What's your favorite type of pop-up rig?
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This looker was the second 👀👀 #dynamitebaits #thesource #forgottenflavours #chocmalt

Genuine Scopex is one of the worlds greatest carp attractors, of that there is no doubt.
Rod writes:
Is there anyone left out there who dosen't know about my Scopex, most probably carp fishing most used and successful flavour, I doubt it ? Many may not be aware that I invented it back in 1978 and that the products has not changed in any way since that time. Some may even think that I gave the formulation away because products labelled Scopex are available from a number of companies. You don't sell off the crown jewels or give away a family legacy.. The true, genuine Scopex is only manufactured by myself, and the fact that so many companies jumped on the band wagon, trying to make out that they sell the same product is only testimony to just how good this attractor is. In make-up none have come near its formula and I doubt if , because they just don't seem to understand what makes it work and why it is so effective.
The one which gained a reputation rivalling Scopex is formulated by myself and is only available from dealers of Rod Hutchinson Produts. If I sound heavy on this subject it is because I am very proud of our products, and I know through the amount of correspondence that we receive that they have helped thousands of anglers to catch carp. If rival companies have good products, I don't mind it all, in fact good luck to them, I just wish that they'd stop pinching my brand names. One even had the gall to register the name Scopex, despite the fact I'd invented it some ten years before !!!
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Mixed tubs of Redesmeres from @janmertens95 - thanks for the quality pics mate! 😍👌🏻 #ForgottenFlavours #RedesmereSpecials

First fish from the Estate Lake, last year. Moving to uni on Sunday, feeling like trips to Oxfordshire will be very frequent 👀 .

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Geoff Kemp Red Zing .... red power.
A concentrated syrup based on pungent chilli, red peppers.
Very spicy and very hot to the taste.
Red Zing is a great flavour, very successful.

A picture that was sent to @carpologyofficial for their article on Rod.
Check out their article here:

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