Happy 🌲 Tuesday. Here is one of the thousands of photos I took in Portland of trees. Forest Park is amazing 🤗 #forest #forestpark #oregon #treetuesday #treesofinstagram #trees🌳 #treetuesday🌲 #portlandoregon #lensflare #googlepixel2 #branchesandsky #branches

all the pretty wedding details. I’m a sucker for them.

August 2016 - a quick trip to Portland and checking out the gorgeous ForestPark.

Returned to the site of one of my favorite photos all year - this time via @boathousepaddleco canoe - with a very special guest, my mom. We continued celebrating her 72nd with a paddle through #ForestPark, dinner at @BoathouseStL and capped it off singing Auld Lang Syne with the cast and crew of #MeetMeinStLouis at @TheMuny’s final performance of its centennial season.
The paddle was delightful, the dinner delicious, if rushed (our fault, not theirs) and the musical was mostly horrible (I could write a book about what was wrong with that adaptation), but the night was unforgettable. Turns out even the worst plays - the worst I’ve seen in a decade - can be made better with good company, fabulous fireworks and a rousing sing-a-long.
No, I will not allow the butchery of our fair city’s favorite film - on our own beloved stage no less - take away from the magic of cruising on to the #GrandBasin and catching the sun setting on the #StLouisArtMuseum, it’s reflections rippling on the water. Still, I sincerely hope the last performance of #TheMuny’s 100th Season marks the last time that adaptation sees the light of day.
In the theater’s off season, I invite you all to rewatch the beloved classic - now streaming on @filmstruck - and soak in the splendor of what remains of the 1904 World’s Fair - as reverently revived by @forestparkforever. The best memories are worth revisiting.

The worse anyone could think of during a hike would be a storm. You're just stuck on a middle ground with nowhere to go. Not even the flag 🇵🇰 we attached was happy about it, I guess 🤔

Gypsy life. As much as it's beautiful to look at, I'm not sure I want to live like this. Blessed to be who I am right now 🙏❤️

My ride back home 🐴 🏇 🏡

Hmm 🤔 Will have to think twice before getting in there but probably won't mind the looks if it's comfy inside 🎪 🛏 😴

Got my models right on the spot for the perfect pose 💃🕺

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