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It’s St. Patrick’s Day. Here are two cases involving a shamrock and a four-leaf clover (there is a difference!)
☘️ [Shamrock] In October of 2017, police in Maine released a description of a man suspected of killing his ex-girlfriend when he climbed through her window and shot her. Included in his description was “two very noticeable tattoos on the back of his hands, a shamrock or clover on his left hand and the word “Outlaw” on his right”. (Photo 1-Shamrock tattoo on suspect’s hand) 🍀[Four-leaf Clover] In September of 2013, a fisherman found the body of a male along the Missouri River. In a bid to identify the body, police released information about his tattoos, which included a four leaf clover and the letters Ca on the lower portion of his back. The body was eventually identified and Christopher Rielly. (Photo 2-Body sheet indicating tattoo locations of Rielly before he was identified). #tattoo #tattoos #identity #ink #inked #stpatricksday #forensics #forensicscience #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

So. Many. Cases. Tattooed, unidentified bodies found in the garbage, by the side of a road, floating in a body of water, in a wooded area...Maybe the tattoos will be released to the public, maybe they won’t. Maybe some will be identified, maybe some won’t. Maybe a crime will be solved. And maybe not...These are the cases that I think about. That I want to see come to an end—a positive ID and a cold case solved... Spread the word. @forensic_tattoo is doing it. Photos: Google Images. #goodmorning #saturday #weekend #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #science #art #love #nyc #forensics #forensic #forensicscience #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Found this in my “archives” and I don’t think I ever posted it...As far as I know, the body has not yet been identified. ▪️According to news reports, the body (described as that of an Asian male ranging in his 20’s-40’s) was found in Lake Michigan (Chicago) in June of 2015. Based on the tattoos, it is believed that the decedent has some connection to Ohio (the Buckeyes logo, “Cleveland 216” and “Rubber City Boy 330”). ▪️Anyone from Ohio out there? Or Chicago? Have you heard about this case? Has the person been identified yet? Diagram/Photos: Cook County Medical Examiner. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #art #chicago #ohio #nyc #identity #forensics #forensic #science #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

⚓️The Adult Temporary Tattoo⚓️ It was only a matter of time before adult temporary tattoos became front page news... although in this case, it’s all about the typo...So adult temporary tattoos are gaining steam—no longer a music festival, runway fashion, or music video trend, these tattoos are being advertised more and companies are advertising themselves as adult temporary tattoo manufacturers/distributors. 🧐So, of course, I am looking into these types of tattoos—one question I am asking is whether or not there will be the potential for investigators or forensic pathologists to misidentify these temporary tattoos as real (“permanent”) designs. [Stay tuned for my research!]. ⚓️So what do you think about adult temporary tattoos? Are you ready for the mainstream adult temporary tattoo phase? #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #fashion #art #forensic #forensicscience #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

While I was in Seattle I found a shop that had some amazing scrimshaw. ⚓️Scrimshaw is the carving of designs into bone, teeth or ivory. Scrimshaw is believed to have begun on whaling ships to pass time—whalers, seamen and sailors would carve designs into the bone or teeth using sailing needles (or any narrow, sharpened object that could be found on a ship) and rub pigments into the pattern (most often black, carbon-based soot). ⚓️Sound familiar? It has been hypothesized that scrimshaw was a precursor to tattooing—that’s a reasonable hypothesis—run out of whale bone, so time to carve into your shipmate’s skin. It is more likely that the (better) artists were able to perfect their designs on bone and then over time pass these designs into skin using similar tools and pigments. The impetus? Could have been inspiration from observing the tattooed natives of far-away lands, a way to pass time, or boredom (idle hands…). ⚓️Either way, the designs observed in scrimshaw, many of which have a maritime theme (sailors and ships), eventually became popular in ‘traditional’ tattooing. ⚓️The scrimshaw above are more modern versions—note the detail! #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #history #art #design #black #white #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Picking up all kinds of amazing books this week! Even better when you know the author (and get it signed). Always proud of friends doing big things and so happy to finally be able to show my support. #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks #forensicscience #tattoos #mycarryonisgonnaweighaton

Microscopic image of a brown tattoo ink—this is a thick drop of ink on a microscope slide—as it air dried, the fracture pattern above was produced 🔬PLM, 100x mag.
#tattoo #tattoos #ink #microscope #forensicscience #science #chemistry #art #research #brown #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

