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Sekilas kenangan yang menjadi salah satu dari sekian banyak bahan bakar kehidupan
Tak akan terlepas ingatan ini dari masa lalu
English Department '12
#forever12 #fib #uns #life

В этот день я стала счастливее, а просто потому что поздравили все близкие и любимые ♥️ Спасибо!
#основноеместособытий😏 #forever12

RIP BRI💜 #forever12

Happy birthday to this little shit, hope you have a good day today #nolongera12vie #forever12

Ashlyn it's been one year without you it's been really hard without you with us everyone is showing your support and showing your legacy by wearing angels for Ashlyn close Sweek some of her friends went to the place where she got hit in time balloons and to the place she took this picture right here this picture was the day before she died with her mom and her went on a walk the next day after they tied the balloons her mom went to take a picture of the balloons at the exact time she was here at 7:40 The balloon to work there and a bunch of weird energy trucks were the balloons got loose and hit the power lines in the power was out in the whole neighborhood it was a sign from Ashy on the work the day before she died her and her mom were talking about getting duck because ashy really wanted a duck for a pet and they got done with the walk-through went back home they told their dad about the duck their dad thought they were crazy so it was a no I'm getting the dark ones Shannon started doing a lively's when her friend showed her how Shannon told that story a couple days later Shannon went t Ashlyn's grave and guess what was there a stuffed animal duck 🦆 Shannon still does live fleas to this day and she shows the slideshows does giveaways she just tells stories about Ashlyn and she shows Ashlyn's pictures, drawings, diarys, all of Ashlyn's stuff some people think that AngelsforAshlyn is just a way that Shannon is doing to make money off her daughters death but it's not that showing the legacy into way to help other people she doesn't really make money off of her daughter stuff she uses the money like she makes put it in a bank account when someone needs help like Camdin did she will use that money to help others Ashlyn would be happy that she's helping others she always liked to do that when she was here she also would be happy that she has a clothing line named after her because she loved fashion we all miss Ashlyn some of you don't even know her and you miss her but we need to stay strong and keep the legacy going be a Fruitloop in a world of Cheerios😇💙💙💘😍😍😘#AngelsforAshlyn #forever12

figured this was necessary 🤷🏼‍♀️ #touristaf #fuckamerica #forever12

¿Tienes un dia intenso? Haz que tu labial dure todo el día con nuestros labiales de larga duración #Forever12

In that last picture I look 12... And that's really because I'm 12... 😌 12 at heart! ♥️ #forever12


And this was the time three 30+ year olds dug a massive hole... Then I got buried in it with a #shiteatinggrin on my face 🏖#productivity#workandtravel#norestforthewicked#forever12#mirissa#srilanka#buriedalive#travel#backpacking#peterpan#ladsontour#beachthings

Rest Up Marv 😔🙏#forever12

Damn lil bro I miss you a fucking lot🤦🏽‍♂️still ain’t stop crying yet my eyes dead ass red🙁I woke up at 6 asking my moma “is Marvin really gone” when she said he inna better place I started crying my heart out been up since I can’t tell nobody how I feel cause they not gon understand 💔But Good morning Marvin Ima ball fa you🙁 #LongLiveMarv #Forever12 #dt 🌎🔐

. 谢谢你们 人不在 但心还在 💖

#EXO #EXOK #EXOL #EXOM #엑소 #엑소사랑하자 #weareone #forever12 #LuckyToHaveEXO #Promise #边伯贤 #백현 #Baekhyun @baekhyunee_exo

RIP lil cuz Marvin😫it so sad man u used to always make yo way to my house 😓 #Forever12 #RipMarvin

B.I.H marv🙏🏾 you will be missed by me @baankrollkey
@_detroitlaiii @marvinsworld._ @_baddie.tee
And many more get well soon Honesty all our prayers go out to you and ur mom and marv GET WELL SOON‼️‼️💔💔😭💯

LOOK HOW CUTE HE WAS 😍🤤 #forever12

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