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Fun with coffee and shapes. Today we have a polyphenol compound that is found in some of our most commonly eaten foods - peanuts, dark chocolate, grapes both red and white but mostly red. In several mice studies, this compound has been shown to slow a lot of aging processes, improve skin feel and look, protect cardiovascular health and even shown to have some anti-cancer properties. But again these have been shown in mice only. But another notch in the hat of science showing why we need to always be vigilant with these so called superfoods, a study at Harvard (Richard D. Semba, MD, MPH1; Luigi Ferrucci, MD, PhD2; Benedetta Bartali, PhD3; et al JAMA Intern Med. 2014;174(7):1077-1084. doi:10.1001/jamainternmed.2014.1582) showed that the dose level for human consumption to match the mice studies would be such unhealthy levels that it’s not feasible to say it shows human benefit. But the studies continue so it’s totally reasonable to eat some of the foods high in this compound. What do we have? #gorillazenwellness #rdtobe #superfoods #eatyourveggies #dietitianintraining #nutritionstudent #science #scientist #organicchemistry #biochemistry #biology #chemistry #foodscience #nutritionnerd #fitness #nasm #personaltrainer #healthylifestyle #wellness #funwithcoffeeandshapes

A few of my morning essentials to get my brain geared up for the day. Matcha has been my substitute for coffee for months now. If acid reflux is something that’s holding you back from your morning coffee buzz (the acidity in coffee is a common trigger) matcha is a great alternative for energy in the morning. Aside from energy boosting regular green tea has been shown to have amazing health benefits from cancer fighting agents like resveratrol, aiding in digestion, brain stimulation and focus to antioxidants such as EGCG, that supports good skin. The difference with match green tea is that the whole leaf is used and ground into a fine power, making for one powerful cup of tea and providing a way higher more concentrated amount of health benefits than regular green tea. Matcha can be used in conjunction with many different things, put into smoothies, baking, and my favourite, lattes. #matcha #foodscience #happybodyhappymind #holisticnutrition #mct #almondmilk #organic

Daily fluctuations in weight are normal, but just how big of a fluctuation is normal? That depends.

This illustration provides a simplified look at how water and carbs interact with muscle tissue and subsequently body weight. A trained muscle is generally a bigger muscle and thus has the ability to store more glycogen (carbohydrates and water) within it.

An untrained muscle, although smaller, will still have the capacity to lose and gain a substantial amount of glycogen depending on an individual's approach to training and nutrition.

Put simply, your body weight can and will change substantially on a day to day basis INDEPENDENT of fat loss or gain. So be aware that fluctuations can "blur" the lines with regards to what's really going on in terms of weight loss OR weight gain.

For that reason it's important to either track your weight under identical circumstances if you're weighing weekly.

If weighing daily, make sure to work out your AVERAGE weight at the end of the week; this will give you a true reading of what's going on. Your weight may fluctuate day to day, but getting an average over the week will make it easier to track progress.

Above all, be aware of how your body weight can change depending on your carb intake, time of day (time of the month too for women), stress levels, daily body temperature, and a host of other factors.

Track the weight on the scales, but don't fixate on it too much; it can sometimes play tricks on you! 😉


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E a cunhadinha é a mais nova MESTRE em Nutrição pela TOYO UNIVERSITY de Itakura!!!
Parabéns @larimiura !!! Orgulho da família!!! Muito e muito SUCESSO nesta nova fase no Brasil!! Bãaaaaaooooo Demais
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Finished reading The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker. The main focus is on how food, flavour and nutrition has changed over the years. It talks a lot about the big food companies and food scientists that are involved in changing the chemical make-up of food, mainly so you constantly want to eat more of it! There is a lot about the trade-off between quality and quantity with farming too. It's a very easy read and the author is clearly interested in the science behind food. It poses many questions behind our eating habits and makes you realise how easy it is to trick the mind. There is no 'diet' or anything he is selling btw. If you've read it let me know what you thought! - Mani 🌱
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I didn’t know what that was, so looked it up.
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Make sure to stop by our table at #ohea2018 conference for a delicious refreshing probiotic boost! #kombucha #homeeconomics #foodscience

First day at Montclair State University was a success 📚❤️ #nutrition #foodscience

So, what’s gluten 🥖🍞? Gluten is a naturally occurring protein found in many grains like wheat, barely, rye and oats. It is composed of two sub proteins, glutenin and gliadin. In the process of bread making, the proteins form strands which contribute to the strength and elasticity of the dough. Gluten also allows the bread to rise by creating pockets which trap air released from yeast during fermentation.
ما هو الغلوتين 🍞🥖 ؟ الغلوتين هو بروتين طبيعي يوجد في العديد من الحبوب مثل القمح والشوفان. يتألف الجلوتين من بروتينات فرعية تدعى غلوتينين وغليادين. في عملية صنع الخبز ، تشكل هذه البروتينات جدائل تساهم في قوة ومرونة العجين. ويساعد الغلوتين أيضًا في إنشاء جيوب تحبس الهواء الصادر من الخميرة أثناء عملية التخمير مما يؤدي إلى إرتفاع الخبز.

