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unbe•leaf•able🌸 #foreveraflowerchild

#happymayday 🌹🌷🌺🌼🌻🌸💐

My mom has always called me her flower child, starting to understand why 🌻🌷🌼🌺🌹💁🏼 #ForeverAFlowerChild #FlowerGarden #Colorado

leaving the corporate world for the afternoon to fulfill my childhood dreams of being an elementary school art teacher.
when i'm volunteering to teach art at my son's school and he asks me to 'wear something cool' i try to deliver. hopefully he's down with vintage orange polyester. (feelin like i straight up stepped out of one of our catalogs from 1972..).
#foreveraflowerchild #queenofthelonghairs

Big big big BIIIIIG thank you to everyone who reached out to wish me a happy birthday!!! Especially these ladies ((and everyone else not pictured)) who came out to celebrate with me for my birthday!! It was so much fun and getting to squeeze you all made my day that much better!!! Not sure what I did to get to call so many amazing souls friends, but I don't ever want it to change. ✨💕♐️✌🏼️🌻 Love you all! #foreveraflowerchild

Roomy vibes💜💙🌻🐘 #foreveraflowerchild

Got to spend some time in a familiar place this weekend with my wedding florist... there's nothing like the smell of a flower refrigerator!!! So many memories 😚 @lyndsdb_324 🌸❤🌻🌿🌷#foreveraflowerchild


unbe•leaf•able🌸 #foreveraflowerchild

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