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#ForWhatPurpose #ForWhatPurpose2018 #FWPDrama

Just Being Honest....#lovewho #forwhatpurpose2017

Our church during the "For What Purpose" Easter drama and then after all the awesome rockers took it down. I love my church and its ministry, you all amaze me! #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017

After all these years, this still blows my mind...we are ready for church! Rockers, you are amazing! #forwhatpurpose2017 #fwpdrama

Just a few Italian girls with an adorable sono bambino at the For What Purpose 2017 cast party 🎉 #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017 #corbinoliver

Youth at #For What Purpose Easter drama#forwhatpurpose2017#FWPdrama

Reflecting today on what Easter meant to my 10 year old this year. I know @forwhatpurpose has a huge impact on our community, but it also rocked her little world too. The opportunity to tell the story of Jesus with so many talented people, the chance to be a small part of something much bigger than herself, making new friends, observing the moving parts that go into making something beautiful- and on it goes. This was a landmark season for my baby ❤ #forwhatpurpose2017

It was great seeing old friends at #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017

Jesus Is Alive! "For What Purpose" the greatest story ever told planted a seed in the hearts of thousands of hungry lives in the last 72 hours. We, Rockers, came together as one moving force and fulfilled FWP mission; we exposed souls to the redemptive lift that so radically changed each of our individual lives...and showed them how it can change theirs too.
We wept, we laughed; we adapted, we grew; we hurt, we healed; we overcame, we united! Oh how my heart is full tonight, with deep love for you, my precious church family, who labored so diligently and furiously hour after hour to tell your own redemption story through the giving of your talents.
Tomorrow we have our raucous cast party; we will laugh and tell our stories...Tuesday, we will unite with the entire church body and in just a few short hours we will bring our house, the sanctuary, back to normal...and then, the reason we do it...we will reap the harvest of your efforts!
For tonight...job well done, rest and sleep, and know that I love you...more importantly, He loves you, oh how He loves you!

Just for fun! I love that verses, and want to make video. During Easter drama, I'm as "Levi" character. I thought it would pretty cool sign language with costume on! 😇 #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017 #trcdeafministry

About 20 deaf who show up to watch the resurrection of Jesus Christ. We had a great time to hang out for a while. #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017 #trcdeafministry

I was tearing up...😭It was an amazing show but more importantly, I couldn't get over what Jesus has done for us....🙏🏻 #hope #Easter #therockchurch #forwhatpurpose2017

A little bloody after the final performance of For What Purpose! Success! #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017

Jesus is Alive


Well that wraps up For What Purpose 2017 🎉 it was both fun and exhausting at the same time lol
Although two of us in this photo didn't get the normal amount of blood tonight, thankyou for supplying it other nights 😂 also to the amazing witches who taunt us during the whipping scene 🙈😂 #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017

Jesus is alive! Thank you for making closing night amazing! See you next year!
#FWPdrama #forwhatpurpose

Happy Easter! #fwpdrama #forwhatpurpose2017 One more performance left. Get your tickets forwhatpurpose.net

A simple and very moving Easter service this morning- our Pastor @anthonypizarro1982 spoke on what it feels like to play the part of Jesus in @forwhatpurpose It seems like every year I get a new layer of understanding and appreciation of what Jesus has done for me ❤ #forwhatpurpose2017

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