosterfitness #hammerstrong #hammerstrengthrow

Fresh off her top 5 finish at USAPL Raw Nationals in Orlando where she set the All-Time American Squat Record (180kg/396 lbs) and totaled over 1,000+ lbs. in the 63kg class, we had the honor of having @megscanlift stop by this morning to throw some weight around at Deebo. If you guys aren't already doing so, make sure you go ahead and FOLLOW HER! This girl is very knowledgeable and VERY STRONG - not to mention, she posts great content that can serve as a great source of education and inspiration to all lifters. Go check her out! Thanks again, Meg. It was a pleasure to have you today. #DeeboTrainingSystems #FosterFitness #USAPL #RawNationals2017 #Squat #GirlsWhoLift #GirlsWhoPowerlift #NJPowerlifting


Comparison is the thief of joy. Strive to be the best YOU. 💪🏼

These kill me at the end of an intense workout! My form is not amazing because I was completely exhausted at this point. Try to go as slow as possible and keep your legs straight if you can. I try to do 3 sets! ✌🏼

30 more mins to go💪🏻 #getitin #workinprogress #cardio #fosterfitness

Layered up during cardio after lifting 💪🏻 #sosweaty #workinprogress #girlswholift #fosterfitness

Wishing this girl goodluck today as she competes in her first #USAPL Raw National proving that strength is beauty 💪🏻 Go get it @megscanlift your @otf_burlington family is cheering you on from afar!!! 🍊
#Repost @megscanlift
#girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #girlswholiftheavy #strengthisbeauty #getafterit #squat #bench #deadlift #fosterfitness #orangetheoryfitness #otffamily #orangetheoryfitnessburlington #fitspo #fitsporation #fitgirl

I don’t Fuck around, after 30 mins of lifting, I got 40 mins of cardio in 💪🏻 #legday #workinprogress #girlswholift #fitness #fosterfitness #killingit #happy #healthy #pdx

Hopefully no one is offended by this but I think there is some truth to it. Detox teas, waist trainers and the like are OK but there is so much more fulfillment out of exercise and healthy eating. Don't get me wrong, I by no means eat healthy 100% of the time; but everything in moderation. If we feed our bodies good things we will feel better. Nothing worth having comes easy, but it's totally worth it. Detox teas won't make you feel better about yourself. Here's to strong women: may we know them, may we be them, may we grow them. 💪🏼

Hi. 😊My name is Heather Foster and my hubby is Mark. My inspiration for this feed is to battle depression, as I myself have suffered from severe depression in recent seasons. I strongly believe in the power of fitness as a natural antidepressant. I also advocate for empowering women to be strong; to be bold & brave. Depression is something that a lot of people suffer through alone and may not know how to get help for. For me personally, working out has been an amazing outlet and has given me a sense of strength; not just physically but from within. I hope that this feed can provide you with inspiration and motivation. I would challenge all to feed their bodies, souls and minds with positive encouragement. Fitness is a great way to relieve stress but also to get involved in the community and find support. Don't be afraid to be a beginner...everyone is a beginner at something. ❤️

This LONG POST Wednesday is simple, BE PROUD(of yourself) and BE PATIENT(with yourself).
You see those baby biceps??? Those are new. For some reason, whenever you are strong everyone always asks to see your biceps... I would never oblige, because there wasn't much to see. I AM PROUD OF THESE BABY BICEPS... and my goal is to have @jennalahiff Bicep strength 💪🏻 Always find one thing you are really truly proud of... #beproud 💙💚💙💚💙
Yesterday a client commented, "You look great, Your body has transformed over the past few months." And followed with "how long did it take you to get your physique?"
Ahh, the age old question. I paused, thought and responded, "my whole life."
I said this in a completely serious, non asshole-y way and in no way was trying to be witty or snarky. HOWEVER, like I said to her and what everyone needs to understand is while yes I could've responded...
"I've been cutting weight for four weeks." Those 4 weeks didn't make me look like I do now. What did, was the years of hypertrophy/ strength work I have done in various ways starting way back as a 4 year old learning push-ups and pull-ups in gymnastics. My body has changed the most in recent years as I put strength in the forefront of my goals rather than endurance sports(more on that later). BUT, these beautiful... strong ... muscles....that are uncovered when I lose 4lbs. were earned over the past years.
I didn't say this to her or you to discourage you, rather encourage you. Know that patience is key. Many times the only reason people fail is they give up too early. Your body will continually change if you consistently put the right stresses on it. I am amazed how each time I cut back to my competition weight my body is stronger, leaner, and feels better. Give it time.
There is no feeling more badass then being able to rely on your own strength to lift and move things in your house or Home Depot or the gym(even if you still need help with the salsa jar 🤣) #bepatient
#fosterfitnessonline #webuildstrength

Tried out @megscanlift #FITIEWORKOUT and wohoooooaaaa what a PUMP for this #humpday 💪🏻 Shoulders and arms are feeling good! SWIPE LEFT to see the workouts (and you'll see special guest @peek.elite_fitness getting silly 😋) Def recommend trying this killer workout out thanks Meg!! 💜
#Repost @megscanlift ・・・
Time: 20 minutes
Equipment: DB (medium weight for arm exercises)
All supersets follow the 10-8-6-4-2 scheme. Move through rounds as quickly as possible, resting when necessary. ⏺Bicep Curl/1-1-2 Neutral Shoulder Press
⏹ Lateral Raise/ Tricep Kickback
▶️Upright Row/ OH tricep extension/ Alt. hammer Curl(10 total)
⏸Arnold to Upper Cut Press/ Top half Bicep curl/ Bottom Half Bicep curl/ close grip floor press to skullcrusher 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻#letshavesomefunthisbeatissick #gunshow #bouldershoulders #curlsforthegirls #trisfortheguys #armday #fitspo #fitgirl #fitness #fosterfitness #fosterfitnessonline #wod #wednesday #humpwednesday #lovefitness #livefit #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle

It's a Bird...it's a Plane, it's Solar Eclipse! 😂

Flex Friday with Dr. Crisp!
Getting full and bringing in "CRISP CUTS" for an amazing weekend of film and fun! "TAKE IT, IT's YOURS!"
@lkcrisp #fosterfitness #armageddon #45guns #45andfit #45ageisjustanumber #vascularization

Did 2 mini workouts with minimal equipment today!
first is definitely in the #FITIESUMMER category: if I only had a BENCH (park or workout bench works 👊🏻)
30s all.
Exercises that have variations can be done with all variations or one.
🔹Bench plyo pushup(regular, with arm cross or superman)
💚Incline MC (hands on bench)
🔹Bulgarian SS or plyos (regular,SS hop, or SS tuck)
💚MCs(not shown)
🔹Back on Bench Single or Double Hip Thrust Hops
💚Decline MC(feet in bench)
🔹Shoulder tap-->Inchworm->shoulder push-ups--> shoulder tap--> inchworm
💚Bench jump over---> sit to tuck jump---> lateral bench hop over and back
#conditioning #bodyweight #sweat #summerbody

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