Sekre dan kelas
Kadang hembusan angin membawa rasa yang jelas
Sambil meniup helaian aksara di kertas
Menerpa hilangnya sedikit humanitas
Bukannya tidak apa jika kadang terlepas
Namun dekat kan menjadikan selaras
Tertawa lepas
Ataupun duka yang berbekas
Ini bukanlah sepontanitas
Kisah yang terjadi tanpa senapas
Namun dekatnya akan selalu terbekas
Layaknya senja yang tersenyum lepas
photo @nandaay_
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Have you ever heard about Golden rice⁉️Golden rice is a Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) designed by scientists to fight vitamin A deficiency. Genes of the natural colour pigment β-carotene are added to rice genes 🍚, which explains the golden colour🔸. Humans are able to synthesise vitamin A from the added β-carotene with an efficiency depending on the genes of each person👫. Normally rice doesn’t contain any sources of vitamin A, which are essential for us. Especially in Asian countries where often more than 50% of the daily energy intake comes from rice 🍚, the golden rice would be a future dream come true! Typically GMO are perceived as really bad, but for sure there are good sides to it as well!
Har du hört talas om Golden rice än⁉️Golden rice eller gyllene ris är en Genetisk Modifierad Organism (GMO) som tagits fram av forskare med syftet att bekämpa brister på vitamin A. Gener av det naturliga färgpigmentet β-karoten sätts in i risets gener 🍚, vilket förklarar risets gyllene färg🔸. Människor kan syntetisera vitamin A från β-karoten med olika effektivitet beroende på våran individuella gensammansättning👫. Normalt innehåller inte ris några beståndsdelar som kan omvandlas till det essentiella näringsämnet vitamin A. Särskilt i asiatiska länder där ibland mer än 50% av det dagliga energiintaget kommer från ris 🍚, skulle detta gyllene ris vara perfekt i framtiden! Ofta uppfattas GMO mycket negativt, men det finns absolut också positiva sidor av GMO!

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, a healthy meal should consist of a combination of all 5 food groups!🥖🍗🥦🍎🥛 A good lunch meal could be:

grains: 1 cup whole wheat pasta
protein: 2 oz grilled chicken (skinless)
vegetables: 1 cup of cut-up carrots and broccoli
fruits: 5 fresh strawberries
dairy: 1 cup low-fat yogurt

total calories: just 508 calories!

Enjoy your Fine and Healthy meal!

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival 2018 - A Historic Cocktail Tasting Journey at Dinner by Heston. 😊

We're excited about the #warmweather and #springtime ! We finally get to plant our sweet potatoes in the #garden . They are growing inside quite nicely! #Newmuslimschool #MC4HE #Newmuslimschool #education #educateourown #NewMedina #gardening #growyourownfood #foodscience #science #blackfarmers

Thanks god for this guy - Louis Pasteur...the inventor of pasteurisation!
Definitely not something I would have been saying a year ago but thanks to this process, developed in 1864, I am able to enjoy a whole host of foods without worrying about the bacteria within them that might make me sick.
Products like milk, juices, yogurt, cream, beer and wine to name just a few would all be off limits without this method of heating the product during processing to remove pathogenic bacteria.
Although I am well aware that for many there is a choice - pasteurised or not and in picking the latter some believe they are choosing more natural products, sometimes with better flavour, that are higher in nutritional content in some ways and while I completely respect their choice I for one am incredibly grateful to Monsieur Pasteur, his discovery and the positive effect it has on my diet!

Dear one, I wish you could give yourself the love you deserve. Please be patient, the path to recovery is not straight.
Most important is the direction you take. You might discover who you are in the process. Every little action of kindness towards yourself counts.
One day you will realize how strong you were. May you stop the negative self talk today and start supporting yourself ❤️ Xxx

Cutting Out DAIRY has got rid of my ECZEMA .🥛🍼🚫 I thought I'd share it with you if you too suffer from eczema.
At the start of the year I attempted the Vegan diet cutting out All meat , All dairy no eggs to see what effects it would have on my body .

The change was hard at the start as I use to eat over 20 eggs a week a lot of meat and drank a lot of milk aswell took whey protein (milk product) and ate protein bars with whey in them.

Instead I ate a plant based diet consisting of alot of vegetables, fruit ,beans,rice ,oats ,peanut butter and plant based milk (almond ,coconut etc) and plant based protein.

Fast forward till now I do eat meat again but DONT eat diary or eggs . I eat more veg than I did before which is a positive from trying veganism .I now get my protein from @wholefoodsire and I love the chocolate plant protein 👌so cutting of dairy has not been a problem 💪

We don't need milk to get calcium or protein !

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