New year, new research projects. This is a variety of henna products obtained directly from India...Soon to be prepped for chemical analyses. Anyone out there use henna or have any experiences with henna? #henna #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #forensic #forensicscience #science #chemistry #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Tattoos in the News... In 2015, a graphic seventeen minute video on a seized Go Pro captured the gang rape of a teenage girl in Australia. The victim was reportedly given a spiked drink and subsequently filmed being sexually assaulted by various men while in and out of consciousness.▪️Officers stumbled on the footage after the Go Pro had been discovered and seized during a vehicle search incident upon an unrelated vandalism arrest. ▪️After uncovering the footage, it took investigators months to track down the victim (she had not reported the rape and did not remember the incident when she was finally identified and interviewed) and her alleged rapists. Watching the video in an effort to find clues, investigators focused on the tattoos of the perpetrators, which eventually became critical to determining their identities. One of the tattoos—a bulldog—was noticed during a review of the video, leading investigators to search social media in an effort to try to find the “unique” tattoo design. ▪️Eventually, the bulldog tattoo seen on one of the men in the video was matched to a man on social media who had posted photos of himself getting the bulldog tattooed on his leg. Other men caught on film were subsequently identified by their tattoos (see photo above of one of the men who was convicted). ▪️Some of the men were found guilty in 2017 of various charges for their role in assault, with some of the men being sentenced as recently as last week. It is reported that there were at least seven men present, with at least four men seen on video assaulting the victim. Charges ranged from sexual intercourse without consent (for those seen on video assaulting the victim); to aggravated sexual assault in company (for those present/filming). #tattoo #tattoos #ink #forensic #forensicscience #crime #law #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Tattoos in the news... News outlets are reporting that late last week, the top media regulator in China (the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China [SAPPRFT]) banned hip-hop culture and actors with tattoos from appearing on television. ▪️According to translations of a report from a Chinese news outlet, the SAPPRFT “specifically requires that programs should not feature actors with tattoos [or depict] hip hop culture, sub-culture (non-mainstream culture) and dispirited culture (decadent culture).” The above photo shows a translated excerpt of the report released by Gao Changli, the director of the administration’s publicity department. ▪️If this were to happen in another country (your country), how would you feel about tattooed celebrities (and tattooed people in general) being banned from television and described as “obscene” and “having no class”? ▪️Would you miss any tattooed actors, musicians or tattooing shows? (Or not miss any?) ▪️What do you think would be the punishment for a tv station featuring a tattooed individual now that this ban is in place?▪️[Disclaimer: according to the media reports in English, the actual government report has not been officially released and the Chinese news outlet mentioned above that is serving as the primary source is likely the basis for the English translations—in other words, there are limitations on the information/translation presented as there appears to be only one major source—if there is anyone following from China, any info. or clarification would be greatly appreciated!] #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #news #forensic #forensicscience #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Tattoos, murder, and history. On January 18, 1778 [240 years ago today], Captain James Cook was credited with becoming the first European to discover the Hawaiian Islands. In February of 1779, during his third trip to Hawaii, Cook was murdered amid tensions between the explorers and the natives... Ten years before his death, in 1769, Cook navigated his ship, the H.M.S. Endeavour, to Tahiti. It was here that Cook observed the practice of tattooing, which he documented in his journal. Cook has thus been credited with introducing the word tattoo into the English language. His journal reads, “Both sexes paint their body’s Tattow as it is called in their language, this is done by inlaying the Colour of Black under their skins in such a manner as to be indelible...” Cook continues his journal entry with descriptions of the designs and locations of such marks on the body. The practice was also documented by Joseph Banks, who was traveling on the ship with Cook. Banks included a description of the ink and how it was made by the native Tahitians. The second photo above is of early tattoo tools (taken from my visit to the Bishop Museum in Hawaii). #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #history #hawaii #tahiti #book #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Unique methods of tattoo removal... In 2016, a former gang member testified that back in 2012 he had been kidnapped and tortured by fellow gang members. The witness testified that he was beaten, shot at, injected with “a lethal dose” of heroin and attempts were made to remove his tattoos with an industrial belt sander. The tattoo was reported to be a gang tattoo located on the victim’s left upper arm. The suspect (pictured above), whose 24 charges included attempted aggravated murder, was described as a gang “enforcer” and allegedly made statements that he believed the victim was dead when he dumped the body after the torture. The suspect was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to 55 years in prison. ▪️Tattoo removal methods have varied over time—before laser removal, mechanical methods (such as scraping and sanding) were not uncommon. Another method that was relatively common was excision (cutting out the tattoo). These “crude” methods are still practiced today, although not as much as laser removal. On occasion a story makes the news in which someone sanded away or cut out their tattoo (see some of my earlier posts). Chemical methods are also still used (again, see my earlier posts)—what has changed over time is the chemicals used for such treatments. ▪️For more info, check out chapter 3 of my book—Tattoo Modification, Removal and Detection. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #forensic #forensics #forensicscience #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Tattoo history! The above images are sketches of prisoner tattoos observed by a prison doctor in Copenhagen. The sketches were part of a 1902 article entitled “Tattoo Identification” and were based on the doctor’s examination of 1,000 tattoos from male prisoners. Many studies like this were common in the 1800s and 1900s—individuals with access to prisoners or psychiatric patients (doctors, wardens, pathologists, researchers, etc.) would document tattoos and provide statistical information related to their observations. The sketches would vary in detail and quality-some were traced directly from the tattoo design while others may have been drawn hastily or had details added from memory at a later date. In this study, the author focuses and reports on the types of tattoos he observed on a select group of inmates—he reports that tattoos included names or initials (of the person and/or loved ones), place and date of birth, military emblems and professional emblems (see the series of photos above). Professional emblems would indicate the profession or trade of the wearer—from baker to fishmonger to butcher to forger to carpenter to sommelier—each had a variety of designs that were indicative of the person’s skill or trade. Such information could be useful for investigations—a body with the wearer’s initials, birthdate, mistress’ name and profession could potentially go a long way in identifying the individual should they be found deceased...Can you correlate the above tattoo designs to their profession? #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #history #art #drawing #sketch #forensic #forensicscience #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Police in Maryland are requesting help to identify a body found on Thursday on a street in Waldorf, MD. The victim is described as a black female with a cherub/angel tattoo on her left shoulder blade (second photo) and a tattoo resembling an Asian character on her left* inside wrist (third photo). The death is reportedly suspicious and is being investigated as a homicide. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos is not the best, but anyone with information should contact the Charles County Sheriff’s Office. Photos: Charles County Sheriff’s Office (Maryland). *Note: Reports vary regarding the location of this tattoo—some report left wrist while other sources are reporting the right wrist. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #forensic #forensicscience #police #law #identity #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Tattoos in the News...
Thai police arrested Shigeharu Shirai, a Japanese Yakuza boss, who has been on the run for 15 years for the 2003 murder of a gang rival in Japan. Shirai was identified after pictures of his tattoos went viral on Facebook. The photos, taken in Thailand by a man who was unaware of Shirai’s identity, show Shirai without a shirt playing a board game with a group of men and was interested in his tattoos. Shirai’s elaborate tattoos, covering his entire back and chest in traditional Japanese style, were subsequently photographed by the bystander and posted online. Japanese police became aware of the photos and Thai police arrested Shirai, who will be extradited to Japan for prosecution. It was also reported that Shirai is missing part of his little finger, which may have been done as a form of gang punishment common to the Yakuza. Photos: เทพฤทธิ์ อินทร์จันทร์. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #irezumi #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Tattoos in the News—Tattoos as a tool for identification and individualization...Police are currently looking for Robert C. Wooten for a series of armed robberies in Texas. Described as having”distinctive tattoos,” Wooten has been identified by his victims during his criminal acts largely because of his tattoos. What makes Wooten’s facial tattoos interesting and unique? The one across his forehead is his social security number and the one across his neck (throat) represents his area code... making identification a fairly easy task. #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #forensic #forensicscience #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Happy New Year! Wishing you a safe start to the new year and a great 2018. Thanks for spending 2017 here with me—I am looking forward to sharing more tattoos, forensic science, crime scenes and randomness with you this year! #happynewyear #thankful #goodmorning #blackandwhite #black #skull #science #forensic #skull #tattoo #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

