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Happy Birthday to Robert E. Howard, born January 22nd 1906.
Creator of Conan, Red Sonja, Soloman Kane, Kull and many other great stories.
Here is a fascinating Conan series from Mexico. They existed only in legend for many years.
Only recently the internet was finally able to find enough copies to properly document them. Starting in 1952, the Mexican publisher Joma had been publishing Conan comics under the title "La Reina de la Costa Negra." It began in a small digest sized anthology. In 1958 they published the first solo volume in a oversized magazine format. The second volume was published in 1966. This was the first standard comic size. Pictured here is the first issue of that 1966 series. These books are so incredibly scarce that up until 4 years ago, no one even knew what this first issue looked like. Currently there are now 3 known copies to exist. The first sold as a "buy it now" for $500. The second copy sold at auction for $6000. The price of the third copy has not been disclosed but it was a private sale and rumored to have sold for $$,$$$. #robertehoward #conan #redsonja #lareinadelacostanegra #foreigncomics #foreigncomiccollectors #joma #mexicancomics #comicbooks #comics

I love these mash-up swipe covers. You find these all over the world but this one is from Mexico. The girl in the back is Vampirella from the cover of issue 51. The vampire in front is Christopher Lee. I don't know if that was drawn from a photo or swiped from another monster magazine. Anyone recognize it?

#christopherlee #dracula #hammerhorror #hammerfilms #foreigncomics #foreigncomiccollectors #horrorcomics #monstermagazine

X-Men No.1
Publisher GEP, Brazil 1968.

#xmen #comics #marvel #gibi #revista #foreigncomics #foreigncomiccollector

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