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Fab day at the GPC British qualifiers at performance fitness eastbourne- managed to achieve a pb on every lift but super happy with my 4th attempt deadlift of 160kg which was a 10kg pb 😬

1) 5 x 300 kg hip thrust 2) 8,5 nordic hamstring raise

Ive been cutting (dieting) for a whole month now. I lost 8 pounds so far. I have 12 weeks left. Today I hit a new PR on an empty stomach and that proved that it’s mind over matter. The energy was amazing with my squad @abraham_diesel @duracy__ @scla_flaco.r20 @reallifeofpablo @chuyfreshco the hype was too real and I picked this bitch up! 275lbs for 1 💪🏼😍☝🏼 thank you lord of the gainz and thank you @beastmodejones @pumpchasers for your meal plan 😊 #gwpl #powerlifting #powerliftingwomen #powerlifter #deadlift #deadlifts #deadlifting #strongwomen #girlswholift #inzerbelt #foreverbelt #newrm #repmax #gymfit #fitfam #fitspo #iifym #iliftmorethanyourboyfriend #quads #pumpchasers

Day 3... this program hasn’t killed me just yet.. worked up to 205 for 1x5 followed buy 235 for a set of 4 , these lighter than expected so I went up to 250x4.. all in all a decent day

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