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Many many happy returns of the asma ❤️❤️😍🙈🙈🎂 Have a nice day Asma ❤️😍#asma #jubin #love #foreverlove #follow #me @jubin____shah @shah_jubin46 @asma__shah46 @jubin___.shah

Позитивное выдалось утро с @guberniatv 👌🏽 @ivan_zasukhin спасибо за поддержку😘так легко прошёл прямой эфир🙈поговорили о том о сём😂😂😂вообщем всем хорошего дня и настроения😊#khabarovsk2017#foreverlove#khv2017#gubernia#губернияхабаровск#живите_ярко#

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🐶 Just a boy and his dog 💙 #foreverlove ❤️🐾🐶
🐶 @labs_of_insta #labs_of_insta ❤️
#labradorretriever #labrador #labpuppy #boyandhisdog 🐾🐶

Happy #internationaldayofyoga #IDY2017
My yoga journey started over a decade ago! Never been a gym person .. (super dislike AC rooms) etc .. Yoga was it .. it started as an exercise then!! Having tried everything from Hatha to hot yoga .. to artistic yoga ..Isha yoga ,yinyoga to teacher training at mumbais oldest yoga institute to taking classes world over .. I thought I was doing it all ! Until .. #Ashtanga came into my life just a few years ago!
Broken and destroyed emotionally and physically.. (The only time in my life I lost #Hope and woke up each morn with nothing to look forward to )
At a friends behest I made it to a class and took to it like fish to water ... Somehow it just held me together .. and together we pieced my broken being into wholeness .. It was the only 90minutes of the day ..that my brain would stop thinking and my breath would take over .. I had heard someone say .. "Make your breath louder than your thoughts" .. I did !
Oh boy .. it worked and how !! And even though I still do fall apart (sometimes full moon does its thing and biology too ).. My injuries that just don't allow me to get into the simplest poses at times ..(it's always 2 steps ahead and 3 steps back) .. Or the dark clouds that just hover over my heart and soul, still making me ache at places , I dint know existed inside of me .. The 2things that have kept me going are
HOPE .. ( YESSS , I seized it back💪🏼 )
my best is still to come, (I strive for it each day) and I am so looking forward to it !

And my FAITH in #MYSHIVA ❤️
As I always say .. If HE has brought me till here .. he will take me ahead .. He has a plan .. I only just need to surrender .. 🙏🏼 My teachers @deepikamehtayoga @yogamol who is leading this beautiful flow #shaarasita and the many beautiful yogis I have had the honour to learn from and work with online and in person .. Deepest Gratitude you are embedded in my heart and soul for always

If y'all have reached here (phew😨.. I know😊
I want to thank each of you n my students for being a part of my journey😇 .. you guys inspire me to give my best ..so grateful ..sending love light and a whole lota stardust💖
More 🙈👇🏼👇🏼


С Днем Рождения меняя!!!!! #teamkris #foreverlove #20июня#праздникудевчат🎀

kau kekasih awal dan akhir
3 tahun kau dah berkhidmat
#motif tak ada bnda nak upload

Lehet hogy Szerelem volt első látásra ? 🤔❤️💑🔒#love #withmylove #happy #cute #perfect #foreverlove

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubs!! So thankful you were born, the yin to my yang. 💯🎉❣️#foreverlove #happybirthday #thebestisyettocome #partnerincrime ✨🎈🌏

Yeah.... that's you... i need you❤ today, tomorrow and till my last second... i jus couldn't help myself wanting you.... you have been there in my worst times when i cried like a baby and even in the happiest of times when there were jus rainbows and butterflies everywhere.... you never took a step back you moved with me without the fear what we would face.... that's why i am so in love with you.... cause i might find a better looking man but i am never gonna find a better friend then you....❤❤
You are my bestfriend and boyfriend all at the same time❤
#quotes #quotationd #million #bae #love #happiness #happy #sad #lovequotes #friend #bestfriend #togetherforever #foreverlove #life #sticktogether


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