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Rescue of two abandoned puppies ❀️via @barc4balidogs
We got a call for help for a little puppy on the side of the road. Turns out her sister was there too! ❀
Please help with donations if you can by clicking on the profile link! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ. We can't do this without your help ❀️❀️
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Many parents put their children in foster or alternative care so they will be taken care of & off of the streets. If you are at risk of becoming homeless, please visit our website for resources or contact us. We are always looking for new resources to add to our website, if you happen to know of some that we do not have listed- please share them with me via DM or email πŸ’œ

Time is racing toward July reunification...I just want everything to STOP so I can catch up and enjoy these little moments inbetween visitations. The girls' demands are increasingly urgent...like they will blow a fuse if I don't respond to their frantic needs fast enough. So it literally feels like I have electricity(aka cortisols) racing through my veins. (Sidenote. I once got my brain analyzed thru neurofeedback and I was hoping to impress my hip naturalpath dr with my fancy brainwaves.πŸ’ But he was like "uhhhhhh...your brain is sleepy." I freaked. "what? I'm braindead?"😡 And he's all "Calm down! It's probably from cortisols--stress hormones-- tracking over your brain...making your brain sleepy and hence you have to work harder to think, regardless of how smart you are." So mommy brain is an actual thing, I have a drs note😝). Also. Birthdad recently said he would NEVER stop trying to get his kids back. I was all "Whoa. Ok. Wow". I mean, he SHOULD feel that way; I don't fault him one bit. But it also felt like the final nail in the coffin of this case. And it made me feel completely trapped in a futile situation and I just wanted to kick my way out. And God was like "Ahem! Look UP HERE at me, I am your way out, not this world"...and He sends me love songs on the radio every time I am about to tank. I am a most unwilling participant at times. Like He does not have much to work with here. But He always manages to multiply my measly offerings and makes it more than enough. And I will give Him praise regardless of the situation; and esp for putting up with me even when I am faithless. #fostercare

This boy is all heart and no fear. ❀️ He asks to hold the baby every evening and the other night, while he was snuggling her, I told him "You do know she's a foster baby and could be going back to her family soon, right?" His response, "But we are her family right now mommy." 😍 Yes we are that. #fostercare #fosterlove

Happy Brother's Day! Congratulations to The Sharps on your FOREVER family and for keeping these siblings together! 🐻#fosterlove #fostercare #fostertoadopt #adoption #togetherwerise

Our biggest kiddo leaves our home next week & begins her journey with a preadoptive family who will raise her the rest of the way. For those of you who've followed our family's story for awhile, you know that this has been a work in progress for a very long time and that at one point, all 4 kiddos were with us. The only time all 4 kiddos have ever lived together was with us. It was a summer like none other & a year later, all 4 kids have permanency. We are forever changed by this process. More on that in the coming weeks as we all continue to process & transition. #fostercare #adoption #fostercareawareness

Old mother Hubbard went to her cupboard to give her poor boy some food but when she got there the cupboard was bare...Headed out to get some serious errands done since we have been sick at this household for almost 2 months!
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Introducing our newest addition! He arrived a bit after midnight. He's sweet and snugly and has the best hair.
It's chaotic and hard this morning/afternoon, but we will find our new groove soon. #fosterlove #fosterparent #fostercare #fostermom #fosterbaby

I didn't believe it was possible to love him anymore than I did yesterday, yet somehow I doπŸ–€ #fostercare


This has been quite the emotional journey and today I'm feeling it a little more than others but I'm so proud of these boys and their family and moments like these, when they come to say hi to me at school, make it seem a little easier ❀️#fostercare #twinlife #doubletrouble #preschoollife #myloves

Such a fun surprise to see our foster son Benjamin at Daniel's baseball game tonight! He spent a year with our family and two years later still remembers us... and still adores Jonathan!! ❀️ #fostercare #alwaysinourheart

