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Photo a day challenge with @jamerrillstewart . #3 my view. It’s my birthday. Chris sent me out for some me time. So I did a little reading over a bowl of soup. #thesimpleruggedpath #megamotherhood #itismybirthday #sheisyoursbook #forgirlslikeyou #raisingdaughters #raisingarrows #souponacoldday

I believe this lie is what leads us to believe all the other lies. “Well, if I don’t have purpose then I must not be worth anything.” Or “well, if I don’t have purpose then what I say won’t matter.” And on and on and on. We perpetuate this way of thinking because we either don’t know or choose not to destroy the lies.
Sisters, we have got to go into 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣ different! This series was to help do that. My prayer is that you continue to let go of and destroy the lies you’ve believed and start walking in the Truth- God’s truth. .
So, after tonight I’ll be signing off til around mid January. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us!!🙌🏽💃🏽
I hope when I return, y’all will still be rocking with me. But the break is needed and necessary and right now, that takes precedence over trying to keep up with followers. Ijs🤷🏽‍♀️🙅🏽‍♀️💯
So, with that, I will see y’all in 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣8️⃣!!🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘
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Sometimes the road we choose to travel is one that’s less traveled. It’s one that seems lonely and dull. It’s a road that sometimes tempts us to ditch our path and follow another one- the one most traveled. The one that’s poppin, that’s popular. But I’ve learned that that road most certainly will lead us to lose ourselves.
Jesus was the perfect example of one who followed the path set before Him- no matter what. He chose purpose over popularity and discomfort over comfort...because He had a mission to accomplish. And so do we.
Proverbs 4:25-27 tells us to stay on our own paths and don’t follow others because it’ll only lead us to evil. Sis, the road to living for Christ, living out your calling, and living righteously can be hard. But we are surrounded by other sisters striving for the same thing. Grab hold of them- whether face to face or virtually, and link arms and travel together.
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 talks about the importance of connections and friendships. I thank God for the women God is placing in my life and I encourage you to thank God for the ones in yours. Good night sisters!💕
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Once upon a time... There was a little girl... Do you remember her? 💭How was she? 💬💖How were you when you were just a little girl? What were your dreams? Your passions? 💞Time has passed🕛🕒🕧🕘, but you know what? SHE is STILL ALIVE! In You! 🙋And if you are reading this post, probably you know this fire still burns in your heart. 💃What can you do to accomplish things you once dreamt? Who can help you? With whom can you share? 👭2018 is on the corner, and a it is a great invitation to start a new year giving a step further ...towards who you were born to be... 👏👭💝🌇 #riseupandshine #levetoietbrille ( For those who need: #Emerveillee is preparing a special program to help, encourage, follow and equip you to be who you were born to be!) 💝 #2018 #launch #emerveillee #brasileiraforadecasa #expatlife #brasileiranafranca #florescendonodeserto #beyourself #borntoshine #bethechange #soislechangement #identity #dreams #mission #call #litlleegirlinsideofyou #forgirlslikeyou #pourelle

6 years ago For Girls Like You Magazine wasn’t even a thought...just a need I saw in my own home. Alena was 7 and needed a resource. An age appropriate resource that she could enjoy, have fun with and feel like it was for her—Not for her older cousins or her baby sisters! I wanted to give her something that I trusted and didn’t have to worry about the messages and images that she would encounter on the pages. I couldn’t find it...and God provided everything I needed to create it and continues to do that for each issue!! So grateful for the many little girls that receive this publication and I’m so grateful for the many people that have come alongside over the last few years to help fill each page with Truth! If you have girls 6-12— subscribe today! #forgirlslikeyou #magazine

I have one excited daughter! Book #2 arrived today. #daydreamsandmoviescreens #forgirlslikeyou #alenapitts #faithgirlz

We are constantly reminded that everything we have is God’s, including our #daughters. #Parenting from this #perspective gives us #purpose, identifies our #responsibility, and defines our way of life.
#forgirlslikeyou #sheisyours #daughter #girls #christian #love #uniquelymade #unique #godsdaughter

I went back and forth with the idea of adding "time with God" to the girls list for the day. I didn't want it to ever become a mindless duty or daunting task. However, I do want them to have the opportunity to learn young about how vital a time alone with God is each day. How peaceful and fulfilling it can be. So with that said, I'm so thankful for this devotional for girls that Wynter Pitts wrote called For Girls Like You. Mac is enjoying it and even told me all about what she learned this morning. She's asking for the magazines through @forgirlslikeyou also so looks like I know a gift for Christmas! What a blessing to hand my daughter a resource that I know is feeding her the good things! #forgirlslikeyou

\\\ perfect book for school carline reading! 💗📖 i was chosen to be my daughter's mom, but she is ultimately God's daughter and i am called to fully trust Him as i raise her 💗 #SheisYours is prayers, encouragement, and wisdom for raising a daughter, parent-to-parent inspiration for surrendering her to God, and practical advice for helping my sweet girl develop a strong faith in Jesus. Lord, she is Yours, and I trust You with her. i highly recommend this book! 🌹💗 thank you @forgirlslikeyou!
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This is the cutest magazine for little girls, Haley hasn't put it down! 💕 #forgirlslikeyou #checkitout

