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Received a call from the No future office #newjoggers #forreels #todayfeels

The best days are river days🎣

#forreels #northplatte #greyreef #flyfishing #gettintight

Happy new year to all fans and family love my #forreels 2016 will be even better

Found a 'personal reel' in a vintage View Master today filled with shots of Voldine & William's wedding from 1957.....this shot makes my heart melt❤. #vintagewedding #forreels #viewmaster #pickerlife

DVDs 4eva #work #forreels 📽

No for real I'm ready to party! #forreels

I haven't tailed a fish in a while... that moment when you reach for your trusty sidekick net and it's not there. 1.28.17
#itgone #daviejoneslocker #catchandrelease #forreels

The Hounds 🐕. Role models, moral compass's, astute gentlemen and wonderful members of society #truestory #oath #forreels #couldbelieing #amlieing 😶 Hev!

Whale, this shore was the most fintastic churro I've ever eaten and sea'n #betterthandisneyland #forreels #glitterfordays #mermaid #gilltypleasure
Okay, I'll stop with the puns now 😅


New grads or not, our badges make a statement whether you're an RN, rad tech, MD, or someone working in the non-medical scene, we're able to custom make & design per YOUR request! These beautiful heart badges were made specifically for @annalderete - thank you! ✨😍

I ❤️ Badges!! Grab your custom ID Badges today by sending me a DM, we have a huge shipment going out and we'd love to supply you all with badges right before the holiday!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻😍

✨Good Morning! As always, we have had fabric badges available for a while now but not until recently have we started adding mylar on it! The shiny glossy film over the badge you see is the Mylar which allows you to clean and wipe the surface but with the look of fabric! We love this new look! ✨🤗

Happy Post Turkey Day!! Hope everyone had an amazing dinner and got to spend some time with the family✨ In celebration for #thelastjedi , a customer sent us a specific picture he wanted, yep! #imperialcrest #starwars

We've come up with the blue stripe flag to show appreciation and support for the local and national #police officers. Thank you for putting your lives on the line! 🇺🇸🔴⚪️🔵

DVDs 4eva #work #forreels 📽

✨Thank you @sammypearl14 for sending us this image! We hope you like it!! ✨New postings are up! Click the link in the profile‼️

We ❤️ Badge Reel making!! We have a large amount of custom orders coming our way! Send us a picture and it can be made, as with everything, it is all made to order ✨😁

✨✨Good Morning! Hope everyones having a productive weekend! We're back with more designs! Got a team you want to show off? Send us a message 📫 with an image 🖼 and we'll get it made for you! ✨

❤️Happy Respiratory Therapist Week!!❤️ Show casing one of our best sellers! Get yours now! Link in profile ‼️

Whose going to be watching the #worldseries this week?! #Dodgers

The best days are river days🎣

#forreels #northplatte #greyreef #flyfishing #gettintight

Good Morning!! Happy Thursday! Along with long nights of work and catching up on homework, we were able to finish a custom request order for a SF #Giants badge! #baseball seasoning ending soon, grab yours soon!

Whats more scary than Halloween itself?! Our 2 for $8 promotion is ending at the end of October! Quick! Place your order, send us an image of what you want on your badge, and Enjoy! 14 days left! We have Alligator clips and Belt clips for the meantime! DM us for badge and pin making service ☎️ We ship too!

✨Looking for custom badge reel service for your staff or coworkers?! Send us a DM and we can take care of that for you!✨🤗

💪💪Awesome vid, Awesome bait, Awesome start to the weekend!!! #tgif #fridaylaughs

✨Coming up with new ideas and designs excites us! Thanks @saywatjen for what you do, because not all heroes wear capes 🤗✨

✨These wreaths are getting a lot of attention and with the holidays coming up, what better way to stuff stockings than these wreath badge reels? Check out the link in the profile for more 🍂🍁

✨Making every day the best there is for ourselves and for our patients. I never thought I would experience a night like last night, witnessing a patient deteriorate slowly until their heart stopped and flat lined. Be strong 💪✨

✨We put our blood, sweat, and tears into our career, let others know exactly who you are with this Beautiful Wreath badge reel 🍂🍁 Of course - these are all custom per request & made to order 😍😍✨

✨Good morning & Happy Thursday! We got another special request by a special staff, we do it all! Tell us what you would like to see!✨

✨There's a beginning to every idea, this is our idea blooming into something beautiful! To be able to supply nurses, teachers, police officers, etc with their own customizable badge reels brings a smile to our face. If I got a penny for every time a patient asked me what my badge reel meant, I'd probably be able to retire 😂. Point is, not only is it an extension of yourself but it's a conversation starter 🤗🤗

✨Special request and custom made to order hello kitty badge reel! We have only a few more on hand at the moment, get them while they last! Link is in the profile✨

