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I like showing these diaries NOT to make any recommendations or suggestions on how you should eat, but to provide CONTEXT on the way I eat. I always tend to show the indulgent food in my posts/stories/Snapchat and don't show the broader context of how that fits into the rest of my day. Just know that every time you see a picture of ice cream, there's a lot of other nutrients being eaten out of Tupperwear behind the scenes 😂
🔹Preworkout: Banana
🔹Breakfast: @chobaniau 0.5% Greek Yoghurt, @tableofplenty museli, @wild_friends honey pretzel PB, raspberries
🔹Lunch: Zoodles + bolognaise sauce with roo mince, shrooms, grated carrot/zucchini
🔹Arvo snacks: Chobani dip with carrot sticks, packet @tableofplenty rice cakes
**not pictured, 190 cals of @myproteinau snacks
🔹Dinner: Lean beef mince bolognaise with @myproteinau High Protein Pasta and green salad
🔹Dessert: @benandjerrysoz Choc Chip Cookie Dough and Big Spoon Cho Brownie ice cream
2161 cals: 220C, 76F, 150P (31g fibre). I am currently reverse dieting ie. moving from a calorie deficit to maintenance. My macros are specific to me, my goals, and progress and therefore do not apply to anyone else. What/when/how I eat is entirely in line with my personal preference.
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I'm all for a #miniprep and I think 3 day's worth is the perfect amount for me. I've been having the same breakfast everyday now for over 12 months and will probably continue to do so, it's that good (thanks @joseeksabs ☺️) but it's having the same lunch and snacks for 5-7 days straight that makes me stumble... I can definitely handle three though 😉

As for dinners, they always have to be different.
Breakfast: chocolate protein smoothie, recipe in comments.
Lunch: vegetable soup with pasta bows
Snack 1: hard boiled eggs and a slice of sourdough toast
Snack 2: @squareorganics mint/coconut protein bar

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How does my boyfriend #mealprep routine look like💪🏻💥🍱🔋 // #kajapakk Neki❤️ A saját étkezésem az egy dolog, csak figyelek a testemre, megadom neki a szükséges tápanyagokat a napi aktivitás függvényében, hol többet, hol kevesebbet. Viszont amikor valaki másnak az étkezéséért vagy felelős, az teljesen más. Rá vagy bízva a kiszámolt makrokra és csak bízol benne, hogy az eredmény jönni fog.😆 Szerencsére önként és dalolva vállalta, hogy rajta kísérletezzem ki azt a színes, de mègis diétás étrendet és edzéstervet, ami a prevenciót és a lehető leggyorsabb fejlődést maximálisan szem előtt tartja.🤘🏻Vannak mélypontjaink, a tegnapi is ilyen volt. Ez nem csak egy program, ez már sokkal több ennél: a kapcsolatunk fejlődéséről szól. Szerencsére (és mert hiszünk magunkban) kéz a kézben vesszük az akadályokat. Mindketten dolgozunk, este későn vagy korán hajnalban jutunk csak el a terembe a közös edzésre, sokszor fáradtak és nyűgösek vagyunk, amit egymásra is kivetítünk. Nem könnyű ez az út, amin most vagyunk, de a heti fejlődés mindig pozitívan zárul.😉Én Őt választottam társamul az Élet nevű társasjátékban, Ő pedig engem.💞 Az a minimum, hogy MINDENT beleteszünk, ha azt akarjuk, hogy MŰKÖDJÖN.☝🏻🔊Ha van egy célod, DOLGOZZ ÉRTE!
📝A napi kaja a kommentek között.😉

Here is a carnivore day of food for what used to be my low calorie and mid carb day:
1. Egg/egg white omelet waffle
2. Oatmeal with chia seeds and protein
3. Mixed nuts and kiwi
4. Spanish style brown rice with shredded salsa chicken
5. Post workout shake by @trueprotein
6. Lean turkey meatballs with spaghetti squash, brussel sprouts and cauliflower
7. Greek yogurt, protein bar and a banana
8. Swai fish with asparagus
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3x3 ANIMAL STYLE WITH CHOPPED PEPPERS, WHOLE GRILLED ONIONS, AND FRIES ~ In-N-Out ~ Northridge, CA -----------------------------------------------------------
PC: @valleyfattyguy
Animal style, Protein style, Monkey style, Doggy Style, or whatever ! There is no wrong way to enjoy @innout ! Tag a friend that would enjoy this meal !

