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RAWEOS by @therawberry 💗

makes 15
For the base:
200g pecan nuts
300g pitted dates
3 heaped tbsp raw cacao powder
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
For the cream:
5 tbsp cashewbutter
1 tbsp coconut oil
3 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 tbsp vanilla powder
Put all the ingredients for the base in your food processor and mix well until you've got a nice dough. Knead with your hands. Now take a sheet of baking paper. Put it one on top of your kneaded dough and roll it out with a rolling pin. The baking paper prevents the dough from sticking onto the rolling pin. Take a cookie cutter and make 30 cookies. Put into the fridge while you make the cream. For this you'll need to rinse your food processor and add everything for the cream into it. Mix well and get the cookies out if the fridge. Spread the cream over 15 cookies and put the other ones on top. Store in an airtight container up to 2 weeks in your fridge. #bestofvegan

Avocado appreciation post to celebrate my baby girl's first #avocado snack (not pictured here, this one was for #guac 😁)💚🙌🏼🥑I'm sooooo happy to feed wholesome plant foods to my girl!🌿She loves sweet potato, broccoli & avocado (mama's girl😄), can't wait to make her some proper rainbow meals later this year when she'll be 1 (oh how time flies).
On another note: thank you all lovelies for the beautiful comments on my #foodrevolution post. I'll get back to you soon☺️It's a pretty busy week planning some future projects, getting some mama physiotherapy, and of course taking care of 👶🏻👦🏼👧🏼
Wishing you an amazing new week✨💖And happy #avomonday 💚🥑 ps Thank you beautiful Heather @regenerationnetwork for making my porridge recipe today😙
#avocadolove #avocados #guacamole #babyfood #bestofvegan #letscookvegan #beautifulcuisines #flatlays #flatlaytoday #vegansnack #plantpowered #plantfoods🌿 #myberryforest


Fruit cards by @tropicallylina 💖 which ones would you like?

Я узнала о происхождении такого растения, как нут, только когда переехала в Лондон и впервые попробовала хумус, а затем и фалафель. Теперь я уже знаю, что это такое, как его готовить и с чем есть. Если вы еще не знакомы с нутом, я буду рада его вам представить. (У него еще есть несколько названий - бараний горох, воложский горох, грецкий горох) о которых я узнала из Википедии :)) На растительном питании нут- это просто палочка выручалочка, отличный источник протеина, а именно незаменимой аминокислоты лизина (все хотят знать откуда на растительном питании протеин берётся, вот…один из источников), а также источник цинка, фолиевой кислоты (беременные девушки - это вам!) и других витаминов группы B.

Лучшим способом готовить нут- это замочить его, как минимум на 8 часов (на ночь) и потом отварить. Варится он долго (от 3 до 4 часов), поэтому я всегда готовлю на несколько раз вперед и остатки замораживаю.
1 чашка нута - 4 чашки воды.

Также сейчас становится модной тутовая мука (она без глютена), которая идет из индийской кухни. У меня сейчас есть несколько рецептов в копилке, попробую и обязательно вам расскажу!

А вы знакомы с нутом? Что готовите из него?

PRESSURE COOKER MEXICAN LENTIL STEW by @sweetsimplevegan & @consciouschris 💚

2 28 oz. cans organic crushed tomatoes, no salt added
16 oz red lentils
1 medium red or yellow onion, diced (~1 cup)
3 medium zucchini, diced (~3 cups)
8 oz mushrooms, roughly chopped
2 Anaheim peppers, diced
2 ribs of celery, chopped
1 medium carrot, sliced (~1/3 cup)
2 cloves garlic, minced
¼ cup nutritional yeast
1 tbs chili powder
½ tbs cumin
½ tsp smoked paprika
¼ cup fresh cilantro
Salt + pepper, to taste
¾ cup frozen organic non-GMO corn
2 white potatoes diced
Top with:
Fresh cilantro, avocados, lemon or lime juice
To assemble:
Corn tortillas
Smokey tofu, cubed
Lettuce, finely chopped
Avocado, sliced
1. Add all of the ingredients into a pressure cooker and cook on high for 25 minutes.
2. As it cooks, warm corn tortillas on the stove. Place the tortillas directly over the flames (no pan) for 20-30 seconds on each side using tongs until slightly charred and soft. Enjoy! #veganfoodvideos

