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Duke is still feeling a bit sore, after his vet appointment yesterday. He's almost 6 months and yesterday he got fixed. He can now safely hangout with Harvard and our girls! He's going to live Happily Ever After on our farm. #ForeverGoat #CrewsFarm #goatsofinstagram #weloveourgoats

Church!! πŸ˜‚ Happy Sunday, beloveds | #GoldenGirls #ForeverGOAT πŸŽ₯: @finally_aaron

My new custom case😍 #foreverGoat #MJπŸ€

Gotta show tha homie @ryan_ridley13 some love for tha dope gear. #forevergoat #salute

Thanks for the memories Big Papi #forevergoat#bigpapi

Kobes retirement letter I'm literally crying on the inside ... #ForeverGOAT

Thank you so much Peyton! We all will miss you 😒 #ForeverGOAT


πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ #forevergoat

Coming Soon... #forevergoat

Exclusive Drops Coming Soon ⚑️

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S/o @h_m4r for rocking the G Crown Bomber πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ”₯

Harvard is always in your face or by your side. He doesn't understand personal space at all. I just love him!
#CrewsFarm #PetGoat #ForeverGoat #HappyGoat #BottleBaby #HalosBrother #GoatsOfInstagram #WeLoveOurGoats #MustLoveGoats

Fan love @jameszoudy in the studio 🎀🎼

Fan love @richhomiekey rocking G Crown Bomber πŸ‘‘

Guess who is 2 years old today?! That's right, this goat! He was only 3 days old and rejected by his mom when he happened into our lives. And it's never been the same since. Initially he lived in our sunroom as I bottle fed him around the clock. He would clippity-clop through the kitchen and pull down my hand towel. I'd put it back up, he'd jump around, and do it again. When he moved outside to live with the other goats he followed me to the gate that first night and cried out. I cried. When he got bigger and more mischievous, I stilled loved him. I could still scoop him up and hug him. When the day came I could no longer easily lift him, my heart broke, but he was still my goat. Today he will come when I call him. When I come home from a trip he will come directly to me. I can't lift him anymore, but he tolerates me when I grab him and give him a big hug. He loves to be scratched, eat leaves, and sit/jump on things he's not suppose to. His temperament is amazing and he charms all that meet him. I lost my forever dog, but now I have a forever goat. Happy birthday Gregory!
Pictures starting top left, going clockwise: Gregory today; at 3 days old after a bath; still liftable at 5 months; his first snow at 7 months old; so cute playing in leaves at 6 months old; and adorably preforming a goat totem at almost 1 month old.

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