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The Sandusky Fam is going to be growing soon! We are so pumped to bring y’all in on this! We just finished our months of training for fostering/adopting and will finish our home studies and be officially certified in the coming months! We may not know the exact age, gender or race of our child to be or when they will come into our home but we KNOW God is going to place the child we need in our home whenever He wants to!
Here’s a mini background story for those who want to know- God has put adoption on Rhett and I’s hearts individually before we dated and once we dated and got married we knew we wanted to pray about adopting at some point. And through talking about the future and children God placed fostering on our hearts. We knew God gave us the green light to go ahead in this fostering/adoption journey before we even start trying to have birth children. So yes…we want to have birth children…just not yet :) The main goal of fostering is reunification at some point with the child’s birth parents, but if reunification is not a possibility because of the circumstances that placed the child into foster care there is an opportunity for adoption. So with fostering that makes a lot of room for attachment and major heartache when we get placed with a child and fall in love and they get taken from us and brought back to their birth parents. Many people have brought this up to us. But every time Rhett and I just look at each other and say we are willing to have our hearts broken if it means we can love on a child in need and also love on their birth family…maybe they go home to the birth family…maybe they get freed for adoption and they become permanent members of our family. We will just walk with God & follow where He leads us. We will love big & it may cause us to be hurt big…but when God calls you to something you never go through it alone. Just because He calls you to something doesn’t mean it will be a cake walk but it does mean He goes before you & you can trust where He leads. We are SO excited for this journey & praying like crazy for the child/children who come into our home…whether they are with us for 6 months, 3 years, or for forever ❤

An evening spent with Raise A Child. Their mission: recruit and support LGBT prospective parents interested in building families through fostering and adopting to meet the needs of the 425,000 children in the foster care system.
This is a great place to go if you’ve been thinking of starting or adding to your family. The foster system is full of children of all ages who need loving forever homes. Adopting and fostering are great ways to save children and give them a safe place to call home.
There’s no better way to build the world we want to live in then to raise the youth who will become tomorrow’s leaders.
#lgbt #lgbtq #raiseachild #spiritweek #spiritday #foreverhome #foster #fostercare #adoption #samesexparents #gay #queer #yesiam

Thank you all for messaging & asking about our little Fang! 😍. She has found her furever home after being in foster care with @drcari. (Cari said she was ugly crying when Fang left today 😭😭😭) Adoption success is what it’s all about Barc supporters 🐶❤️🐶❤️
Your donations, no matter what amount, help with the medical treatment & rehabilitation for puppies like Fang. Please consider donating today to the link in our profile 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
📸 by @drcari .
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#throwbackthursday Two years ago our little Brave-man became ours forever! ❤️These days are as important as birthdays in our home! Happy #adoptionday Brave!

Fostering save lives, but also sometimes makes you giggle. #repost When your foster mom gets you a big, ol' dog bed, but you prefer a nice, fresh stack of clean clothes 😂

This precious pup's name is Wylie and although he's gotten mighty comfy in his foster home, he's still dreaming of his forever! Email foster@fultonanimalservices.com for more information!

#FosterFriday@lifelineanimal📷 #barbellsforbullies #bullybreedadvocate #fostercare #fostertoadopt #pitbull #rescue

Great night double dating with these two at the annual Promise686 event.
#bringthemhome #promise686 #adoption #fostercare

when i imagined my grown-up life, it looked nothing like this. but lucky me, my plans didn't work out & i scored big time getting to be mom to these little pumpkins (+more!) 🎃🍂💛

I said goodbye to the little Mr. that we welcomed in just last month. Typically these are hard days. Loving & losing. But this time was different. This time made me fall in love with foster care all over again .
I pulled up to DHS office knowing a goodbye was coming, and in the distance I saw his parents. The parents who have worked their buns off in order to get their son back. The parents who moved mountains & didn’t let their past mistakes stand in their way. They were smiling ear to ear, wiping tears, jumping up & down & embracing one another. As soon as I parked, they not only ran over but climbed all the way into my car because they simply couldn’t wait any longer
Together they threw their arms around their son & cried. Then Jumped. Then cried. Then turned to me and pulled me into this giant reunion, into this giant embrace. They cried some more & thanked me endlessly
After everything settled I was able to share with them just how PROUD of them I was. I explained how so often foster care ends in a sad story or takes years of these kids being a yo-yo in order for them to go home. But they FOUGHT hard & now this painful part of their story was behind them. They cried some more, we hugged some more, they thanked me some more. It.was.RAD, guys
Foster care is about so much more than these children. God has such a big plan & when we open our eyes wider than ourselves, we get small (or big) glimpses into just how good he really is
I could be crying with this goodbye. But instead I basically skipped away like a kid on the playground. God is so good. Baby boy is home! Their story has been restored. And I got to watch 😭 #fostercare #SeeYaBuddy

Children’s Week 21-29 October. It is a national celebration of children’s rights, talents and citizenship and always celebrated around Universal Children's Day which is the fourth Wednesday of October. The blank box represents all the children who do not have a voice on the abuse they are suffering. Make a difference to these children’s lives and donate today to @thewishingwellsydney link in my bio #volunteer #causes #donate #change #nonprofit #charity #socialgood #fostercare #rhos #mykids


