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Does this cheesy burger makes you hungry? What is that one thing in a food shot that makes you hungry? Feel free to comment below 👇🏻. Good day folks 🙌🏻. Food shot recently composed as a part of Talabat project.

Happy Pongal(இனிய பொங்கல் நல்ஙாழ்த்துக்கள்) Pongal is a harvest festival dedicated to the Sun God. It is a four-day festival which according to the Tamil calendar is usually celebrated from 14 January to 17 January. The origins of the Thai Pongal festival may date to more than 1000 years ago.Epigraphic evidence suggests the celebration of the Puthiyeedu during the Medieval Chola empire days. Puthiyeedu is believed to represent the first harvest of the year.Tamil people refer to Pongal as Tamizhar Thirunaal, the festival of Tamizhs. Have a lovely day people! Stay blessed 🙏🏻 . Thanks to @madhumitharam for preparing this amazing sakkarai Pongal (sweet Pongal)

What is your favourite pizza topping and what is your favourite place that serves your favourite pizza? I composed this shot for a pizzeria called Pizza2Go located in Karama. I couldn’t resist myself from not eating their pizzas 🍕. Quite unique flavours and absolutely brilliant! Check them out! Good day folks!!

One of the main Russian dishes 🙈

Inspired by Ayurvedic practices and healthy living habits decided to develop some recipes as a cook book project. The major purpose is to bring Ayurvedic elements to our modern cooking practices! This is a first dish I prepared and it is “Karuvepillai Chicken” - meaning chicken with curry leaves.. Curry leaves has so many medicinal values like anti-diabetic, anti-cancer etc. Also this chicken is prepared with lots of garlic, ginger and I used gingelly oil instead of sunflower or canola oil.
My aim is to develop 15 recipes for this year 2018.
Will share it with you as I develop them! Thank you for your usual support and cooperation, without you guys this wouldn’t be possible at all! Your motivating words and kind gestures means a lot to me 🙏🏻✨💓
Good day folks!

Bon appetite! Food photograph in Dubai +971551727324

If you are in AbuDhabi looking a for a peaceful and serene place to dine in with a couple of beers then head on to Appaloosa @marriottalforsan! We had a great experience last week and would love to share one of the best big plates we thoroughly enjoyed, here we go....Braised Beef Cheek with Corn bread pudding, watercress, orange and olives! Have a great day folks! Happy Sunday

Very thankful to Tania @sheratondubaicreek for sending me this lovely present! It is a mix berry cheese cake 🍰. We thoroughly enjoyed it Tania! Tried a few lighting techniques and few different post processing too! 2018 is very open and full of opportunities for me to try and learn more on food photography! Have a good day folks 💓✨👍🏻

Just play - let’s keep our worries, egos, pride and all those things running in your mind aside - just play - as we used to do when we were in our childhood days... just let it go and be ourselves ! We don’t need to be perfect and we don’t need to demand perfection! Have a great day folks! Happy weekend 💓

I’m totally enjoying the lovely weather past two days - my only weaknesses are Tea/ Samosas or Vada! So what is your favourite go to snack during this cold weather? Feel free to comment below 👇🏻. Finally weekend is here 😘! Have a great day folks! Shot taken for a restaurant callled Nirala cafe located at Al Barsha - decent Pakistani food and check them out!

Good morning folks! Hope you well! Have you guys visited Appaloosa @marriottalforsan! Lorna and I had a great opportunity to dine in and guess what food is absolutely brilliant! Check them out! This was our starter “grilled chicken skewers” served with makhani sauce and lacha paratha! It is not spicy at all so anybody can have this! Stay tuned and watch this space for my complete review! Have a good day folks 🙌🏻

Hi folks, hope you well! Second day of the year huh 😃how is it going? I have a started a new project for 2018 so it kept me busy and couldn’t post yesterday! I wanted to take this time to thank you my lovely people for all you did to me in 2017. 2017 been an excellent year with several opportunities- I have taken a huge step of moving into food photography as a full time! You all made by 2017 a year of exceptional opportunity.
All your kind little actions means a lot to me! Let me say one more time, without you it wouldn’t be possible at all!
Wishing you a prosperous 2018 🎊🎊💓
May this year bring health, wealth and prosperity to you and your loved ones! Stay blessed 🙏🏻

Kare-Kare - a traditional stew made of oxtail and vegetables originated from a region called Pampanga, Philippines 🇵🇭. One of the favourite food among Kabayans! I had a great opportunity to try this @365resto located at Karama! Guess what 29 dishes served at the price of 29AED only.. yes you heard it right just 29AED only, more importantly wide range of seafood is inclusive as well! No brainier guys - if you are looking for a great Filipino food for an affordable price then this is the place! I’m sure everyone is busy preparing for your New Year’s Eve! Have a great day folks!

Find beauty not only in the thing itself but in the pattern of the shadows, the light and dark which that thing provides.
Junichiro Tanizaki
Fettuccine pesto - shot recently for Pizza2Go. One of the great working and learning experience. Happy Saturday folks!

What is festive season about?🎄 About snow and hot tea, about Christmas tree and glint wine , about gingerbread man and cozy evenings with family, about red and green! Even here, in UAE!!!! Grannies are coming today, just happy🎈#foodphoto#foodpic#feedfeed#f52grams#still_life_gallery#jj_lookingdown#ig_color #photographeruae #photographerabudhabi #photographerdubai #фотографдубай #photographerinabudhabi #фотографоаэ #фотографабудаби#foodphotographer #foodphotographeruae#uaerestaurants #uae#abudhabi#jj_forum_2132 #kodakit#jj_foodstagram#дляthepled

If you fall in love with something deep enough it will reveal its secrets to you - George Washington
I fell in love with Lemon 🍋 and it simply revealed its beauty..... Have a lovely day folks....

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