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Hello weekend!! 🌞 Do you prefer the desert or the beach? 🏖

#bookmail courtesy of @jopiazzaauthor!! 😍 .
In other very insane blog news: I'm sooo honored to have been featured on @jopiazzaauthor's article about bookstagram on @Forbes!!!! 😍😭🙌🏼 Check out the article via the link in my bio!

В списке #forbes себя не нашёл 👿не порядок 😈

🌟Tag your yachting friends🌟| HAPPY FRIDAY | M/Y THE WELLESLEY | 184.38ft /56.2m | By @oceancoyacht | ⚓️✨🛳 #Yachtinglifestyle #teamYLS

Casual Friday 😎

#Ramazan öncesi #CANLIYAYIN sona erdi.

Bugünkü bültenden bazı başlıklar; *İstanbul için ilk sahur vakti 03.33 olacak. İstanbullular ilk gün 16 saat 59 boyunca oruç tutacak. *ABD'nin San Diego kentinde veliler dini ayrımcılık yapıldığı gerekçesiyle çocuklarının bulunduğu okula dava açtı. *#UNICEF nüfusu yaklaşık 25 milyon olan Mozambik'te 2 milyondan fazla yetimin olduğunu açıkladı. *Türk iş kadını Eren Özmen sıfırdan kazandığı 1, 1 milyar dolarlık servetiyle #Forbes dergisinin yeni sayısında dünyanın en zengin kadınları listesinde 16. sıraya yerleşti. *Mark Zuckerberg #Facebook için odaklandığı sırada yarıda bıraktığı Harvard Üniversitesi diplomasını 13 yıl sonra aldı.

To say it was a privilege to take this pic with @kathyireland today - is a huge understatement! Kathy is a beyond beautiful, nice, accomplished, inspirational supermodel AND business woman! 😱 #supermodel #businesswoman #destinymalibu #kissedbyanangeltour 💋❤👼🏼💙💘🌹


If you were given the opportunity to work with Taylor Swift, Celine Deon, Tory Burch or Kendra Scott and earn residual income off of their sales, would you take it?

The 2017 FORBES list of top self made woman just came out.
Our doctors ranked HIGHER in net worth than...
Celine Deon
Vera Wang
Taylor Swift
Kendra Scott
Tory Burch
And so many more.....
Their net worth is extraordinary because their products sell and are #1 in all of North America. And did you know they are giving you the right to use their brand to earn a residual income?
Do you think ANYONE above is doing that?
Don't believe me? See for yourself.

We are NOT a typical direct selling company. We were launched by Estée Lauder in high end retail. We left because of how the world now shops- ONLINE. Today over 60% of personal care products are bought online. It's social commerce with the help of passionate business owners like me. What an opportunity!!
Feeling inspired and BLESSED to have the chance to partner with these amazing women. I have got one question. What are YOU waiting for? This company is EXPLODING right now. What other proof do you need?
NO OTHER direct selling founders are on THIS LIST. ZERO. This goes to show you- WE are DIFFERENT and HERE TO STAY. And that's why MY NAME and personal brand -which I take seriously- is tied to this company.
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