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My Best friend, My Motivator and My biggest supporter... 🙏Thank you for always believing in me...❤️ @maik_kingston
#thankyougod #forthisblessing

So many reasons why I love being her mother, I am just greatful she is my daughter. Love you "Samiyyah Asata" always #ibesweatingher#thanks#Allah#forthisblessing

Cumplicidade, Gratidão,Minha eterna razão 💞🚸
#ILoveYou #MyBoy #MyBaby 👦❤
#IThankGod #Forthisblessing 🙏😍

Cant believe he is already 7 have to thank God cause he blessed me with a smart respectful funny little boy I'm happy to be able to be home and do little things like this for you I love you son.... if your already 7 that means I'm getting old 😳😂 #godisgood🙏#thankyoujesus#forthisblessing

A conscious and Spirit filled Black woman is all I ask for. A Queen in my Kingdom, who can rule with integrity.

We met at 13. And started dating at 14. We've been together ever since & people find that perplexing. Because at that age what would we know about love? About forever?...
I'm never really sure how to explain it but I'll try anyways:

There's no ruler, tape measure or yard stick that can measure his beauty.
Not just body but mind and soul
Shit... it all got me
The hand I hold that makes me unafraid of unraveling these new chapters in life
Because he is with me
A bond so strong
That doesn't just make us reach for the stars
But turns us into the stars other wanna reach for
He makes me want more
More for him
More out of myself
More out of existence
Like numbers
It's infinite what he adds to my equation
I am good
But 'Us' is great
When he looks at me sometimes
I forget to breathe
& when I can't say anything I just smile
And on the day we married
My smile was so big
It could be seen on Google Maps
And when the judge asked me if
I take this man to be my husband
I said Yes before he even finished his sentence
I apologized for bein rude but explain
That our first kiss was 5 years before
And I have been practicing my "Yes"
For the past 1,825 days
If he was a bottle of liquor
I'd drink him til my eyes saw double
And my friends took away my keys
But you see my feelings for him will always be crystal clear 20/20
He'll always make sense
This love will always be sure.
So if u ever catch yourself asking what's love? It'll sound a little something like this.
#happy10yearanniversary #iloveyoubabe #adecade #thankyoulord #forthisblessing

Muy buena semana a todos El Sol sale para todos! Have a wonderful week. The Sun comes out for Everybody!
@ricafamosalatinatv @canalestrellatv @fenomenostudios @PLGEstates #mivista #gracias #Diosmio #thankyouGod #forthisBlessing #mihomeview 🙏☀️


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