It's time sisters to become who we were always meant to be....❤️
It's time to embrace the authentic you God created you to be. The only way to do that is to CHOOSE to destroy the lies. CHOOSE to make the moment instead of waiting for it. CHOOSE to be a world changer and help other women to discover their worth, value, and purpose. ❤️
If you're tired of being stuck and miserable from trying to keep up with everybody but you, then I encourage you to sign up and join the AUTHENTICALLY ME community.
We're more than a movement, but a community of women who have all chosen to link arms and take our place in OUR God-given moment! •

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I haven't checked out the free family devo yet, but I did read the book and really enjoyed it!
Even though it's written for parents of girls, I think it can relate to ALL parents. Sometimes we get caught up thinking if we only do (fill in the blank) our kids will be (insert desirable outcome), but really it's not up to us. She is His... not ours.
#sheisyours #forgirlslikeyou
Releasing 9/5/17
Preorder your copy here
"Do you remember when you first held your newborn daughter? God gave you this precious gift to care for and to love, and He may have even whispered to your heart, “She is yours.”
Wynter and Jonathan Pitts are the proud parents of four young daughters. They’ve gained a wealth of valuable insights on the unique challenge of raising girls. They’ve been right where you are and now they want to share what they’ve learned with you.
With this practical advice and encouragement, you can help your daughter develop awesome relationships with God, with you, and with the world around her."

There is no handbook for this parenting thing we do. Each child is so uniquely made. BUT there are stories from those who have come before us, mistakes made, lessons learned, prayers prayed, and successes celebrated. I am thankful for those who share their own stories, mistakes, lessons, prayers, and successes. They help me to learn and grow as a parent and as a person. We aren't all the same and we don't all have to be the same, but we can work together and figure out what works as we figure out this parenting thing. "Lord, she is Yours, and I trust You with her." @forgirlslikeyou #SheIsYours
What has been your best resource/support in your parenting journey?

Raising girls is not for the faint of heart. As a mom to three girls (and only one boy) I am shockingly aware of the world in which they're growing. If I don't keep my fears in check, I can get a little carried away.
A few days ago I received this gem of a book in my mailbox. She is Yours, written by @forgirlslikeyou Wynter Pitts and husband, Jonathan, is a practical, easy read that is FULL of incredible wisdom written by and for parents of girls. It's a reminder to me that, not only is their relationship with God important, but their relationship with me and the world that surrounds them is, as well. It also reminds me that I am certainly not raising these little beauties alone.
Moms (and dads), I am 152 pages in and absolutely LOVING this book. She is Yours has given me fresh perspective on many of the nooks and crannies of raising a girl that were certainly being overlooked. Pre-order your copy today for an early September release.
And Wynter, thanks so much for this! Your material is always such a blessing to our family. 💕 #sheisyours #forgirlslikeyou #raisingarrows #mothersofdaughters

With a thirteen year old daughter and a fifteen month old daughter, I'm thankful for this book #sheisyours by Wynter Pitts and her husband. This canvas is a prayer of surrender, reminding me that my job is to release these precious girls into God's care. 💜💜 @forgirlslikeyou
#girlmom #momlife @mothersofdaughters #mops @momsinprayerinternational #motherhood #saturdayfun #authorsofinstagram #forgirlslikeyou @harvesthousepublishers #parenthood #parenting #motherofgirls @momconference

---GIVEAWAY ALERT--- We are so excited for our friend Alena Pitts and her new book, "Hello Stars!" and we've got a copy to give away today! 😆
"Hello Stars!" is the debut novel in the Faithgirlz series, Lena in the Spotlight. Written by Alena Pitts (@alenapitts ), star of War Room and tween blogger of For Girls Like You (@forgirlslikeyou ) and co-written with her mother, editor and author, Wynter Pitts, the book is a reflection of Alena’s own life experiences as she reaches for the stars and keeps her faith in balance. Check out Alena's appearance today on @the700club ! ⠀
Don't miss your chance to win this book for you AND a friend. Here's all you need to do:⠀
1) Be following @biblebelles, @alenapitts and @forgirlslikeyou
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This giveaway ends at midnight (pst) tonight. We'll announce the winner HERE tomorrow morning!------- Congratulations, @raerobins34 , you are the winner!! 🙌🏽🎉💜
#biblebelles #forgirlslikeyou #hellostars

Looking for a fun #magazine for girls 6-12?? Give #forgirlslikeyou a try and get 5️⃣off with COUPON: SUM617 **Link in Profile**

@stylistivannafontana the joy on the faces when a parcel arrives from the other side of the country full of new threads!!! #personalstylist #forgirlslikeyou #forgirlslikeme #lovemylife

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