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PB 68,69 en GP Ciudad de Santiago. 😊Video de lanzamiento de 65m. Ahora con todo para GP Orlando Guaita el sábado. Próxima meta 70 metros! 💪
#JavelinThrow #ForOdin

585lbs. Deadlift at 18yrs old. No words need to be said. Just the reaction of my brothers in steel. If you want it, you gotta be able to take. Thanks for the video creeds to @tdurc_98. And the support of my teammates @jakeborland74 @tdurc_98 @stapchuck_ivan @andrewmullen212 @timlewis2002 @clay_durci @coreypayne_52 @gabeknoch #ironaddict #relentless #painisweaknessleavingthebody #forodin

I do not own anywhere near enough @razorstorm stuff, but my order for the #vikingthefuckup shirt and #unfairadvantage hoody turned up today. Great quality, look superb and feel better. Looking forward to putting them through the baptism of fire in the house of gainz!! Quick delivery ready for my weekend workouts!
#forOdin #razorstormclothing #razorstormuk

Watching the last episode of season 4 of Vikings with all the tiny meats and cheeses. 😭 #cryingwhileeating #forodin #bloodeagle #valhala

We do not fight for honor... We fight for Odyn and a glorious death on the battlefield!! #forhonor #forodin #ubisoft


I wanted to share a photo of a special soul whom I was blessed to caretake for a very short time. This...is Odin. He was a fledgling crow who was injured while in my yard, and I tried to save him, along with the help of a couple of wildlife rehabilitators in the state. Unfortunately, his soul passed on to the Summerlands, but I will never ever forget him, and everything I learned from his (far too short) journey. You can read Odin's story on my blog: www.thelunarlantern.com, under Inner Reflections.

Odin broke my heart so wide open, and I want to give back to my community and planet in the way he gave back to me. Starting in a couple of weeks, I will be mentoring and training under a local wildlife rehabilitator - I will be learning how to raise and care for wild birds, babies included, with a specialty in corvids. I may eventually work up to birds of prey, but corvids have a special place inside my heart, and the urban area I live in has tons of crow families to look out for.

I will post some of this new journey here as it begins to unfold. Never in a million years did I think I would ever be doing something like this, but the call inside me....it is so strong. So passionate. I must answer it. And trust this is all part of the grand unfolding of my journey. I am in awe of this life, and all of the myriad twists and turns it leads me on. 💜 #thelunarlantern #wildbirds #rescue #rehabilitation #corvids #forodin #formamagaia #urbanwildlife #earthchild #witch #witchesofinstagram

of wariwulfs and bluotvarwes
of bletzer and black vargrs
tales of violence we will sing
nightmares we will bring #wizard #metal #beard #rapado #vikings #vikinghaircut #forodin #cold #sehaceloquesepude #goodmorning

The Vikings may look silly to some, but they take their pillaging deadly seriously. #bluesteel #Vikings #forodin #foreverjcbc #bleedgreen photo creds: Gareth Ardron

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