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Being a woman is an uphill battle-but can also be a blessing. Four years ago today, I released the music video to I'm Not Sorry, to remind myself and all women to never apologize for who they are 👊🏻 Wishing all the women of the world Happy International Women's Day ❤️ Byť ženou je občas naročné-a zároven to može byť aj dar. Presne pred štvorma rokmi som vydala klip k pesničke I'm Not Sorry, aby som si sama sebe a všetkým damám pripomenula, že by sme sa nemali ospravedľnovať za to aký sme 👊🏻 Prajem všetkým ženám krasný MDŽ ❤️ #womensday #imnotsorry #forwhoiam

I just felt like I was caged with this info. So can you accept that I was raised as a nympho? Trying to better myself from all this shit that I been through. So its not about sex but thats the shit that I'm into. Yeah, so can you accept my flaws? Overlook my bads & try to knock down these walls. That I built when I was lonely, trying to shray away from all Or would you just tell me that "its too hard?" 🎶 #acceptmyflaws #dizzywright #flaws #acceptme #forwhoiam

#love#me#forwhoiam 🙆🏼💗

There's always a chance to grow #Thisisme #tru #everythingthatican #forwhoiam... Crazy how much I can relate to this song 😔🤔😁

Also never forgetting the family (some in the pictures and so many others not shown here) that I have chosen and who have accepted me for the muscle dork that I am!
#MuscleDork #BeyondBlood #Accepted #AsIAm #ForWhoIAm

I can't tell if it's killing me or it's making me stronger !!! #unwanted #forwhoiam #beingmyself

Black is ❤❤❤
I choose to smile :)
#loveme #forwhoiam can you?

#Thanx #God #forWhoIam
Ts olny by his Grace.


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