👓Get out your 3D glasses! (It’s cool. I’ll wait...). As you may remember from an earlier post, I went to see Ötzi “The Iceman” this summer at the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano, Italy (see earlier post for some historical background—Ötzi is over 5300 years old and tattooed—providing evidence of the duration and persistence of tattooing). 👓Check out www.icemanphotoscan.eu.
This site has three major educational components based on the hard work and time of researchers—the first project, “Zoom” provides detailed, high resolution photos of Ötzi and allows you to zoom in on his body. The second project is “Tattoos,” which provides high resolution photos of Ötzi’s tattoos. The tattoo project also allows you to view the tattoos with ultraviolet (UV) light. The third project, “3D Images” provides a three-dimensional view of Ötzi. 👓So grab some 3D glasses and watch as Ötzi comes alive! [Museum website (in English): www.iceman.it/en/]. #tattoo #tattoos #tattooed #skull #bones #skeleton #mummy #ink #inked #museum #forensic #forensicscience #science #archaeology #3d #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

Tattoos in the news— tattoos and sentencing. ▪️THE CRIME▪️In October of 2017, Scott Sargent was found guilty of several charges from an incident that occurred in 2015 when Sargent opened fire on police in a Walmart parking lot. Yesterday, Sargent was sentenced to 179-358 years in prison (five counts of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer as well as assault, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment and harassment convictions). ▪️THE TATTOO▪️When Sargent showed up to the courtroom for sentencing, he has a new tattoo which was revealed in court. This tattoo, apparently obtained while awaiting sentencing, is located on his forearm and features a skull above a graveyard with the names of the officers he tried to kill on five tombstones. The prosecutor announced the presence and nature of the tattoo in court during the sentencing hearing and presented photos of the tattoo to the court in an effort to use the tattoo towards his sentence. ▪️In this case, the tattoo became the focal point of the sentencing phase (unlike the Hernandez case, in which tattoos were important during the trial phase—see my earlier posts)...Should tattoos play a role in sentencing? Does it depend on the circumstance and the ability to “interpret” the tattoo? What do you think? #tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #forensic #forensics #forensicscience #crime #truecrime #police #law #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

☄️Planet or Tattoo Ink? ☄️
This is a tattoo ink viewed under a polarized light microscope (PLM) at 100x magnification. ☄️Based on these photos, what pigments do you think are in this tattoo ink? ☄️Consider the pigments you see, and now try to determine what color the tattoo ink actually is when viewed in the bottle/packaging...
#tattoo #tattoos #ink #inked #microscope #forensic #forensicscience #science #chemistry #art #photography #beautiful #beauty #red #yellow #moon #forensicanalysisoftattoosandtattooinks

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