God took his time when he made you

We really made niggas wanna do this rap shit 🚫🧢!! #ForeverStraight

This picture is worth a thousand words. The bond we share dates back to Hinds Community college 2k10. Where we were a couple of college kids just making ends meet now we are all established and dignified adults. #foreverstraight

🖤Iz’Real 🖤 #ForeverStraight 🖤

Feeling good living better 🙏🖤


This peace, love and happiness can’t be f*cked with #KTSE #foreverstraight

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#ForeverStraight 😍❤️

I made it to see 19 !! It’s amazing Thank god that I’m making ittt ❤️ #birthdaytinggz #Blessed #foreverStraight

Our first Halloween 🎃🧡🍃#foreverstraight

Happy Halloween niece 😍 , #mybabylove #onlyniece #foreverstraight

First of all let’s speak all of the facts, the times that I lost I can never get back like you dad. Why life gotta be so hard, but death so easy? I can ask god and you so many questions and say help me a million times, just why yo, why you gotta leave me yo💔? Yo you were a good father, you were trying so hard to do the right things, we all tried yo, we all tried helping out and shit getting our shit together and everyday you tell me don’t be like you and I tell you straight in your eyes better yourself chuz, you pushed me everyday to be a better man, you taught me how to hustle, you taught me how to take care of my money, you taught me how to play sports and to take care of my body, you helped me with school when I needed help and you were the only one to help me, you told me everyday to be a better man and be responsible with things, you taught me how to fight, you told me to take care of the family if you were ever gon be gone or in jail and from eleven years old to this very day, I still am taking care of everybody. You taught me so many things and we have so many memories with each other and now you gone mann you fucking gone yo like I can’t believe it💯💔I came out the mud witchu bruh I had to tell all them lies where you was at, what you was doing, if you were good, if you had any trouble, I had your back dad on some real ass shit💯💔I remember when I was twelve years old and you went back in that cell and I was taking care of all of your stuff until you came back out man, the whole family was tryn bail you out I even got a lawyer for you the next day bruh💯I remember when I was seven or eight years old and you were just coming out that cell and I told you don’t leave me I don’t want you to ever leave and you said you not ... where you at now yo💔? Just know dad, I feel what I know. I just can’t believe it, I never wanted to see you hurt or dead with my own eyes, as soon as I opened that door you wasn’t the same you was cold and you didn’t look the same no more I just knew what happened as soon as I saw you. I been through a whole lot of shit nobody will understand. I’ll forever be straight💯💔 #restinpeace #iloveyoudad #foreverstraight 💯💔🕊

We Put Our All In This Shit For Her 👸🏽❤️👨‍👩‍👧💪🏾💯#ForeverStraight #Family #ATH #hustlehardstayhumble

Not A Worry, Not A Care🌹