Clara McBride Hale (1905-1992) made #herstory as the #founder of Hale House, a nationally recognized facility for the care of addicted children. When Hale was a youngster, her family experienced tragedy.  Her father died, forcing her mother to take in lodgers to support her four children.  After graduating from high school, Clara McBride married Thomas Hale and moved to New York City. Together they had two children, Nathan and Lorraine, and adopted Kenneth. Thomas died, leaving Hale to support her family as a domestic.
While raising her children in #Harlem, Hale developed a deep sympathy for abandoned and neglected children.  In the 1940s, she began providing short-term and long-term care for community children in her #home. She also found permanent homes for #homeless children and taught parents essential parenting skills. In 1960, she became a licensed foster parent, providing care for hundreds of children in her home. Hale’s success as a #FosterParent earned her the affectionate nickname of “Mother Hale.”
In 1969, at the age of 64, Hale became the foster parent of an #infant addicted to cocaine.  She responded to needs of other children with this affliction by founding a #groundbreaking #FosterCare program in Harlem, #HaleHouse. The #respite care program also provided training to drug-addicted #mothers on how to improve the health of their chemically dependent #babies. Hale's unique program required #mothers to live in Hale House with their children and attend a #DrugRehabilitation program. In the 1980s, Hale expanded Hale House services to include care for infants stricken with #HIV and those who had lost parents to #AIDS.
By 1991, Hale House cared for approximately 1,000 #infants and toddlers. During her #distinguished career, Hale received numerous #honors and #awards for her #CommunityService. She received an honorary #doctorate from John Jay College of Criminal Justice and public service awards from the National Mother’s Day Committee and the Truman Award for #PublicService. In 1985, during his State of the Union Address, President Ronald Reagan referred to Hale as an “American hero” for her commitment to at-risk children.
Source: blackpast.org

Great Article 👍 - The Intercept explores the United States murky for profit foster care system - https://t.co/ewlUa9DEEY?amp=1 - #UnitedStates #Theintercept #FosterCare #adoption #privitisation #immoral #InstaSolution #greatstory #sundayreading #corruption #Solutionism #InstaSolutionism

Waiting for mommy to come back from shopping!

Sweet girl, we've made it through our first week! You are full of joy and have such a bright spirit. You're generally easy-going and adapt to new situations so fast. You say "please," "thank you," and "you're welcome," all in your adorable little voice. *
Your favorite things: Bubble Guppies, cats, fruit of all kinds, yummy trees (aka broccoli... this feels like a parenting win), sport balls (you have a great throw), baths with bubbles, shoes, reading books, making faces in the mirror facing your car seat, toys, jammies with feet, hair accessories, and drawing.
Your least favorite things: bed time, being told no, actually having hair accessories *in* your hair, having shoes on while in the car, going to daycare (instead of getting to stay home with us and play with toys!)
We're head over heels, Miss A, and are so lucky to be your mamas for however long you need us.

Pablo the ladies man is getting quite the big boy now. 6.5kg!!!
#ladiesman #wildcare #wildanimals #rescuerehabilitaterelease #fostercare #bigboy #itsallaboutthatbass

So glad I didn't have to choose!
Isn't that what we are supposed to do? Find something we love and then do that forever?
So I get to be home for my family, fill buckets by the truckload, care for all the foster kids that need me and help make a difference in their world, hang with friends who are in the same path and sometimes drag me outside of my comfort zone :). I get to travel and explore places with people I enjoy.
I get to call up my team and say "Hey- let's get together" and have a blast.
I get to hear from the people who have joined me about how much this has changed their lives. And I get to encourage them.
So much fun to chill with people who are happy and progressive.
I never was a Cheerleader...until now! .
#journey #personaldevelopment #momlife #wellness #wanderlust #fostermom #reform #momofteenagers #travel #lifeofadventure #progress #wanderlust #mumlife #makingmyway #christmastreeaddict #fostermum #40 #grownup #adoption #fostercare #thisisfostercare #borninmyheart #blended #beachbodyuk #ukfitfam #mummyblogger #fitmum #cheermom #adventureawaits

I said goodbye to this legend on Thursday after 5 months of absolute bliss! I don’t want to be one of those people - but she was honestly the most amazing hound I could have ever hoped for! Please consider fostering or adopting a rescue - if you can! Honestly, they’re amazing. Greyhound racing is unacceptable, and I’m glad Gsyps has found her forever home ! #greyhound #rescuedog #greyhoundsofig #adoptdontshop #hound #gypsy #foster #fostercare #greyhoundsaspets #greyhoundrescue CC: her crazy aunts @ereadddflotsam @katnesty

Children’s Week 21-29 October. It is a national celebration of children’s rights, talents and citizenship and always celebrated around Universal Children's Day which is the fourth Wednesday of October. The blank box represents all the children who do not have a voice on the abuse they are suffering. Make a difference to these children’s lives and donate today to @thewishingwellsydney link in my bio #volunteer #causes #donate #change #nonprofit #charity #socialgood #fostercare #rhos #mykids

#momma at least 2500 people know you cuz of your song. #happybirthday #josephine s/o #songwriter and former #cleveland newscaster aka the first black newscaster in Cleveland #billjacocks for writing it back in the #1950s

This photo is a couple years old but these are my parents. I went into foster care at 1 years old with my siblings and these two became my parents. They sheltered us, fed us, took us on holidays, included us in their beautiful family. #fosterdad #mylittlesister #fostercare #fostermum #fostermom #lovethemforever

My name is scar and I possess zero control over my back legs please adopt me 👍🏻😺👍🏻#cat #catsofinstagram #fostercats #fostercare #fostertoadopt #kitty #lovelyboy #cute #cutecats #adoptme #adoptmeplease #petrescue #australia #ausvictoria

After almost 11 months , this baby wrap is still my favorite💗 #sollybabywrap #babywrap #motherhood #littleman #fostercare

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