We received a bunch of thank you cards today from students at East High School who have received backpacks & hygiene kits.. this one really pulled at my heartstrings.. ❀️ This sweet card came from one of the homeless teens through our 100 comfort kit project. Thank you to everyone who has donated & continues to donate. You are really making a difference in the life of so many. ❀️

My #BrokenToeBuddy @spiritualmusings aka Mandy Decker with me at @beingbeautifulfoundation Charity Event at @pyramidclubphl ... I can't believe I went there broken toe and all... and put on wedges in a. Dry creative way. Still my foot was killing me after woods! Wore the special show all day today!!! Have to baby it now!
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Have to return my foster kittens to Human society tomorrow πŸ™. Had a great three weeks with them! They bring me happiness and love. Hope they will be have a sweet family and good life. It is a hard break up tomorrow. #heartbroken #fostercare #kittens #toomanybreakups

Tschirgi Family 2017. #spokane #family #fostercare #adoption

We gave our second scholarship of the year our last night, in the amount of $500, at NLCA! Congratulations, Shay Lawson! #servicetohumanity #leadership #scholarship #nonprofitorganization #charity #publicservice #youth #teenagers #fostercare #atriskyouth #prevention #families

Finally got some baby pictures of me awhile back.
#fostercare #adoption #babyme

Day 22 The Happy Place
*1st photo is her embraced by Anna and Elsa. 2nd photo is her and the sand for the first time*
I have talked frequently and consistently on how challenging Miss can be, and it truly is exhausting being her mom, but I wouldn't change it for the world. I have taken her places that we have had great success and other places where it wasn't the best idea. I love to travel and had a trip in my head prior to her being placed with me. I didn't book anything as I always want to take my girls with me and wanted to get permission from her mom before I purchased the tickets. In foster care, birth parents have the right to decide if the child can travel across state lines or not. When I told Miss' mom of the trip I had in mind, visiting one of my best friends in Tampa, FL she allowed for Miss to go wth me.
I was very nervous as the trip approached, I didn't know how she would deal with the flight, airport security, sleeping in a strange place, or not doing her usual daily routine. I added more anxiety for me when I planned to take her to Disney for a couple of days. A child who doesn't handle being over stimulated well and I was taking her to Disney World. What was I thinking exactly? Honestly, I had probably 15 plans in my head all being played out dependent on her mood. She did great at Disney and I was that mom that teared up when she touched Minnie's nose, got excited when she realized after meeting Tiana, Rapunzel was next. And to see her face when she realized Anna and Elsa were in the room, it took it all for me to not sob. Those moments at Disney are irreplaceable and I am so glad I got to experience her seeing these princesses she is currently obsessed with. I loved watching her run around the Finding Nemo exhibit watching the dolphins and manatees. Or playing literally for an hour in Fantasyland's splash pad or dancing during the street dance party. We had our down moments but all of those ones outweighed them. I was so proud of her and how she handled the stimulation and the long hours. But nothing prepared me for her love of the.... Cont'd πŸ‘‡πŸΌ

In honor of National Foster Care Month, please consider making a donation to Carrying Hope - every dollar you give goes directly to getting Hope Packs into the hands of some of the most vulnerable children in the state. Click the link in our bio to go to our website and donate today. πŸ’œπŸŽ’πŸ’™πŸŽ’πŸ’™πŸŽ’πŸ’œ
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β€ͺOur trainees as they complete the "Ages and Stages" activity during tonight's fourth in person session of our Spring Flex Training! #fostercare #foster #FosterTheDream #CASA #CASAofUnionCounty #iamforthechild #volunteer #advocate #service #unioncounty #unioncountynj #CASAofNJ

He can't decide which toy to play with πŸ˜‚ there's no denying he's loyal to his chicken πŸ˜‚ #loyal #husky #saber #fosterhusky #fostercare #huskyplaytime #playtime #happyboy #happyhusky #huskyphotography #huskiesofinsta #huskiesofinstagram #huskygram

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