(türkce altta)
Coconut-Papaya Rice with Turkey Patties and Baby Spinach😏.
Raise your hand if you love fruits in your savory meals✋🏻I have amazing tropical fruits from @melissasproduce and I looovvveee them all! I mean look at that tempting papaya and star fruit! 🤤.This meal prep turned out soo yummy!!!! Double tap if you want the recipe with the video! 😋.
Makes 4 servings!
Approximate macros per serving: 313 calories, 25 g protein, 28 g carbs, 12 g fat. .
Hope your day is going great!!! Cheers! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Papaya ve Hindistan Cevizi Sütlü Pilav ile Hindi Köftesi😏.
Yemeklerinin icinde meyve sevenler ellerini kaldirsin!! Cok sevdigim bir firmadan harika tropikal meyveler geldi ve hepsi birbirinden lezzetli! Bu ögün hazirligi tamamen dogaclama oldu ve dogaclamalar her zaman en güzeli olur 😋Eger tarifi video ile beraber paylasmami isterseniz resime cift tiklayin 💚.
4 servis ediyor!
Bir porsiyonda yaklasik besin degerleri: 313 kalori, 25 gr protein, 28 gr karbonhidrat, 12 gr yag. .
Umarim harika bir gün geciriyorsunuzdur!!! Sevgiler!


My day in food 😋. Breakfast was organic oats, chia seeds, strawberries 🍓 raspberries, walnuts, bee 🐝 pollen, cacao nibs and passion fruit ❤️. Mid morning snack was handful of cooked prawns and lunch is tuna steak pan fried with coconut oil and lots of mixed green veggies. This afternoon I will have my supergreen juice and a banana before the gym then salmon fillets with sweet jacket potato and salad for dinner. Planning ahead ❤️ #foodprep #planningahead #superfoodbreakfast #tunasteaks #salmonfillet

Everyone loves a bit of chicken pie, especially when it fits in with your healthy lifestyle! Made with chicken, mushrooms, leeks, spinach, fat free creme fraiche and filo pastry!

Today's meal- prep 12pm to 6pm
We have -jerk chicken/ low-fat chilli con carne with extra kidney beans/sweet potato/asparagus/Broccoli/wholemeal rice/ cheeky squirt of bbq sauce. All meals under 300g.
New menu next week. 😃#gym #motivation#chilling #fit #relaxing #workout#training #trainhard #gymmotivation #gymrat #physique#ripped #focused #foodprep#strong #instagram #weightlifting #weights #fitness journey#bodybuilding #food #yummy#london#
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Lunchtime hunger creeping in?
. . .
Feast your eyes upon The Satay Chicken Stirfry with Courgetti and Rice Noodles 🌶👀🍗🤤

Every...single...day. 💕 #shinenutrition #shinewellness #shinefamily

You need to be able to flip the switch between beauty and beast mode at a moment’s notice💁🏽
With this stylish Renee meal management bag, you can.

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Chocolate pancake with strawberry, basil and Cacoa drizzle by @foodieegee ☑ Tag #foodphotooftheday to be featured

Prepping baba food for busy days then eating most of it with your baby 🙈
Safe to say they went down well 😊😊 In my mixing bowl went ..
6 whisked Eggs
Half of a large Sweet Potato - boiled then mashed
1 Onion - fried along with ..
Handful of chopped Mushrooms
Big handful of chopped Spinnich
Handful off Kale
Chive seasoning 👌

Rubbed some coconut oil in to my cake tin and baked for about 20mins
#baby #babyfood #blw #babyledweaning #babyledsolids #babyledweaningideas #fingerfood #goodfood #healthyfood #healthybabyfood #healthybaby #foodprep #yummy

@susieqfabmama doesn't mind eating the same meals every day and only switches up dinners. How do you feel about eating the same foods all week? Comment below 💭👇
It's #mealprepsunday and I'm all set for the week! 🙆 Meal prepping takes planning, time and dedication, but having your meals ready comes in so handy when you're super busy and don't even have time to think. 😄 I honestly don't mind eating the same meals day to day since it provides me with a sense of consistency and portion control. I often get questions if I eat dinner or not, I do, every night! 😋 Dinner's the only meal I don't cook ahead, I make a different meal for the family each night, it helps me unwind and relax for the day. Here's the line-up:

Breakfast: Kale/yellow bell pepper/sweet potato/turkey sausage

Morning snack: Mini peppers

Lunch: Thai basil chicken/wild rice/green beans/mushrooms /red bell pepper

Afternoon snack: Pineapple/kiwi

Pre-workout snack: Cottage cheese
Tag us @mealprepcrew in your meal prep images! 🙌

"The Mad Ting"

When us friends get together and we want a fairly cheap meal which won't let us down, we go for the "mad ting". It's a 19" pizza or a wagon wheel pizza. You get to pick the toppings and we always get extra tomato purée to ensure it's not too dry. The best thing is for around £13 you get a pizza, large portion of chip shop chips and a bottle of Pepsi. Perfect for four guys. It's really filling and we always enjoy it.
This time round, our team (as you can see in the final picture) also got a mix donner, which I have to say was also very tasty. The salad and sauce on top gives it that extra kick.
However yesterday we ordered a fish and chips, and were left disappointed. The chips were dry and so was the fish. It wasn't normal of them to do such a thing. But they let us down. That hurt.
I would still recommend this place, it's decently price, delivery and collection is quick and the taste is alright too. But it's nothing spectacular.
Try it out and let us know!
Taste: 6/10
Price: 6.5/10
Filling: 8/10
Atmosphere: 3/10 (small place)
Service: 6/10
Overall: 6/10

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