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🍝🍝Macarrones de tomate y orégano con longaniza, pancarta iberica, Mahón bodega y emmental 🧀🧀
@pastateca 🍝
@lecreuset_es 👩🏼‍🏫 👈🏻Lara
@tupperdepatu. 👩🏻‍⚕️ por supuesto Patu

// 有一位攝影師朋友真好 🙊

This is how we mix! Working on my noodle game at Paiks Noodle House Santa Clara


All my heroes are hawkers. Hokkien mee/ loh mee vendor near Campbell St Market. Sadly he retired several years back following an extended illness. #streetfood #georgetown

Yellowtail ceviche tostadas from @pezcantina in Downtown LA. #🐟 #🥑

Monday getting you down? Nothing some bao buns from @masa14dc can't cure! 📷: @dcfoodporn.


KAMAYAMAYANNNN ( In a Goku Voice ) 👐🏼💥👐🏼💥👐🏼💥

Cichetti are the tapas of Venice. They are eaten before lunch and dinner, often accompanied by prosecco. This is a small square of polenta topped by a baby squid---not for the light of heart. #venicelife #venicefood #travelingtheworld #cichetti #deliciousexpeditionsitaly

Butter chicken. #🍚

Tropical! Tag a friend that needs to see this 💯💯💯🎯👍

Kanelbullar & choklad bollar 🍫

Bonding with the girls means... fooooooods#foodtrip #lamonpeg#yum@chelsea_lhen@neneng

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