Is it just me, or is anyone else a huge fan of mixing cold and hot components in their dishes? 🙋‍♀️
Pasta salad with warm pasta, oats with frozen berries, and then this ROASTED SALMON SALAD with both roasted + raw veggies. 🥗💯
@sizzlefishfit sockeye salmon filet, sprinkled with black pepper + sea salt and then put into a COLD oven before setting it to 325 for about 19 min (I go for 23 min for larger filets)
• organic kale, massaged with a little lemon juice (makes SUCH a difference in the taste + texture!)
• shredded carrots (under the salmon)
• sliced cucumber 🥒
• roasted grape tomatoes (cooked with the salmon)
Today’s been a fun but also sort of exhausting day. 😴 Having two kids who move (and talk) nonstop will have that effect on ya. 😂
Goodnight, sweet peas! 👋

When the hubby isn't home for dinner so you cook all the foods he hates (quinoa + kale & Brussels sprouts) 🤣
I sautéed some kale & cabbage until soft, mixed it with cooked quinoa & a side of corn + feta cheese & maple dijon Brussels sprouts (1 cup of chopped Brussels sautéed in olive oil, salt & pepper then mixed with 1 tbsp of dijon mustard + 1/2 tbsp maple syrup)

I FINALLY got my butt over to @takecareshopdc in Georgetown & fell madly in love😍 It’s filled with every clean product you could possibly need and has pretty little plants in every corner🌿 They even have a little cleaning product bulk section, so bring your glass bottles! • #tinyplatebigcity #georgetown #washingtondc #takecareshop

Let me tell you. I didn’t want any part of meal prep today. I could have thought of a million excuses to skip it - and believe me - I thought of them all today, but I also thought about how prepping just a few simple items would set me up for a much better week. So I kept it minimal and stuck to the basics. 5 chia puddings prepped for lunch and all my veggies roasted for the week (kale chips, beets, broccoli). I roasted a few chicken thighs for dinner, made a quick pesto and will cook some fish the night we plan to eat it -because fresh fish tastes better. Only spent about an hour in the kitchen and it set with up with some tasty and easy components to throw together in a jif for dinners this week.
Wild caught salmon with dairy-free pesto, @wildearth_fermentation beet kraut, beets and kale roasted in @primalkitchenfoods avocado oil and plantains roasted in coconut oil.

Summer flavors made with this summer’s harvest are $25 off, but only until tonight! Order your first meal plan with code SUMMERSOLSTICE25IG and save on amazing meals like our eggplant lasagna 🍽 .
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This chocolate chip🍪 protein packed soft and moist banana bread🍌🍞 is such a delicious treat to cure your Sunday Saddies (at least for me it was😆) It’s also healthy enough to have for breakfast😋 It’s dairy free✅ and contains no refined sugar✅ Thanks to my favorite girl @chocolatecoveredkatie for this amazing healthy recipe! I made a few alterations but the taste is out of this world🤤 I’m such a sucker for banana breads! Hope y’all enjoy as much as I did😍 recipe in the comments⬇️

...this past week i went up for a promotion within my company. despite my reluctance in applying for said position, um hello (i like being comfortable + hate rejection 😰), at the urging of some friends. i was nervous to say the very least...told mom about it and she said...
”well, if you get the position i’ll take you for a nice big juicy steak.” which led me to ask her what about the chance that i don’t get the position, without skipping a beat🙈:
mom’s exact words were, “then i’ll take your ass for a costco hot dog and we’ll just call it a day!” 🤣😭😂
...needless to say, i’m excited + hopeful for this next new chapter but more importantly, i’m abundantly thankful for mom and her never-ending ability to make me laugh so hard with her antics. as well as the good-hearted + kind people in my circle that fill up my proverbial tank with love, good vibes, honest intentions, and continuous support.
friends, keep your loved ones close. don’t wait for holidays, birthdays, or certain occasions to show up. life is short and we’re all not around forever. and time truly is a precious thing. i urge you to show love, be love, check up on each other, share a meal, make a meal for someone, call someone, write a special note, kiss someone, send a “just because” care package, tell someone how amazing they are + how awesome they’re doing...and really, just be light in an awfully dim world 💫...take care my loves 🖤

Dinner done right! Homemade turkey burger, sweet potato🍠, bell pepper, avo🥑, and riced cauliflower😋 I had never tried riced cauliflower but it is seriously delicious! Definitely going to be incorporating it into future meals.

It was a jam-packed weekend full of shopping, swimming, and a trip to @traderjoes😍 To top it all off, I got to spend some time with my family.
I have another fun-filled week ahead! I try not to complain about being “busy” too often, because I usually choose to pack a lot into my weeks and try to make the most of it. At the end of this week, I get to go to the lake and spend time with some friends☀️ What are your plans for the week? Happy Sunday friends!! ——————————

NOTHING beats a hot summer day like a cold one 💦💦 a cold #smoothie that is! 😂
#eathealthy #eathopscotch

Chocolate lover’s dream come true: dark chocolate cake with Nutella buttercream, topped with milk chocolate ganache and nutty chocolate 🍫🤤Now that’s one way to celebrate your birthday 🎂 #Studio325BakingCo.
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I’m a big fan of meal prepping. But along with prepped healthy foods to set me up for success for the week, I like to keep ready-made, clean snacks like nuts, whole fruits, and @chomps jerky sticks on hand for a quick hit of protein before a work out or while running errands.
@chomps are made with 100% grass fed and finished beef, certified non-GMO, and packed with 9 grams of protein. My favorite flavor is original beef but jalapeño, crankin’ cranberry, and cracked pepper and sea salt are all winners, too! Which one would you choose? #chompian #chomps #chompssnacksticks #partner

·I T A L I A N A·

We’ve got a new 2B Mindset week-long meal plan uploaded on our blog! Super excited to share this free plan with you so you can try it! We hired a Brazilian Chef to use her expertise to make a delicious meal plan that adheres to the 2B principles. You can access the blog through the link in our bio! Enjoy!

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