✨Football season is around the corner, get your work badge game on!! Link is in profile! Place an order now, we also do custom orders as well 🤗✨

It takes more than a rod and reel to be a Fisherman... it takes Wisdom, Perseverance, Dedication, and most of all Drive🎣🎣🎣!!! @for_reels has embodied just that. Keep Succeeding young man!✊

✨Inside joke being taken a little too serious 😂😁🙌🏻 Can anyone guess what this means?!✨

✨The news is spreading like wild fire and we couldn't be more excited! People reaching us from friends of friends and it fills us with joy knowing our customers love what they wear! I want to thank everyone for the support as we find what little time we have to research, design, and produce so you can have your very own Precious Creation badge reel 🤗✨ Custom request for a Steelers badge, if the Steelers aren't for you, let us know and you can have your very own sport badge 😁

✨We made the switch! We looked into different types of clips and have determined the best option are Alligator clips with a 360 degree swivel! From now on, all badges ordered will be on an alligator clip :)✨

✨Whether you're a #respiratorytherapist or a yogi, you can't deny the amount of benefits one get from just breathing in a slow and controlled manner. Good for the body, mind, and soul 🙏🏻✨

✨Breast Cancer Awareness is next month and we've got some more designs coming to bring about the awareness!✨

✨We have not forgotten about our requests made since last month! No matter how busy we are individually, staying organized and keeping your head in the game - you will rise above it all! A perfectly handmade badge for @luvvlysss ! Thank you everyone for the support!✨

✨We got custom orders for some cats! Here's a behind the scene of a before and after picture!😍✨

✨With #Halloween sneaking up, we couldn't help but to stock up on some #jackskellington badge reels and pins! Remember, just because you can't see it doesn't mean you can't believe it 😉✨

⚾️Whose in LA and bleeds 🔵?! Fresh out of the press, a shiny badge to let everyone know you're in it to win it! Pins are also available! What else would you like to see more of?

🙌🏻Good morning!! We got a request for a #49ers badge reel by a super nurse! Who else got that #SF fever?!

✨Reels, Reels, and more Reels!! Post 12 hour shift and carrying out orders, we make sure our customers get what they want because here, you can have it your way 😄! We take custom orders - pins or reels! ✨

Whale, this shore was the most fintastic churro I've ever eaten and sea'n #betterthandisneyland #forreels #glitterfordays #mermaid #gilltypleasure
Okay, I'll stop with the puns now 😅

✨I would like to announce we have NEW mylar badge reels available! We also have them available in pin versions upon request 😄 What you see here is a custom order of reels/pins made for @savage.outback 😉DM us what you want - we got what you need 🙌🏻✨

✨Another reel delivered to another happy customer :) Thank you everyone that has supported @preciouscreationsshop - we're all here to make a difference in everyone's lives every moment we got! Make it count! :)✨

Throw back to that sturgeon!!!! #stergon #fishing #bass #perch #forreels #worms @bankfishers

✨We made it! We're at #Disneyland!! What better way to showcase our other friendly neighborhood super hero than at the happiest place on earth! Come check out our store in the profile🙌🏻✨

✨Another #superhero in the bag! #Ironman badge reel is on it's way of making its debut! Check out the store for more badge reels coming your way‼️✨

Braids out and feeling like weirdo Curly ..C 🤣🤣. After about what 5 days ugh couldnt handle anymore not bad for a trial run but i think ill be going to see the girl i missed at #sham this weekend instead. To get my next set done. #QueenC #unicornsquad #boxerbraids #braidsaftermath #curlyCue #festivalfashion #SHAMICORN #beyourself #forreels #doyou #bossbitch #summer17 #wicked #flowerchild #hippychicks #vancity #vanlife #festivalseason #bcbabes #edmgirls #ravegirls

✨Have a group of minions at work? Then these badges would be perfect! Just got more request for #minion badges, out and delivered for some amazing #ICU nurses‼️ 4/5 minions shown here✨

✨Happy Saturday! What better time to be productive than now?! Having 4 days off means more time for research, development, and more homework! Go #trojans!✨

✨For a limited time, we're offering a unique badge reel using recycled medication caps - all hand picked and hand made!! ♻️ Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce!✨

✨Got another old school #Thor badge reel for all you comic lovers! We have some exciting news to announce and it's something you do not want to miss‼️✨ #TGIF

When u wanting them #shambhala2017 feels to keep going you rock this years festival look after the party has stopped. Got my beautiful #boxerbraids in and keeping my #unicornvibes going. #festivalfashion #SHAMICORN #flowerchild #bossbitch #ravegirls #ravecation #trapicorn #vancity #hippychicks #pinky ##pagoda #rideordiechick #loveme #forreels #bcbabes #candadiangirls #peace #doyou #QueenC #braids 🦄🦄💘🦇🚘✔☮

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