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Quick and easy snacks in your purse, bag, or vehicle can help fight off hunger pains to help you hold off from making the mistake to make a purchase from a vending machine, stopping at the gas station, or even worse a fast food restaurant. We find having a snack pack of trail mix is an easy fix and will hold you over until your next meal, especially when you had a healthy fat such as raw nuts and seeds to it. Make a container at home with raw nuts, seeds, goji berries, and such and measure out ¼ cup to carry with you when you need a quick fix.

Creamy #Tonkatsu #Ramen. 🍜

Meet Soufflé!
Our November seasonal organic fresh face mask only contains raw cacao powder, 100% cacao raw chocolate, pomegranate juice, ginger, and that’s it!
It glides on like a chocolaty mud mask and then firms, tightens, and packs your skin with anti-aging antioxidants. ❤️
Move over dessert, there’s a new Soufflé in town & it’s vegan!

Our November monthly box is here along with our new seasonal arrival Soufflé... and yes it’s as decadent as it sounds! 🍫✨

Our Awaken fresh face mask ingredients are: almond milk, extra virgin coconut oil, cacao, dark maple syrup, coffee grounds, and that’s it! 🍫🍁☕️

Spice up your beauty routine with Pumpkin Spice 🎃
Cinnamon - plumps the skin by bringing oxygen/blood to the surface and unclogs pores
Nutmeg - helps heal scars caused by acne or sun spots
Cardamom - improves circulation and is high in antioxidants
Ginger - prevents free radical damage and protects aging

Sweater weather is here but there's no need to hide your skin! Get your complexion ready for cozier times ahead by brightening, smoothing, and stimulating your skin with grounding natural aromas and the luxurious textures of our fresh face masks. 🍁🍂🎃

Feeling unbalanced these days? Why not try healing your chakras with color therapy by using our naturally colorful fresh face masks?
Each chakra is associated with a certain color, so color therapy has been shown to help restore balance to the affected chakra.
Crown: Violet / White (Goddess)
The crown is the first chakra, located at the very top of your head. It is governed by the brain and most closely associated with beauty, creativity, and inspiration. The violet energy connects us with our thoughts, feelings, and spiritual self.
Brow: Indigo (Berry)
This chakra, also known as the third eye, is located in between your eyes. It is governed by the eyes, head, and sinuses and associated with intuition and fear. A person with an open indigo chakra is highly intuitive and faithful and has a clear vision of situations and experiences.
Throat: Blue (Earth)
The blue chakra is located in the throat and is associated with the health of your lungs and throat. A healthy and open blue chakra not only leads to good thyroid and respiratory health, but also has a calming effect. People with an open blue chakra are loyal, trustworthy, and peaceful.
Heart: Green (Jungle)
The green heart chakra is closely related to the heart and our ability to care. When the green chakra is fully open, the person is likely to be very compassionate, generous, and loving.
Solar Plexus: Yellow (Sunrise)
The yellow chakra is situated in the solar plexus, just behind the ribs. The liver, spleen, stomach, and intestines govern it. A healthy, open yellow chakra leads to optimism, practicality, and confidence.
Sacral: Orange (Tropics)
The orange chakra is located in the lower abdomen. Problems with the sacral chakra are associated with health issues related to the uterus, ovaries, and testes. Those with an open orange chakra are very sociable, independent, and happy.
Base: Red (Blossom)
The final chakra is red and is found at the very base of the spine. Spinal, leg, hip, kidney, and bladder health are all associated with an open red chakra. Feelings of strength, security, and courage are also related to a healthy red chakra.
🌈 🙏🏼 - wellnesstoday.com

Although the summer days are getting shorter, we have lots of reasons for you to fall in love with our fresh face masks anytime of the year! Stay tuned for some very exciting news and an end of summer surprise 🤗🎉

We are feeling golden!! 🍯 Thank you @sporteluxe for the feature 😍🙏🏼

Pap-hiya! 👋🏼

Papaya is a key ingredient in our Tropics fresh face mask
Tropics fresh face mask is a tropical escape for your face and your senses. We all need to just get away sometimes to find balance and reset. So let this mask be your staycation. Comprised completely of fruits and honey, the natural enzymes dissolve away dead skin cells leaving you with smooth, glowing skin. As if that's not enough, banana is natures Botox. Think of this mask as a safer version of a chemical peel and Botox session.

“What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. These are but trifles, to be sure; but scattered along life's pathway, the good they do is inconceivable.” - Joseph Addison ☀️🌻

Do you have any questions about our skincare line, the ingredients, or anything skin related? If so, we are happy to answer them! Just knock!!

Lazy mornings are the best! 🤗

We are excited to introduce our monthly Smoothie Beauty Stash which features our picks of the month! Since the end of summer is approaching fast, we want to feature our best of summer fresh face masks and smoother boosters to repair, soothe, and revitalize your skin ✨ Ps. Your stash will also include a bonus surprise!! 🎁

Our Seaside fresh face mask is as soothing as the sea. Just sit back and relax as the cucumber and aloe soothe your stressed skin. Let the Greek yogurt do the work to gently slough off dead skin cells while the kelp nourishes and rejuvenates your skin with minerals and vitamins. Warning: this mask may make you want to sing "under the sea" and befriend a fish or two! 🐠💦🦀

What's your flavor? 🍡😋

Happy Mother's Day Mommas!! I hope you are having a relaxing day with your loved ones ❤️💐

A pre-makeup mask is the perfect way to ensure your skin is hydrated, smoothed, and prepped for the day ahead! 🙆

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