#foreverstraight #foreverBomb #foreverBlessed 👸🏽💪🏽🤑💵💣💇🏽‍♀️📚

Standing 10 toes on a island filled with fakes...still untouched 💯 #foreverstraight

Imma relax 4 da rest of the day #foreverstraight #Imteamnolackin

FYI talking about this one her Rakeira will cause you all kinds of problems from people you dont even know, so Bitches keep her name out your mouth fair warning. #foreverstraight

Blessed to have my biological Father!!! Happy Fathers Day to the man that walked my to school everyday and pushed me on the swing... From dates at Malcolm x park to pulling up at the school when Girls was faking ❤️😍 My 1st true Love 💑 #GoodMen #foreverstraight..... His friends too lit 🔥 #foundation

You came home and did what you promised, you even took on the role of being Giselle’s godfather, so I count you as a father twice, even when we disagree or I make you mad I know you always got my back, knowing that I never met my father and that’s your blood brother you always try to show me what life would’ve been like if he was here. I appreciate you for sure. I thank you so much for being everything to Giselle and doing anything to make her happy. For all the times I’ve cried you’ve been there to let me know that everything is going to be ok. So I thank you so much. Happy Father’s Day to my uncle, you’ve been more than amazing. I love you. Enjoy your day you deserve it. #ifkhisig #mydawgforsure #❤️🤟🏾 #foreverstraight

See I Aint NEVA Had My Mama To Show Me How To Treat A Lady 😔🤦🏽‍♂️. So Everyday I Thank God For My Daddy Stepping Up To The Plate & Showing Me How To Be A Man & Hold This Shit Down Regardless 💯💪🏾#ForeverStraight #DaddyLoveYa #LiJavi

My 2 Girls.
My Niece & My Daughter.
#ForeverStraight 🤞🏽🎀

Let’s Make More Memories Daughter 🎓😍❤️🎉😘
#GraduationDay #MoveUpDay
#ForeverStraight #ThisJobGetsDone

You worried about me, I’m worried about me, one of us is worried about the wrong thing... and it ain’t me 💫 #foreverstraight #highlyfavored

#Mondayz 💙🔐I Love you son I got you 4️⃣LlFE #ForeverStraight 🔐💙

On the set with @therealowey #foreverstraight #transitions 🎬🎬🎬🎥🎥🎥

“Money on my mind .. Aint no time to play” 🤑 #woecampaign #foreverstraight 🅰️🅿️

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