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Improvements are coming for the holiday weekend! Dry for outdoor plans Sat/Sun with seasonal temps. Rain chance Monday #weather #forecast #boston

😎Entrando de cabeça no final de semana com nosso embaixador Donavon Frankenreiter. 😂

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#TwinFlame #Energy #Forecast 22nd - 28th May: “Revelations”
Secrets From Love Past Rear Their Heads... Obsession Rules Relationships. Plus, The Surprising Effects Of Trying To Make Love Work When One Partner's Heart is Closed.❤️❤️🔥🔥
We have a powerful #NewMoon in #Gemini today - as the sign of the Twins, Gemini's wisdom is there are always two sides to a story. We're given the opportunity to start afresh now: Remember that you are your Twin and they are you - separation is the human paradigm of illusion. As souls you're never apart. Don't dismiss any resistance from your other self in this period - instead, use it to understand what is happening inside *you*.
Widen your connection by attempting to step into your Twin's perspective. How are you, from their point of view? How are your intentions and feelings affecting *them*? This can be very fruitful now. To take full advantage of this, begin meeting your Twin on the astral planes regularly, using the Free Alpha Level #Meditation at link in bio.
As Venus squares Pluto retrograde May 25th there’s set to be passion in love but really it deals with the re-ignition of the past. Obsessive degree passion regarding either a past phase of a relationship or about someone you used to be with. It could be someone feeling this way about you without you realizing it… Pluto deals with all things hidden, so an indication for this time is you’re finally set to discover a secret from the past of your relationship, or something underlying that's been a block in your heart. Key is, you have been unaware of it so far. In essence, the connection between heart and sexuality doesn't flow smoothly right now and it's rooted in a past imbalance. You and your Twin Flame are likely to be on different wavelengths in your connection. Sexuality may feel blocked. Spirit shows us that once the heart is opened and energy can flow smoothly - any other issues will swiftly be rectified. A closed heart is one of the most energetically limiting conditions we can find. It blocks us from our true power and keeps us from fully enjoying our lives while we’re here on earth... Go to link in bio to read the full forecast 🙏🏻❤️

Gorgeous day in Miami. Be safe out there. Remember the reason for the weekend! 🇺🇸#thankyousurfing

Today's forecast: 100% chance of wine. Cause it's the end of the week end cheatmeal🍷🖤

🙃😂😩We've been through some s%^+ this weekend and it will be all on the blog soon but we played Never Have I Ever in the car 🚗 to pass the time! #youtubesoon #vlog #campingmistakes

This weekend's forecast... PARTY with a chance of rain!
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Don't be BLUE! The May GRAY isn't here to stay! 🌬⛅️@fox5sandiego
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29 МАЯ, понедельник
🌒 5-й лунный день с 09:55 (ЕКБ) до 11:09 (ЕКБ) следующего дня
♌ Луна в знаке Льва
☝ В этот день лучше всего планировать какие-то перемены в жизни. День более благоприятен для людей, способных всё взвесить и обдумать, чем для людей легкомысленных - им, скорее всего, в этот день не повезёт. В этот день всё удаётся, если только вы проявите творческую активность, будете стремиться к достижению поставленной цели.
👊🏻 Этот день можно назвать днем проверки верности принципам. Отстаивайте свои убеждения – это удастся с блеском. Если придётся постоять за честь и достоинство другого человека – не сомневайтесь, вас должны понять правильно, потому что правда на вашей стороне.
💼 Начинать новые дела сегодня не стоит, предпочтительнее завершить начатое. Партнёры, клиенты, руководство, коллеги сегодня не будут склонны к компромиссам.
🍀 В питании сегодня следует соблюдать баланс – ни переедать, ни голодать сегодня нельзя. Прием пищи животного происхождения лучше ограничить. Полезно принимать травяные отвары. Считается, что болезни, которые дают о себе знать в этот день, нельзя игнорировать – в противном случае, последствия могут быть весьма печальны.
👫 Сегодня можно и нужно проявлять эмоции и чувства, это будет вполне уместно, и вас поймут правильно. Скажем больше - вторая половина лунного дня очень подходит для любовных свиданий.
✨ Обратите внимание на свои сны, они могут принести интересную информацию. Очень хорошо, если сегодня вы плачете во сне — это значит, что происходит очищение организма, приведение его в порядок. Если сны связаны с дорогой, движением — всё благополучно. Если же снится какая-либо неприятность — непременно займитесь своим здоровьем.
Центр йоги Нараяна
☎ 8 (343) 253-74-73
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#Weather #forecast looks dry for #edinburgh #marathon #running #edinburghmarathon #emf2017 #bbcweather today 😀🌥 for my day out with viv

Big blob of rainy cloud 💦💦

The meaning of the old saying, 'where there is smoke, there is fire' is self-evident. If you're in the #hailselfie business and you see this swath of severe storm activity in store for Sunday (compliments of @hailpoint), you know there will be some interesting storm stories told after tomorrow.

