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With the @latterain_fj band
Worship Night is held this Saturday 26.05 at the Wesley Main Hall (opposite FRU Building on Gordon St in Suva)
We start at 7pm and finish a little after 9



My reward for the long productive week. Thank you manang!
#manggaandbagoong #forthehungry

Hope you’re doing well 😊 God bless #latterain #worshipnightsfiji #forthehungry #thereismore #oneforanother

Nerd Alert! 👋Here are just a couple of facts you need to know about me and Matt:⠀
1️⃣ We own over 14 Orson Scott Card books (ever heard of Ender's Game?) 📚⠀
2️⃣ We play Nancy Drew Mystery Games together on a REGULAR basis! 🔍⠀
3️⃣ We listen to Adventures in Odyssey whenever we road trip. 😂⠀
♥️ So glad we found each other. 🤓

Tonight, it’s between you and the Lord.

Come to Studio 6, Waimanu Rd for #WorshipNight with @latterain_fj Band!

#ForTheHungry #ComeExpecting #FreeAdmission

Bring your love, bring your devotion, bring your praiser! Who ya gonna bring? #forthehungry #wn2018 #worshipnightsfiji #revivalfiji #oneforanother #thereismore

Rib special every Wednesday at Kaya Beach Bloemfontein 1kg ribs only R100 #ribspecial #humpday #kayabeach #restaurant #ribs #forthehungry #yum #fingerlickinggood

“I seek a place that can never be destroyed, one that is pure, and that fadeth not away, and it is laid up in heaven, and safe there, to be given, at the time appointed, to them that seek it with all their heart." ✨ Pilgrim's Progress⠀

Why is it so important to seek the Lord on a daily basis? 🤷‍♀️ I can't even COUNT the number of women I have conversed with who struggle deeply in this area (including myself) 😳 Either we are too busy, too distracted, or just not motivated enough to spend time studying God's word and praying. 🙏 This is a HUGE tragedy!!
What if you were left an inheritance of infinite wealth? 💰How ridiculous would it be to continue living like you were broke! And yet that is what SO many of us do. 😭Here's our reality, God has promised to OPEN the door when we knock 🚪GIVE when we ask 🎉 and GROW the fruit of the Spirit in the hearts of those who want it 🍍(come on guys, love? Joy? Peace? etc. etc.? Just ONE of those attributes is PRICELESS!) 🙌 He is our Provider, Sustainer, Joy-giver, Father, Friend, Lover, King, etc. etc. Although He never promises to give us WHATEVER we ask for, He DOES guarantee that He will always give what is BEST for us! ✨ And the good news is that the more we study God's word, the better our hearts fall in line with God's desires and the more we pray according to His will. 🙌 it doesn’t get more amazing than this you guys!!

Stay tuned for our next WORSHIP NIGHT in April! Pray for us! God chasers become God catchers! God bless! #wnfiji #suva #revivalfiji #forthehungry #worshipnightsfiji #worship #revival #nesians #godchasers #godcatchers

No more slaying of bulls and goats. Jesus has become, once and for always, our perfect sacrifice. When we do an act of kindness, when we pray for the sick, when we obey our parents, when we sing praise, when we lift our hands in worship...these become a sacrifice and mighty weapons of war in the spirit world - because it prophesies, reinforces and declares the cross and JESUS’ ultimate sacrifice! This is what makes WORSHIP so powerful! It creates an environment where quite literally -anything can happen! Any THING at all! Join us for our WN in April! Join us in offering the evening sacrifice! Stay tuned for a date at month’s end! God bless! PC: @danqalilawa #prayforrevival #wn2018 #suva #forthehungry #revivalfiji #worshipnightsfiji #jesus #worshipwarfare #wnfiji #worshipnightsinfiji

He brings me to his banqueting table and His banner of me is LOVE ❤️PC: @danqalilawa #worshipnightsfiji #wn2018 #forthehungry #worship #fiji #suva #revival #revivalfiji

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