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One of the most vital energy's of this world is love. It costs nothing to give it away, it feels wonderful to receive it, and it only takes a small amount of time to share it. 🔹
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Chemistry with your trainer is everything - elevate your game with this perfect match: 20 SESSIONS @ ONLY $799 HKD/session (up to $4000 SAVING!) 🔥👊🔥
Your commitment and our expertise means goals get met - 24/7 tailored training and nutrition!
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Strongman circuit. 5 rounds of 330lb(165lb each hand) farmer carry, 20 total swings (5 each direction/switch hands) and 6 100lb sandbag tosses. #forgeyourpath #farmercarry #hammer #fitness #powerlifting

Flashbacking again... My 1st ever USAPL Full Power meet.. 2005 Mens Master Nationals..
My coach at the time @tharris220 didnt believe in warm up meets.. straight to the fiyah!!! Thanks T for everything you did for me!!!
For the next 5-6 years, me n my older Sis @manainsidev2 would travel to a LOT of meets all over the globe.. including Austria!! Fast forward to today.... i get to work with 25-30 headcases 3x a week at our own gym!! #ForgeYourPath
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So good to get out of my head and into the woods with a great crew. To dance parties. To the powerful forces of nature. #ohiopyle #waterfalls #hike #getoutside #forgeyourpath

🇬🇧 London Part 1: from where our journey began
thinking back to this year's #London trip - what a fun week it's been with @magdii_k
As IG videos cannot be longer than 60 sec's, this one here is just part 1 out of the entire city trip #vlog and I am going to post the rest of it step by step within the next couple of days - so stay tuned 🤓🎬
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Mental stimulation is just as important as physical stimulation. It's a beautiful balance! #neverstopfighting #forgeyourpath #nature #beauty #balance #getoutside #

We welcome you

One of the most vital energy's of this world is love. It costs nothing to give it away, it feels wonderful to receive it, and it only takes a small amount of time to share it. 🔹
#forgeyourownpath #signatureshots_hub #forgeyourpath #wanderlust #warmview #wander #justgoshoot #createexplore #wonderfulglobe #becurious #bevisuallyinspired

Heading towards our family weekend... Enjoy yours! 😊

One step forward
📷: @antoinetruchet

Hot snakes! 10lb PR with 395 for a paused single. Followed this with 3x4 @350. I see you 405. Filmed with HD potato. #destroyrebuild #forgeyourpath #thehammer

LISTEN! I’m looking for dreamers, leaders, and adventurous spirits! 🌎 Next week begins my new coach training and I’m looking for TRAILBLAZERS who want to make a difference in their current situation, their family's futures, and in their communities!

I love this picture from one of my trips to Africa 🇺🇬 because it reminds me that the most beautiful things in life are not given, but rather, they are EARNED. The climb to the top of that mountain took a lot of courage, perseverance, and confidence >> Values I now get to LIVE every day to CREATE the life I want for myself and my family. 🙌🏻

Whether it’s tracking gorillas 🐵 through the jungle in Uganda or building a business 📊 from home… We gotta put some skin the game, step into the arena, and start blazing that trail. 🍃 We have to give LIFE to whatever it is we are committing to do by taking that first step and saying, “YES! I will do this!” •
✅If you 💗 fitness, yoga, healthy living or healing with food/nutrition or WANT to love it, this may be for you.
✅If you want to take a step in a better direction without having to make a drastic change, this may be for you.
✅If you want to be mentored by myself and the leaders of a 3x elite & 6 figure earning team this may be for you.
✅If you'd like to run challenges, be a #brandambassador, and get healthy and fit, too, this may be for you!
✅If you've been looking for a sign 🛑 and want FREEDOM (financial • emotional • time), this is definitely for you!
✅If you want to be surrounded by uplifting, encouraging, and driven people, this may be for you!
🚫If you are prone to drama or negativity, (or don't like other people) or really don't want to change your life and take action…This isn't the best fit for you!

I’ve got FIVE 5️⃣ spaces open in my next coaching cohort and I'm ready to show you how YOU, too, can make this passion your CAREER and EARN the life of your dreams!

Send me a DM or comment below with your email and I'll be in touch! ❤️❤️❤️

Nothing great comes easy.

It's @themakersmedley time! This months theme was Goddesses. I can't wait to see what everyone has done "You're Not Going That Way" 12x18 Acrylic on canvas board. The Goddess of Unknown Change reminds us that sometimes we have to take a chance in the dark. At moments in our lives when we've been torn open we have no choice but to gather our guts back inside and be our own torch to the future... whatever that may be. AVAILABLE DM for details Check out all the other fabulous artists in our collective. @ripleycatco @l.o.art @evebluefoot @poenut35 @lachulonadolls @mademoiselle_fox @nahualitas @debbyawells @indigogal69 @honey_pot_creations #workingtogether#artistsoninstagram #dollmaker #12internationalwomanartists #themakersmedley #goddess #acrylicpainting #intuitiveart #forgeyourpath #dothething #artstagram #collectiveart #womenartists #tmmgoddess

rust & blue
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Little boat
📷: @northernelg

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