If your home or destination falls under the red or magenta areas on the map, take extreme caution if the skies begin to look ominous. And for safety's sake, remember that those pesky hailstorms are often the telltale spawn of tornadic storm systems (bad stuff). Take care, and take cover.

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Can't believe this is our last weekend in Agonda for a while @bepeco @sukhasana.bkk @gen.erationyoga, @alec_santosha & Mari! Living it up in style @harmonium_resorts #agonda #paradise #sun #sea #sand and a cheeky #beer on the side #workhardplayhard #beerbelly #naanready #endofseason #yogalife #india #amazingindia #forecast = #sunny

Rainy ☔️ #forecast

Well, in Connecticut it looks like Sunday there is a chance of a few isolated showers ⛅️ ☂️.....the high will be around 73 degrees...I wouldn't cancel any plans outdoors!! 😃 Monday is a different story, however, it looks like there is an 80% chance of rain ☔️make sure to wear your rain gear...🙁Happy Memorial Day!! 🇺🇸 Thank you for tuning in!! 😜#weather #forecast #showers #memorialdayweekend

#campingtip ➡️ This is the #rightway to put on a cover for a tent ⛺️ Three day weekend is slowly on an ↗️ #ontheupandup #weekend #preview #캠핑

Alex Ribeiro encaixado na Indo.

#broou #embaixador #surf #forecast & #reports #app #indonesia
#Repost @alexribeiro89 (@get_repost)

Today's forecast: 100% chance of wine. Cause it's the end of the week end cheatmeal🍷🖤

"Into the great wide open
Under them skies of blue
Out in the great wide open
A rebel without a clue" - Tom Petty
Fort Pierce and my Walden. Photo be Edwood.
#florida #easternsurfmag #ilovefortpierce #littlewaves #smallwavesarebetterthannowaves #mysurfgirlmag #mysurfgirllife

Long weekend!
I have drawn 3 cards to guide my 3 day long weekend.

I will be making few major decisions over this weekend... (see following "I need your ideas" post please. I want to hear about your thoughts!! 😊) Interpretations provided by www.psychic-revelation.com. probably my most favorite tarot website so far!! 👍👍👍 Reversed #viiiofcups 💚
Work: You may be feeling a powerful urge to get out of your current work situation when you draw the reversed 8 of Cups. There is a reason why you are feeling this way; don't disregard your feelings, but at the same time you don't have to move, immediately, either. "out of frying pan, into fire," is a real danger now. Talk it over with someone you trust before making plans to go.

Reversed #iiiofwands 💙
Work: When the 3 of Wands reversed appears in the context of work, it tells us that you will be making important steps and leaps with regard to your work. You could even be preparing to start your own business in some way. In general, you can expect good things with regard to what you do. Don't be shy. Let your talents be obvious to people. Cooperate with others.

Reversed #xxitheworld 💜
Work: When you draw the World reversed, it’s a time to take stock of how well your actual achievements are lining up with your potential. Are you giving yourself enough credit? Are you even aware how much you are capable of? If you are, and you don’t feel like the people you work for or with are aware of what you can do, it’s important to make sure that the powers that be don’t “accidentally” overlook your many positive accomplishments. If you’re not sure what you are best at or where your talents truly lie, this is a time to get help. Take career and aptitude and personality tests. Ask around, investigate what other people do, and why, and how they do it. There’s a whole smorgasboard out there, but you have to know what is on the menu to be able to order it!

Go visit where I got these awesome interpretations!! :) http://www.psychic-revelation.com/reference/q_t/tarot/tarot_cards/world_reversed.html

🙃😂😩We've been through some s%^+ this weekend and it will be all on the blog soon but we played Never Have I Ever in the car 🚗 to pass the time! #youtubesoon #vlog #campingmistakes

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