When you go for a walk around your street and your kid insists on bringing his hockey stick & ball along 😂 #forthememorybook

Because its a Happy Monday!! Have a good week y'all!! P.c. - 😘@paljo16

"Reading gives us someplace to go, when we have to stay where we are." -- Mason Cooley

This girl LOVES to read. Rhyming words have been discovered at our house recently thanks to a new favorite bedtime book: One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. She "reads" along, filling in favorite phrases and rhymes and then works at matching her own rhyming words, sometimes she gets it and sometimes she's not quite there... 😂 ("Mommy, fish and fish are the same! Mommy, up and pup are the same!") #ForTheMemoryBook#AdyNugget#BookWorm

Bubs is getting old enough now to notice what his peers are able to do and what he’s doing. He gets frustrated by it but we always let him know he’s capable of doing anything he wants, and I will carry him on my shoulders until he’s able to do it alone for as long as he needs.💙 #ThatsBubbas #TheBubbs #ThisIsAutism #AutismMonth #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #ig_autism #ForTheMemoryBook #spectrum_inspired

My photography is my love letter to my boys. One day I want them to be able to look through all these photos I take, and see themselves through my eyes and know how loved they are.💙 #ThatsBubbas #TheBubbs #ThisIsAutism #AutismMonth #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #ig_autism #ForTheMemoryBook #spectrum_inspired

H I P P I T Y 🐰 H O P P I T Y
Tensley will appreciate their little house all decorated when she gets home 🏡 Tealan could care less 😉 For those that have asked this House wasn’t purchased but was built by my husband and was our own little family project from the start 🔨
#Easter #kidsplayhouse #wolfcubbyhouse #easterdecor #myfavoritehousetodecorate

The girls wanted to bring cards, unicorn bandaids and flowers to our guy who cut his hand on a fire last night! They have been so worried about him lately at work. Ellie tells him every time he leaves for work to be safe and put out the fires and don’t get fire {which we laugh at, she means don’t get caught on fire} ❤️🚒 #forthememorybook

Getting ready to decorate the Kids Playhouse for Easter because well, the decor is cuter 🐰 I lagged on getting up St. Patty’s Day stuff this time so here’s a cute pic from last year ☘️ #wolfcubbyhouse #FavoriteHouseToDecorate #stpatricksday

Our sweet little Raymer caboose is TWO today! We can’t believe how fast this day has come. She just overflows with joy and we know how perfect of a gift she is to our family. Happy birthday London Olivia. #secondbirthday #two #forthememorybook

One moment we are all eating dinner as a family, the next - - this guy has laid down, covered himself up and put himself to sleep 💤 This guy neverrrr fails to make us laugh. 🤣Even while he’s sleeping. So, I transferred him to his bed and he’s still there. Fingers crossed🤞🏽he doesn’t wake up at 1am ready to party! 🙃#thattoddlerlife #forthememorybook #myboynamedNavy

Oh how I wish she could stay this little forever. But then again, I can’t wait for the day she has her first ballet class or her dad/daughter dance 😭😭 #emo #forthememorybook #loveher #8months

Our happy dude is 4 months old today! Brayden is seriously the most easy going baby. We have pretty busy schedule and he just goes with the flow. He sleeps like a champ at night, during the day not so much though. He is loved on hard by all his siblings, but is a total mamas boy. 💙
#thekolkmans #braydenfrederick #fourmonthsold #novemberbaby #happyboy #babylistbabes #mamasboy #lovehim #timeflies #jellycatelephant #babynumberfour #forthememorybook

Truth or perception...? Last night Alex came across an old FORBS Magazin where part of my story was shared when I was a Nations Top Seller with Creative Memories. Defiantly #flashback to 2004. I remember having been in the country only for eight years, trying to work really hard to provide for extra needs for our family.... then getting a phone call from Forbes magazine.... I remember sharing my story a little bit with the editor, but not having a clue who Forbes was. 😂 What’s really crazy is that I was looked upon as this very successful consultant, but the truth was I was building an inventory, trying to sell products out of my basement and really not being able to provide financially. I guess this is perception of what success could look like... but the truth very often is not revealed. So glad I left that Direct Sales business.... because I saw truth! #forthememorybook #gainedlotsoftraining #hadfun #creativememories

Harlen Daniel: 6 months old. 19.5 pounds, 27.8 inches, 44.7 cm head circumference (86%!! Jug head! 😂) Can definitely roll all over the place and turn around to get the toys he wants and gets mad as heck when he can't reach them. He does a caterpillar scrunch to try to move himself and even though he has the arms down and can even hold his knees underneath of himself, he hasn't figured out how to do it all together. Sitting up for a few seconds on his own! Today learned how to take both hands of the ground and still stay balanced without pitching scarily off to the side. I swear he's murmuring "mama" when he cries. No teeth yet but loves chewing on anything he can get his mouth on. I think this next month will bring us lots of fun!! .
#HarlenDaniel #6monthsold #babyboy #growingpains #storytime #forthememorybook @joshurich1

My boy😍 beste skatten i hele verden! .
#myson #atthecabin #fatherandson #relaxing #goodtimes #forthememorybook #slitengutt #

Not many know what this girl has been through to get where she is today. She's physically and emotionally battled through too much for her young life. Yet, she's rocking life out and she's our hero 💖 We admire her strength, her integrity and her stand. Her stand is for animal rights and human rights in her school system. She loves and helps children who battle cancer. She is always coming up with ways to help the homeless. She hates cake and prefers pie. She goes against the grain, but she's kind. She's vegan and damn proud of it. We love you Audge... 11 years whips by in a blinkity blink. Happy Birthday baby! So proud of you. 💞🎉 #forthememorybook #AudgePodge

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