Early autumn woodland floor 🍁I love this time of year! Happy Friday everyone, thanks for all the new follows this week - and for your participation on my stories; feeling the love ✨#autumn #nature #woodland #naturelovers #walkies #beststarttotheday

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Piece of the moment:

Independence? That's middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth. (Quote by - George Bernard Shaw)💧 #brycecanyon #natureporn #mountainguide #grandtetonnationalpark #treetopadventure #paddleboarding #outdoorsmen #walkingday #mountainlake #canyonlands #nature_photography #campingwithdogs #naturelife #scenery #outdoortraining #trails #hikingboots #tree_captures #mountainclimbing #mountainlovers #explorers #hikinglove #forestbathing #triparoundtheworld #middleofnowhere #nationalparkservice #goplaces

Glorious autumn colours are now coming into view all across Bedgebury Pinetum 🍁🍂.
Check out these beautiful winged spindle (Euonymus alatus) in Dallimore Valley when you are next in the Pinetum! .
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Definately well worth the winding gravelly road down into Pyengana to St Columbia falls, one of the longest multi tier waterfalls in #tassie #tasmania #forestbathing #stcolumbiafalls #waterfalls #waterfallsofinstagram #nature #naturewalk #ferns

🐝 🌱 🥑 🐺 So what is so strange about saying I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to reconstruct and reform this nation so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? I want the country to survive. I want the country to succeed. (Quote by - Rush Limbaugh)

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Thank you : brightcamping
Your photos are really adorable...

A lot is shifting right now. Many changes have emerged for me since the Summer Solstice, most bringing deep connection, love, and joy. Yet, with any change, challenges can unfold as we are learning new rhythms and ways of being. Speaking with my community, it feels like this summer has been A LOT for many of us. Busy with work projects, deepening into our healing of self, travel, the always present political upheaval - the Sun energy has been powerful, and brought about much new growth, but wow, it’s been a lot!
Here we are, facing the start of a new cycle, the Fall Equinox. How can we root ourselves during this time of transition after such a busy season of growth and change? How can we harvest the seeds of all of our hard work since the last equinox in spring, so we can move with intention towards the medicine of the darkness that winter brings? What are we looking to shift in ourselves, in our communities, and in our world?
I’m honored to be co-facilitating a daylong nature immersion at Mount Tam to celebrate the Fall Equinox with my dear friend @erincaitlinsweeney. This Saturday, 9/22 we will be guided to move inward and reflect on this past season as we learn to listen to what is ready to be released and what is ready to emerge as we deepen our connection with the land we call home. Please join us on this beautiful mountain surrounded by the ocean, bay, forests, hills, and so much life. We can peak at the modern world from a distance as the San Francisco skyline is always in view, but this sacred land allows so much spaciousness to welcome this transition from Summer into Fall with clarity, grace, and ease.
DM with any questions! Link in bio to join! 🌿🌊✨

💜 The Magick of Lavender 💜
Lavender was my Grandmother's smell.
It is the smell of my maternal lineage.
Every time the scent reaches my nose, I am taken back into her arms, I am tiny, she is bouncing me on her knee, she sees me, she guides me, we are op-shopping, we are adventuring, we are reading together, we are drinking tea, we are munching on biscuits.
I was incredibly close with my Grandmother ~ my mother and I lived with her for the majority of my childhood...
She was an amazing woman - strong, intelligent, determined, powerful, creative.
She inspires me to write.
She inspires me to paint.
Her passing in 2012 was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening.
Yesterday I came across her old apron while searching for @forestnanny play materials in my garage...
I dug out my sewing kit and darned the holes, restitched the straps, and brought it back to life... It now hangs in my kitchen, offering me nudges of inspiration to delve into some culinary creativity like Gran and I used to do when I was young.
I am so grateful to have so many memories of this wonderful woman; she has influenced my life in so many ways...
Thinking of you, Gran 💜
Always stopping to smell the Lavender & feeling your love forever in my heart. 💜

Some places are not like the others. Enchanted forest deep in the woods.

🦋 I asked one of my Oracle Decks to offer me an animal blessing for the launch of forest.magick, and the Butterfly of Transformation jumped right out:
From my own Animal Spirit Message notes, Butterfly represents:
Lightness of Being.
Renewal, Rebirth.
Spiritual growth.
Soul's journey.
The Dance of Life.
Feeling like I am just emerging after a brutal chrysalis experience of the last 6 or so months; I resonate with this message deeply.
Traumatically torn apart and rebuilt from the inside out.... Redirected from the life I thought I would be living to the one that is now taking shape as a result of this incredibly challenging journey ~ still wriggling out of my cocoon a little more each day, still slightly uncertain if my wings are ready to carry me, I am preparing to launch into a new life...
I am excited to connect with like-minded souls as I embark upon this new, decidedly spiritual path... I am ready to see where this new ability to fly will take me....
Thank you for joining me here as I shake off the final dregs of the me I have been, and step up into my personal power to decide who I now consciously choose to be. 🙏🦋

Forest bathing is essentially where you immerse yourself in Mother Nature. The positive effects are so profound. It calms the monkey mind, we feel more at peace with ourselves and the moment. We don’t feel as rushed in the moment. The exposure to fresh crisp mountain ⛰ air, green vibrant colors and sunlight are so damn good for your skin and eyes. Hopefully you can get out in Nature this weekend and explore!! Your mind, body and soul will thank you ;) 🙏⛰💚

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