Wszystkiego najlepszego dla najlepszego Taty na swiecie 💕#foreverdaddysgirl #dzientaty2019

Time to turn up with some chocolate milk. It's been a long week. Made it through my dad's birthday week. #chocolatemilk #lactosefreegirl #portraits #family #foreverdaddysgirl #wineglass #collector

Happy Birthday DAD! I Love U! 💜#theonlymanicalldaddy 😩😆#foreverdaddysgirl #my#1fan

30년 장기근속하신 아빠..어느덧 내년이면 퇴임을 하신다니 세일이 야속하다. 나는 평생 받을 수 없는 상이라 (이직의 달인) 우리에게 주셨다.😂😂
#respectdad #foreverdaddysgirl

Happy Father’s Day to this sud! ❤️#firstmanieverloved #foreverdaddysgirl

Happy birthday to my #1 🎉🎈🎁 I love you more than life itself💙 #ForeverDaddysGirl 👸🏻 #50candles 🎂

Recuerdo cuando me enseñaste a cambiar el rollo de la cámara, a saber que asa debíamos usar, hacer el enroque, infalible para safarse del jaque, cuando escuchábamos música clásica, o íbamos al cajón el fin de semana, cuando atravesabas santiago para que hiciéramos natación, o cuando nos hablabas en inglés para enseñarnos, cuando nos tomaba el día completo armar la carpa, para luego desarmarla y seguir nuestra ruta de vacaciones caminando, del salto del Petrohue a Chiloé o a pueblos escondidos, la playa rosada, entre tantos otros lugares del hermoso sur que nos llevaste a conocer, gracias papá por todo el tiempo que nos diste cada día de tu vida, estoy muy agradecido de haberte tenido a mi lado hasta los 23 años de mi vida, y que después de 11 años siga cada uno de estos recuerdos en mi vida y que cada una de tus enseñanzas sigan en mi corazón y las pueda transmitir a tus nietas y así ellas a sus hijos... #foreverdaddysgirl #love #family

Happy Birthday & Happy Fathers Day to the best man I know❤️.
I literally tear up just thinking about the kind of dad you are. Girmie You are simply my LIGHT...you brighten my whole life up with a simple phone call from you. You are the definition of selfless, dedicated, hardworking and LOVING. Walking me down the aisle or the first time you saw me in my dress or how you called the next morning after our wedding to tell me how that was the best day of your life will forever be one of my favorite moments. Thank you will never be enough...but working on giving you the world sometime soon. #foreverdaddysgirl

Happy birthday Dad! I miss you more than you will ever know 😔... #ForeverDaddysGirl

La jente va y viene, but us....we’ll be here for each other forever. Thank you viejito for creating my best friends, Thank you tambien for giving us an opportunity at a better life @mr_ortiz27 I appreciate you and love you so much ❤️ I hope you’re proud of what you created cause we sure work hard to make you proud.
#foreverdaddysgirl #westuckwitheachother #siblings #iwasholdibgabottle #itwasntmine 👀 #icanttellwhositwas #shellkillme #bloodforlife #strikeapose #iwasalwaysready

Long gone are the days of buying you ties for your birthday. Here you are turning 60.... you are the hardest working man I know... came here illegally as a teenager all alone with a kindergarten education.. you came searching for the American dream.. you worked the fields picking grapes and worked your ass off.. you showed me what hard work is and how you cherish the little things. You striked fear with a single look and rarely showed emotion... you are my hero.. happy birthday daddy!!! #happybirthdaydad #happybirthday #60thbirthday #myhero #foreverdaddysgirl #radiernation #americandream

Happy Birthday Daddy 💙 another special day celebrated without you here 😔💔 my heart still aches everyday. I love and miss you so much 💙
#ForeverDaddysGirl #MyTrueLove #MyFirstLove #MyWorld #MyHero #MySoulmate #Pops

Dad ❤️👴🏿 #foreverdaddysgirl

I hope you got my love notes daddy... #daddysgirl #fathersday #imissyou

Late post from yesterday!! Love my dad to pieces #foreverdaddysgirl and i guess my mom and sis are alright too

I was so proud to give my dad this double picture frame for Father's Day. The top features a pic of him & me at age 6; the bottom a pic of him & my daughter who is now 6. In both pics, he's proudly holding up trophies that we've earned, always the cheerleader. My dad has been supporting his girls for generations (literally), and it's because of him that we are driven to achieve. Thank, Pops. I'd be honored to be even half the parent you've been. #foreverdaddysgirl #fatherday2018

My secret keeper, most of the time my very own ‘isumbong mo kay Tulfo..’ #eddieboy #foreverdaddysgirl

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