Feels so good to be back from a 2.5 week foodie adventure! ✈️ (Richmond, Vancouver, Seattle, Aspen) 🍕🌭🍔🍟🧀🌶🍷 And I NEED to detox for the next week 😭 Who’s got some healthy tips for me?? HELP! 🙏🏻 #PantsAreTighter 🙈

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one of my favorite shots from yesterday with my favorite model (& person)

Диван Оберхаузен наделён особым шармом. Необычайно мягкий, с плавно перетекающей в боковые стороны спинкой, изящными ножками и аккуратным декором в виде сверкающих на свету металлических гвоздиков, он моментально завладевает чувствами эстетов 💙

The longer the day, the bigger the glass 🍷 // That’s how it works right?! 😏 {FYI, this chair, along with a few other recent favorite #ikea finds are all linked in my latest blog post...link in bio or stories}

It’s always the simple treats that get me...like rice krispies treats, pan gone before ya know it. 🙊 And these s’mores treats are the same way - simple ingredients, super easy to make and way too addicting. You’re gunna need them for all your summer gatherings...shared this easy recipe on the blog today. 🍫🔥

Sometimes its more fun to just fool around. #custardpond #dontyoueatmejustwatch #spill #overflow #drip #flow

Blueberry, Blackberry & Oat Clafoutis (gluten-free, dairy-free) and The Alchemist.
I told myself I was taking a break from the kitchen for a few days after a busy few weeks with work. But I’ve had a lot on my mind the last few days and baking has become a quiet space for me... a space to think and create.
I decided to make a clafoutis because it’s the first dessert I learned to make while living in France and I have a thing for the French classics and wanting to create healthier versions - because life is too short not to be able to have those sweet moments. We should be able to have them and still feel like we can live healthy. Blueberries, blackberries, oats, oat flour, coconut milk, vanilla, maple syrup, sea salt, coconut oil and chia eggs topped with coconut sugar + arrow root. I’ll put the recipe on my site this week. It couldn’t be more simple.
As I baked, I was listening to one of my favorite @supersoul podcasts I often come back to with Paulo Coelho because there were some things I needed to be reminded of today...that the testing is all part of the path. Maybe these words will speak to someone else too. “Before a dream is realized, the soul of the world tests everything we’ve learned along the way...so we can master the lessons we’ve learned as we move toward that dream.” #saltandwateralchemy #vibrantbeautyfood #f52fresh

Evening essentials✨
А вы знаете, что 21 июня нас ждёт самая короткая ночь в году?💫
Или например, что в неё можно найти счастье и удачу?🌟
А наши предки в эту июньскую ночь прыгали через костёр и искали цветок папоротника🔥(подробности про этот день настоятельно рекомендую прочитать у @severny__mishka )
И я считаю, что это очень славный повод познакомиться с заслуженно легендарной сывороткой Advanced night repair @esteelauderrussia , ведь ей для эффективного действия хватит даже самой короткой ночи года🌙к тому же, в преддверии 21 июня на сыворотку действует скидка 40%⚡️
#ANRNight #esteerussia #esteelauder #olympus_ru #AdvancedNightRepair

Диван Ливерпуль с раскладным механизмом «Пума» – идеальное решение для тех, кому необходимо заботиться об экономии полезной площади. Он имеет оптимальные габариты, продуманную эргономику и нейтральный дизайн в духе современной классики👌🏻

Still reminiscing about last weekends Feast with @forekitchen but almost as soon as ones over we’re planning the next! The countdowns already on to our summer Forage & Feast on June 30th and there’s only 4 seats left at the table! Who’s going to bag them??? {link in bio}

Garden pickings this evening; edible flowers-violas & roses + some flowering thyme

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