Saturday Porridge Party with the works. Because breakfast starts the day & the #foodrevolution starts at home! For healthy jam ingredients, see stories.
Since Louie was a baby, I've had him in the kitchen with me, watching or helping out. I've talked to him about food and cooking, involved him in choosing recipes from books and grocery shopping. I followed suit with Lillian & Oliver. All 3 are now happy, adventurous eaters who appreciate wholesome food.
My idea about promoting healthy eating in my own family stems not from dogmatic restriction of certain ingredients, but rather the following things 1️⃣ inclusion (cooking/shopping/making food choices together) 2️⃣ education 3️⃣ eating together when possible 4️⃣ balance 5️⃣ making food fun & elevating it to its rightful place of importance in everyday life
If you think real food for kids is important, whether you're a mama, papa, teacher or friend, please join us in today's #foodrevmamas celebration 🎉🌿🌿💖 And check out all the other members of this awesome community who have shared what food revolution means to them 😍
This is how I've celebrated in past years 🎉:
2013 - prepared corporate workplace activity for my husband’s team; a vegan cupcake decorating workshop! Piping instructions, cupcakes, frosting etc. were included. Money raised went to SOS barnbyar.
2013 - formed a food club & hosted a "Food for Jars" cook-up event, making staples from scratch + an organic farm outing & foraging workshop focusing on edible weeds. Donations collected supported The Good Foundation.
2014 - cooked along live with @jamieoliver! Louie loved this @jamiesfoodtube initiative so much!
2014 - attended a vegan cooking workshop with my local fave chef @maximillian_at_the_plant
2014 - cooked from @pohlingyeow's 1st book with food babe @thegreenbrunette
2015 - shared a fave recipe, cooked with the kids, signed the petition for compulsory food ed in schools
2016 - shared a vegan pasta recipe inspired by my fave @jamiesitalianse dish & followed @mississippivegan & @conscious_cooking's @feedfeed takeovers
How will you celebrate Food Rev 2017 🤔?
Much ❤️, Marisa

Oatmeal Sundays 😍 cashew milk vanilla porridge topped with a chocolate and salty tahini sauce and lots of fruity goodness. Hope you're all having a blissful Sunday 💋 a massive thank you to Klara @klaraslife for the feature yesterday😍 #oatmeal #oatmeallover #porridge #breakfast #breakfastbowl #vegan #weganizm #dairyfree #picoftheday #healthychoices #healthyfoodshare #beautifulfood #vegetarian #crueltyfree #foodrevolution #lovefood #carbup #thefitfabfoodie

That Popeye Friendly Para-zone - Done .

I had some leftover cooked spinach (very simple stir fried spinach cooked in seasoned mustard oil & flavoured only with garlic, onions & green chillies)

I whisked the leftover spinach along with an egg, more green chillies, fresh coriander & salt.

I cooked in seasoned mustard oil & added in garlic & spring onions. Once cooked, I added in the egg mixture & cooked well on both sides.

I added cheese & placed a leftover paratha over & pressed down.

I then folded the paratha into half & shared this "calzone" with Mangala or as someone calls her; "The Resident Rocket"🚀😂 .

You can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Your choice😊 @beingbengt saw this & is now demanding one for dinner 🙈

There you have it!
Popeye Friendly Para-zone! .

Oh Lordy🙈My dish names are just getting weirder🙈
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Reader question 🔥When your macros changed, how did it affect your body composition and energy levels?
Well, I used to count macros religiously every single day because I was focusing on growing my physique and preparing for fitness shoots and events. Now, I don’t count everyday and I just maintain a relaxed, balanced lifestyle (hence glasses of wine, but huge healthy salads on my IG stories) but when I stopped counting, I did notice a few subtle changes. I'm sharing the changes I found when I stopped counting everyday on the blog today! link is in my bio ✌🏻🌞🤗
#getfit#fitjourney#gettinghealthy#healthyfoods#healthyjourney#goodeats #igfood #foods4thought #foodrevolution #foodisfuel#intuitiveeating #inspirehealthy#fitgoals#bgbcommunity#veggielife #nourishing #nutritiousanddelicious#fitspiration #igfitness #consistency#healthyliving #fitforlife #gymrat#healthgoals#edwarrior#instaYUM#onmyplate#eatgoodfeelgood

Yes, this Paleo raisin bread recipe is as good as it looks. I created it for my #paleoeatscookbook and it's now live on the blog. Link in profile.


This was my sons birthday "cake" last night.
He didn't want a real cake (he's been sick since we got home from Disneyland) so he wanted a big bowl of fruit, no whip cream, and to put the candles in the fruit so we could sing to him.
I don't make this shiz up. Ha! Sometimes it's ordering pizza, other days it's broccoli and fruit "cakes."
Think outside the boxes and cans and artificial junk and get them eating their fruits and veggies. 🍓🥝🍑🍇🍉

Made the lentil soup from @thedefineddish tonight for our meatless Monday! Such an easy and cheap recipe that is full of whole, real ingredients! I'm pairing mine with a slice of my fav Paleo 🍞! Does anyone else do meatless Mondays?!

Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast idea
📷 @alinicham
A Sunday lunch made of leftovers. Gluten free pizza with sunflower kitchen basil pesto, parmesan & Brussel sprouts and a mug of chicken bone broth, hard boiled eggs, corn, turmeric, black pepper, butter & fried garlic.
#glutenfree #leftovers #oddandsodmeal #immunehealth #bonebroth #tumeric #tasty #guthealth #sunflowerkitchen #bonedbroth #odoughs

A Revolução Alimentar começou na CODAE!

Vestimos a camisa, ficamos a postos e trouxemos os mais variados tipos de comida, de todas as cores. Cada um preparou o que faz de melhor e quem venceu foi o paladar! Viva a #revolucaoalimentar!

#RAescolasp #diadarevolucaoalimentar #codae #alimentacaoescolar #alemdoprato #foodrevolution #foodrevolutionday

"The capacity to be brilliant is limited by yourself." I've been spending my time since the @jamieoliver @businesschicks business breakfast inspired! We're eating healthier, experimenting with new and cooking with fresh ingredients and exercising more...getting back to basics, educating ourselves and making routine to refresh the mind, body and spirit for a healthier happier future #foodrevolution #jamieoliver #businesschicks #healthyeating #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #happylife

We made it through Monday y'all! Well almost. Schools out and schedules are changing and today was rough! But last night I made homemade crackers and the family is enjoying a delicious, homemade, gluten free cracker with a beautiful tomato from the market and basil from our backyard🙋🏼Recipe👉🏻1/4 cup each of chickpea flour, toasted oats crushed by hand, sunflower seeds and hempseeds🥄mix in 1 tbsp Tuscan blend seasoning👉🏻add one whisked egg and roll as thin as you can get it. Bake at 350 for 15 min. Flip carefully and bake another 5👌🏼break up and enjoy!

@beanfieldssnacks GIVEAWAY 🎉🎉🎉
LAST CHANCE TO ENTER for a chance to win 3 x 6packs of Beanfields chips mixed flavors!
To enter, simply:
✨ Follow @beanfieldssnacks
✨ Tag 3 friends in the comments below .

That's it! The winners will be chosen at random and announced here TOMORROW. Each winner will get a 6 pack of mixed flavors. U.S. only for shipping reasons! Good luck 💛🎉 #ad

Which one would you make for breaky?? 🍉🍓 @dailybowlofhappiness 👌🏻💕

Start the week by making right choices for your #health, #healing and optimal wellness. Believe in yourself and take #charge of your health. #qoutes #mondaymotivation#inspirationalquotes#qoutestoliveby#drweil#andrewweil#atinutrition

Let's drop the beet! Into the blender of course, to make this delicious banana beet smoothie! But, if you want to put on some jams while blending, you go right ahead. One of my favorites right now, "Molly" by little dicky...it's...the...best. Not drugs! Insta please! Try it, the smoothie and the song and let me know if you like my beets 🙌 ❤Blender blasting: Drop in 1 cup peeled purple beets, 1 super ripe nana, I/2 cup goats milk yogurt, 1/2 cup red grapes, and dash of local honey or agave. In the pic I'm also diggin' into some delicious beet hummus by Lantana. Happy Monday Beautiful Creatures!

It's a statutory holiday here in 🇨🇦... but the baking must go on! Getting ready for the Appletree Market tomorrow 🍎👨🏼‍🌾 Come visit us at Mount Pleasant & Davisville park. We'll be serving up our #sugarfree #vegan Classic Brownies, Nutty Chipster Cookies and Sweet & Salty Cookies 👨🏼‍🍳🍪🍫 #baldbakerdesserts #baldisbetter

Nothing prettier than purple veggies don't you think? We were spoiled this weekend by @jessmcbeath and her amazing food!
#cauliflower #purplecauliflower #organic #wholefoods #realfood #foodrevolution #foodtolove #purple

Gloomy day calls for #cheese !!! Still can't stop thinking about the cheese and #beer pairing event hosted by @yeahfoodbeer the other day at @frenchcheeseboard . Never known beer and cheese can go so so well together!!! Thanks Steph for organizing this tasting! Loved everything you pair and learned so much!!! 🍻🧀
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Quinoa Power Bowls for #MeatlessMonday by @twinskitchen! 🌿💪🏼🌱💚 These gorgeous bowls are packed full of plant-based protein and goodness with sautéed veggies, cherry tomatoes, avocado, chickpeas and black beans, teriyaki sauce, and a drizzle of homemade creamy cashew sauce - so many of my fave things in one bowl...YUM! 😍The recipe will be in the upcoming #ebook by Ashley & Brittney (the brains and beauty behind @twinskitchen)! These vegan twins share their love for creating healthy, clean, vegan meals that are anything but boring on their Instagram, with delicious recipes over on their blog!👌🏽 Show @twinskitchen some love with a follow - their photos and posts are always on point and definitely drool-worthy! 👅

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