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Fear is just an invisible fence keeping us from everything we’ve ever wanted.

“There will come a time when you believe everything is finished. That will be the beginning.”

Switched this over to a business profile today. I hope to start making this account more "blog like", writing stories and stuff. I probably won't be sharing the stories here, but on a blog that I will eventually link once I have a more solid plan. It will probably be very bike/outdoors centric because that has become a major part of my life lately. I'm going to sharing more recent pictures that are probably more relevant to my life right now. I don't think anyone really cares too much, but now that it's in writing and I've shared this with people, I can hold myself more accountable when I start getting lazy.

Forest fire or night sky? This was at Mt Rainier this summer so it really could go either way.

Mama mountain, your glow is splendid.

Dip(per) n' dots (I'm done making captions)

Möther Möuntain basking in her illustrious splendor

The only reason I have this picture is because @knnndrk and I thought this was Spray Falls for about 15 minutes. We were taking pictures until someone walked by and told us that Spray Falls was 3 minutes down the trail and we were geeking out over a stream.

These rainy days have me reminisce on the long, sunny, summer ones where the trees play with shadows as you're driving by.
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