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I've got quite an ABUNDANCE of CUKES at the moment. 🥒 I've been pawning them off on anyone who will possibly take them because I simply cannot eat and juice them fast enough!! I just can't really say no to a whole case of organic cucumbers for $16!! 😱 We brought at least 20 of them up to Pebble with us as well! ❤ I went for the most amazing 80min run today along the coast of Pebble Beach. 🌊 It was SPECTACULAR!! Peep into my insta story to see all of its glory plus our epic dinner feast tonight!🍴

Sometimes… prep isn't that bad😏😎 🔹FYI.. looks more rare in pic than real life.🔹
💥 FOOD TIP 💡.. Center cut filet mignon" has 2 less grams of fat less per ounce versus traditional fillet mignon. On a 6 ounce ⚖️ serving of steak that will save you 12 g of fat which equals 108 cal that you can use to eat something else that day(almonds, peanut butter, avocado etc., even a extra 27 carbs if your fat intake is already Adequate for the day) Little things like this can make a world of a difference in your daily food intake which allows you to eat more volume and variety of foods that will help your hunger issues while on a diet but still hit your Macros and calorie targets 🎯
Dinner Cred- @patriciafeliciano_ 💏 thanks for the Perfect meal 🍛 love

This cake looks fantastic 😻😍
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The Dessert of #2017!❤
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Today's food diary 🍓🍌
Total macros: 129P 99F 224C = 2158 cals
There's nowhere near enough green foods here and maybe a few too many eggs, but I tried to reduce the amount of food slightly, since I knew it would be a rest day.
Breakfast: fresh banana and berries with a paleo nut muesli and almond milk
Mid morning: Mocha not shown
Lunch: eggs on toast plus a cabbage salad
Mid afternoon: boiled eggs, @squareorganics bar and a nectarine
Dinner: ravioli and homemade spaghetti sauce
Dessert: almost a full tub of @halotopcreamery mint choc chip ice cream 🙈

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How many meals do you eat per day? This is pure legitness! 😍😍 Everything about this prep is on point!🍴Prepped by: @meowmeix 🙋 Spectacular job girl!
Not all calories are created equal 😜 While a calorie surplus or deficit can be key to helping you reach your goals, making sure you're fueled with nutrient dense foods full of fiber, minerals and healthy fats is essential for leaving you feeling full and energized for the day ✨ Here's a sample breakdown of my day with all the info 🙌
P.S. Gotta give it up to @caligirlgetsfit for this food layout idea 😘
P.P.S. All calories and macros calculated using @myfitnesspal app 😋 **Popcorn calorie count includes 1 cup egg whites
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80 min meal prep 💪
Added a lot of veggies to my prep this week for volume.
M1: overnight oats with Pb and chia + superfruit greens from @vitasave.ca
M2: head of romaine and tomatoes
M3: slow cooker chicken adobo with brown rice and broccoli
M4: carrots, apple with Pb
M5: ground chicken, brown rice, bell peppers and broccoli
M6: @the_goodguru oats and protein shake

I have no idea what I'm doing 🤓 but having fun is okay. Heute noch ein letztes Mal Eis? Kein Eis? Eis Eis Eis 🙄🍦 Mh. Ab morgen wird mein Gürtel etwas enger geschnallt für die nächsten Wochen, Schoki & sonstiges wird es bestimmt weiterhin geben, aber etwas weniger 😶ich müsste mal wieder Tages aktuell auf die Waage steigen, aber das Gewicht liegt aktuell bei 68kg (169cm groß) und mein absolutes wohl-fühl Gewicht liegt einfach bei 65-66kg. Und ich sags euch👆🏻 ihr tut euch keinen Gefallen damit euch dick und rund zu futtern, denn dann ist der Weg zu einer Wettkampf, oder Sommer Form einfach viel beschwerlicher & anstrengend 🙇🏼 ich muss auch gestehen das Training natürlich auch mehr Spaß macht, wenn man schön in form ist 😏 oder was meint ihr? Ohne ein bestimmtes Ziel (Tag X, z.B Bühne) fällt es mir auch schwer so richtig in den 'Modus' zu kommen, also falls ihr damit ebenso Probleme habt, gebt nicht auf, bleibt dran! Es ist möglich 🙂 und wenn die ersten Erfolge da sind, sowieso. 👟 #iifym #flexibledieting #lift #fun #leggins #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #flexingladies #benandjerrys #sunday #weekend #diät #diet #offseason #ootd #blogger #lifestyle #foodprep #fit #dedicated #cardio #shapeoftheday #bossgirls #body #bodybuilding #flex #biceps #strikeapose #goals #gymgirl

I couldn't wait until Tuesday to make these tacos with shrimp; even tho I'm not hard I'm tasty even limp .... #inkaholiceats


Prepping for Monday deliveries nearly done- trying to fit 75g of spinach into a box is always a challenge! #nutritional #leanandclean #foodprep #spinach #caloriecalculated

Hoy toca preparar el fondo de nevera, así durante la semana preparar comidas sanas y frescas no me ocupa ni 10 minutos #foodprep #fondodenevera #organizeyourmeals #eatclean #menucomdo #comebio #vegetales #veggies #organicfood #instafoodie

Been a bit distance so here's a picture of my dinner. Not an amazing taken photo/edited.. just phone snap. Spinach & ricotta Ravoli with extra spinach and a homemade creamy sundried tomato, garlic & basil sauce. Delicious! Anyone want to pull up a chair and eat some? Theres leftoverssss 😋

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5AM's be like. 🌴

Excited to be trialling food delivery company @sixpaxfood this week. How awesome would it be not to have to think about, shop for or cook all your food but still know you are fuelling yourself properly? #foodprep #crossfitgirls #love2run #healthandhappiness #fitnessjourney #nutrition #fuelyourbody #sixpax

Now that's dedication! @healtx 🙌💯🍴 - falafel with sweet potato and homemade salsa, stir fry and coconut rice and lentils lasagna -
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20.02.17 🌸 Breakfast is Overnight Oats topped with a few Raspberries

Anyone else love a Nutributllet in the morning? Today I've added Apple Cider Vinegar and Chia Seeds from @gorilla_food_co into the mix. I'll be having this as a morning snack and I've cut out the coffee too and replaced it will a Pukka Tea instead #smallchanges

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