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Good morning babes! [#SM3] ✨🌻💛

I’m working on chapter one - part nine and I am almost done 😍 [#SM3]

#spreadpositivity 💌 - I used to be someone who was concerned about how others would see me. If I was enough or if I needed to let them shape me into what they think was right. I’d ask my mum or dad to buy me clothes not because I liked the style but because everyone else was wearing similar stuff and I thought, I’d have to wear that as well. To fit in. Around that time I mostly did everything I could to just simply go with the flow and I didn’t want to stand out. Dumbest thought ever. Do you know what happens when you just try to fit in? You forfeit yourself. I forfeited myself. You can buy as much trendy clothes as you want but that’ll be just a costume. You can do whatever you want, to be like one of them. Wether it’s in your outer appearance or in your behaviour. The second you start pleasing someone else just to be accepted you stop being yourself. You won’t feel like one of them or anything like that. Because you’re not. No one is. Everyone is unique in their own way. You express yourself through your kind of fashion. Through your kind of music. Through your kind of anything. Everything you do should be done by you because it’s your aim. Because whatever you do is simply you. So stop comparing yourself to others. Stop trying to act like someone you’re not. Instead let others inspire you! Be sure that there’s nothing wrong with getting inspired. If the taste of style from someone is something you want to try out, go for it. But - not because you think that’s how you should dress. If the majority of your peers listen to that one artist and you’re curious about his/her music. Listen to it. If you end up liking it - great! If not. That’s okay. Don’t push yourself into fashion/music/movies/tv shows/sport/etc. because you feel left out when you don’t. Because you can’t chat about certain things with them. Do you know what happens to you when you’re simply you? I feel great for who I am. I don’t feel the need to fit in anymore because I know, I’m good the way I am. I know that I’m unique and that I don’t need to be someone else to attract the kind of people I don’t deserve. I’ll attract the people who have the same mindset as I do. Love yourself. Be yourself. 💜

Period cramps 😣😣😣 [#SM3]

Good morning 💋 [#SM3]

Good morning! Have a great start into the week babes 💜 [#SM3]

I hate it so so so much! 😂😂😂 [#SM3]

I’m thinking of bringing my “spread positivity” posts back 🤔 [#SM3]

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