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Too Fast Too Furious #foranyone

I got 🔒's on the court and on the way to class boi!! 📚 #strapseverywhere #foranyone #evenyomomma 😂😂

Share time. Because I think it's good to be open about struggle. Otherwise it becomes a stigma that people feel shame around and no one wants to talk about embarrassing icky stuff, when that's exactly what we should do so we don't feel isolated or seperate. And we should share our stories because they connect us and connection is what this world needs the most. So here's what I have to share. When I was younger I felt weird and different and I was very sensitive. Life felt mostly dark. But in that struggle there would be little spaces where I could see the point of it all so clearly. Like the warm patches in a cold river... little pockets where life was perfect, where all the crappy feelings I felt about myself and the world would fall away and a calm serene feeling would take over. In these moments sometimes gold would show up. The lessons I could only learn in retrospect would suddenly become clear. Or an idea that had been hovering above me suddenly would make itself known. Or maybe I could acknowledge the feeling of life pumping through my veins and for a brief moment feel lucky to be alive without any other point except to just breathe... and I was reminded of why it was okay for life to be hard because these moments were profound. At some point I worked out that if I could just give those spaces more value when they presented themselves then I would invariably be giving less value to the ones that caused me pain and hurt. And the more I practiced that, the more I began to shift the focus from bad to good, until the spaces of beauty which were once small, became the bigger spaces, and the not so good bits became much smaller. Until many years later, I found myself swimming in a mostly warm river with a few cold patches. And by then they seemed more refreshing than unbearable. #foranyone #struggles #depression #sharetime

Alot of thoughts and emotions today... for no reason other than my brain wants to do this to me... #isometimesthinkimnotgoodenough #foranyone #iwannabealone #leavemetomysolitude #cptsdsucks

A veces si pero, a veces ya no
#amoramor #eyes #whiteday #foranyone

Happy 6 months Monkey🐒 Why do people say they can't wait for their baby to start crawling or walking? 😂I can!! he barely sits still in my lap or on the couch now #timedoesntwait#foranyone

mau sesemangat apapun buat perbaikan, tapi pelayanan itu prioritas, dan empati itu wajib dimiliki tenaga kesehatan..krn kitapun hrus bs mlht kndisi lapangan bukan mementingkan kpntingan diri sndiri aja...
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#GreenTea in my #NERDgirlMax #Mug
I luv the NERDgirlMAX brand it provides so much #inspiration and #pushes #me to #domore. #My #hope is that it #inspires you too. Or just becomes a #kewl #symbol of #positivity #foranyone who #feels (or has felt) like an #outsider

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