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PLEASE DON’T HATE ME FOR THE PICTURE 💜😂 We all have that one female friend who is more like a family! Life saviour we can say! FOREVER MASTANI 💙🌍 and I swear i mean what ever i write! You are my favourite human being Like how can a human being be such a slayer! Every time i talk to you i literally forgot all my problems and tears! Your snaps are so funny I swear 😂❤️ i have 40 days countdown make it 365 soon! 🙈😂 If there was a world Where I lived without you Had other friends That would be something new If there was a world Where you didn't exist Would I have a reason A way to persist? If there was a place Where you didn't survive Or lived somewhere else
Or you weren't alive If there was a plane
Where you, my treasure We're taken from me With all of life's pleasure I can't say I'd know Whatever to do Because, dearest friend I can't live without you So do keep on well And try to survive I can't live without you So keep by my side! 🙊❣️ Each snap shared with you! Each minute spent with you was a glorious time of my life! You are way too beautiful and i still doubt where do you stand is it just a friend or something more than that! Or I should say a best friend am still confused how can you be a human because humans aren’t this pretty and obviously I love you 💕🤦🏻‍♂️ and I’ll always be just a call away from you! You aren’t my social friend nor a fake friend! You are someone who lights up my life and make it worth living! You are surely the reason I’ll miss Bangalore! I apologise if any of my messages had ever hurt you! And a advance thanks for being a part of my portfolio 💚🔥 no matter if we only do snapchatting but I’ll never let our bond go down 💓 I won’t ever get tired of you! Thanks for being my 3AM friend! I still don’t know why we don’t have a picture together! You know you are much like a family to me! You aren’t just my friend you are my best friend 🙊💛 I was having so much to say you! And remember a thing if any problem we’ll fight and get over it together I’ll always be holding you! You always have my back! #ForeverMastani💙🌍 #ForeverFavorite @piyamarlecha 💕💕

Happy 16th birthday to my best guy! You don't look or act a day over 10 and if you could stop aging that would be great💙 #Bonapart #foreverfavorite

Happy Mother's Day, JuJu. Even through all of my shenanigans I rejoice in knowing I'm still your favorite #foreverfavorite #igivehergrayhair #momsofinstagram #almostdiedwalking #midgetmom

The Bug is back and feeling better than ever! ❤️🐞#willieistheman #lovethebug #thiswasbeforehebuckedheroff #foreverfavorite

लोगो के दिन आते है, हमारा ज़माना आएगा। 😂❤️ #SuddenBollywoodMood #ForeverFavorite

Got it 🌸 come by for a look of the new @milsted_wear #libertylovers #foreverfavorite #bloom

Oh In relationship with pasta 🍝
Oh my my 😍🤗
#pastalover #foreverfavorite 🍽


Forever Active Probiotic - Dietary Supplement #foreverfavorite

Oh In relationship with pasta 🍝
Oh my my 😍🤗
#pastalover #foreverfavorite 🍽

Sucker for palm trees. 🌴🌴🌴 #islandliving #foreverfavorite

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