Some of last week cars and trucks #ledlights #edgarslights #yallneedsomelightshmu #fortworth

Before and after💁🏼‍♀️

Palms reflecting in your eyes, like an endless summer. That's the way I feel for you. If time stood still, I'd take this moment make it last forever. -Lana Del Rey / Freak

These volumes are life though 😍

Don’t have 15 minutes to roll out, stretch out and warm up before your squat gainz? Check this drill out. Takes about 5 minutes, as many reps as you can. I promise you’ll be breaking a sweat and your core, upper extremities, lower extremities will be mobilized and ready to fire! .
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Dr. Dylan Lin D.C. @evergreenchiro


What is, who is, where is MYSTIC∆?👇🏾👇🏾🎶
I'm so far
You can't find me on your radar
Too original
You won't find me on your radio,
I'm an electric jungle, a place so magical
Switch your control to this cosmic flow
I've got an S on my chest
We go beyond the surface, experience sex like worship
I'm the love seeker, yo erotic preacher
Feel the spirit lead ya, coming through ya speakers
See me, Smell her, touch me, taste us
The evil fear us when they hear us.
My purpose is clearer.
The weak made stronger
The Original Queerdio sent to charge the ethos...

"He finally discovered that he's the dream lover.
He realized he didn't need another.
Experiencing the love he's been giving, but always missing.
No longer retreating.
Waiting for happiness, it's self defeating.
Now wide awake, he's dreaming..."~MYSTIC∆ DreamLover Redux
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These are the mascot of that other school we play football with 🐃 #longhorns

What do I want? Your Love.

How do I describe it...

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