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We said goodbye to Kyoto today after one last sunset shoot, and hopped on the ‘bullet train’ to Hakone. I’m looking forward to adventuring around here for the next few days. 🇯🇵🎋🍁🌊🗻

Firewood, doggo, and a cabin. Can't beat it! @alexserns #modernoutdoorsman

Located somewhere in Kyoto is an entire trail of Torii gates. Around 10,000 of them for those curious ⛩

During my trip to Hawaii last month I was able to visit a smaller island called Kauai for a few days with some talented creators. We slept in the rental car each night and used the two days to do as much as we could. From sunrise hikes to sunset missions to an amazing waterfall, it was an exhausting few days but I don't regret anything, it was an incredible experience with awesome people. This is a Moment in KAUAI. 🌴❤️🤙🏽 • Link in BIO to YouTube version •

Shoutout to the Adventure Squad: @liishenn @eliasdeanslife @joeysamante

In a world where everything is at our fingertips and the latest trend or fad is pulling at our attention I feel like real power is knowing what to do without. What to abstain from.
It's so easy to add complexity to life, yet so difficult to simplify. Over several days, moving silently across the ice, carrying our entire worlds on our backs, you sense deeply what truly matters.
The mission is to take what you learn in wild places and apply it to our modern life of distractions. For myself it often feels like the real challenge begins once I step out of the wild again, not into it.⠀
I'm going to #OptOutside this Black Friday, how about you?

Building a cabin with @dwellerofthefield and @sirscottpearson has me nostalgic for my first
📷 by @lostintheforrest
Cabin by @jacobwitzling

White out. Photo by @ryan_pnw35



This is the backyard of my cousins place in AL. We always come here or some other family house for the holidays.
The funny thing is, for our family, going somewhere is always the basis of our tradition. I can't remember spending Thanksgiving or Christmas at home. Except for that one time with the altitude sickness and the returning home on Christmas day.
Even the rougher Christmas trips, like spending 3 nights suck in the Washington airport. Not in Washington, AT the airport. Leave you with some stories to tell. It could have always gone worse.
Until next time Guntersville - there will be fun story no matter what happens.

the North remembers↟

This amazing bit of architecture took my breathe away as a little girl!!! and it did as an adult!!!! Wish I had taken more time with these shots and not felt so pressured by the crowd and family!!!! ( it was packed! don't go on a Saturday or Sunday especially this time of year)
This is a place to stop! soak it all in! Take your time and line up correctly!!!! This edit I wanted a fairytale/magical quality to it! Try and get the vibe!!! it's far from perfect but I hope I've done it some justice!!! Might have to go back and get it right!!! 😁🙌🏻🙌🏻
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Paddle your own canoe @instagrahamar

2 for 1 🌚

I have two weddings left to finish up this month before we leave. It's going to be busy with Christmas, packing, work, and other mini projects to finish up. But I'm so greatful for all the weddings/mini sessions I got to do this year! Working full time and doing photography on the side was not always easy. Too be honest it was a lot of work, and meant I had to sacrifice most of my weekends this year, but I wouldn't change it. I love what I do, and I love the memories photography captures. Looking forward to new beginnings in a whole new country! •

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Where history and modernism collide

No better way to spend Black Friday 🏂🎿

Without context, one image of one moment can tell many stories. This one for example, could tell one of isolation, loneliness, or abandonment. Or maybe the vulnerability of being out of one’s element and completely exposed. However since I was there, I can say this is a story of freedom and truly living life to the fullest. Hiking over jagged, skin piercing rocks swarming with crabs. Finding caves tucked underneath hillsides. Being swept in and out by the swelling currents. Breaking free to float in the soft, clear openness, unhinged from a single thought, worry, or responsibility.

As storytellers, making this choice is what it means to wield our powers to shape a message that can lift up the spirit or shut it down. Sometimes it’s easiest to pull our own story forward to make it official record, or gravitate to the one we believe will get the most attention and press the most buttons. But it’s more important than ever that we approach the medium with this consciousness, for we know very little the residual ripples produced by the works we create.
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