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huge bowl of Cold Vanilla Oats 🍯 before heading off to watch some friends compete in a crossfit competition this morning. Definitely one of my favorite meals at the moment 👌🏽Anyone else feel like they could eat this any time of day?! haha

details--> @lovegrown nuts & seeds super oats + unsweetened almond milk + @alohamoment vanilla plant based protein topped w/ 🍌 + @siggisdairy skyr yogurt + homemade nut mix + @wild_friends peanut butter

Currently working on some hw before heading off to work. Was able to get a little bit of rest yesterday but I still feel like last week is catching up to me 😂 Sorry i've been a little MIA but I hope you all are having a great weekend!

WATERMELON & PASSIONFRUIT. 🍉 It's a seriously stellar fruit combo!✨👌🏼 I got my perfectly tart passionfruit from @tamarinfruits . Tamarin Fruits is an AMAZING company that sources perfectly ripe fruits from organic, sustainable farmers in Columbia. 🙌🏻 The fruits such as mango, soursop, guava & PASSIONFRUIT get washed, peeled and seeded before freezing into pulp packets that can easily be shipped. 📬 See the unboxing and a close up of the packets on my instastories!
ONE LUCKY WINNER will be mailed a variety box of 20 pulp packets from @tamarinfruits to enjoy!
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Winner is limited to people w/ a mailing address (no PO boxes) in the continental US & will be announced on 6/27 via DM and instastories. Good luck!!! 🎉

Nice meal prep here by @justget.fit
4 days Meal prep in 1 Hour:

M1: 2 slices of @silverhillsbakery sprouted bread with avocado, micro greens and 2 sunny-side up eggs

M2: Overnight oats (basic recipe: #justgetfitovernightoats): 0% plain Greek yogurt, quick oats, unsweetened almond milk, crunchy PB, frozen peaches (I add them to the jar the night before) and 1 @optimumnutrition shake on the side

M3: Burrito Bowl #justgetfitburritobowl details to come next week

S1: baby carrots + 1 pepper
S2: 1/2 cup egg whites + spinach

S3: 1 cup frozen grape tomatoes

S4: Gingeraid Kombucha from @gtskombucha

Meal Sunday meal prep breakdown: my 1 hour of prep time included making 10 burrito bowls for my man and I (Sunday-Thursday), 4 overnight oat jars, packing my grapes, carrots and cooking  2 sets of sunny side eggs for Monday and Tuesday (I cook them perfectly so the yokes are still runny when added to my avocado toast the following days. I cook my S2 before bed and prepped more eggs for avocado toast later in the week.
SOURCES of PROTEIN: ony 21 grams of my 147 grams of protein is from chicken. The rest of my protein is from eggs, egg whites, Greek yogurt, whey, black beans, sprouted bread (12g!) and cheese.

#mealprep #mealprepdaily #mealpreplife #mealprepsunday #mealprepideas #foodisfuel #sundaymealprep

Good morning everyone 🤗☀️ Keeping today's breakfast simple with toast 👉🏻 two slices of toasted @alvaradostreetbakery bread + @sunbutter + cinnamon + banana slices + bee pollen. Hope you're all enjoying your weekend. Happy Sunday!

//🇺🇸 Hey guys! I am so thankful for all your love and support 💕😘 40 k - wow!! Never would have thought of that 🙆🏼 Huge THANK YOU to all of you 🙆🏼☺️
✨🙏🏼 I hope you had a wonderful day 🌟✨🌝
//🇩🇪 Hi ihr Lieben 💕 Ich habe mich so gefreut gestern, als ich diese wundervolle runde Zahl 40 oben im Profil gesehen habe 🎊😱😍🙆🏼 Ich danke euch allen so sehr für all' die Treue, die lieben Kommentare und die großartige Unterstützung ✨🙏🏼
40 Tausend Kichererbsenfreunde, das ist so großartig. Obwohl es mir nun wirklich nicht auf die Followerzahl ankommt, freut es mich trotzdem ungemein. Es ist so toll, so viele Menschen erreichen zu können 😌 🙆🏼😘
Ich hoffe, euer Wochenende war erholsam und ihr konntet die Sonne draußen genießen 😃 Habt einen schönen Abend und bis morgen 🙋🏼🌟

Let's taco bout how much I love Sundays. Slow mornings, extra coffee, warm breakfast then off to boxing. What are you doing today? ✨✨

@angelicbakehouse wrap, leftover roasted broccoli + zucchini warmed in a skillet + mushrooms, @vitalfarms egg, avocado and hot sauce. The messier the better, right?!

after 7 miles of hiking, I needed way more than a salad, but nothing sounded better than fresh veggies, so I wrapped them all up in a tortilla & called it a day @goodonyaorganic Cafe in SD 🌯☀️ PS yes I definitely had to hold the entire thing like the small child it was while @tennishealthfitness snapped a pic for me ❤😂


Back in the saddle 🏇🏇🏇 { protein smoothie: @vitalproteins banana cinnamon collagen whey + collagen peptides • ice • 100 g banana • 140 g cherries • 1 tbsp almond butter • hard boiled egg }.
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Breakfast before the gym was a sweet omelette made with 1 egg & egg whites, filled with vanilla flavour skyr yoghurt, chopped strawberries, GF berry granola & choc shot 😋
Off to Chester this afternoon for a few hours for a wander around with my boyfriend and of course, food 😹

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When you bring a knife to the gym so you can slice your banana 🙈 girls gotta do what a girls gotta do hey 🙋🏻 Sliced banana on chia rice cakes are the perfect post/pre training snack. I have a half hour gap in between classes...so obviously I use this time to munch 👏🏻 Happy Monday 💙 #snack #snacklife #ricecakes #banana #postworkout #preworkout #leggings @bannatynehealthclub @lululemonuk

Spaghetti with mushrooms and creamy sauce 🍝☕️ // #sunnyyummy #sunnyyummyamsterdam

Выходные подошли к концу, но не для команды THE WAITERS👯 Сегодня мы отдыхаем, а чтобы Вам не было скучно без нас, предлагаем листать фотоотчеты за выходные и вспоминать- как же здорово это было ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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Morning walk with my new fave protein bars @phdnutritionuk smart bars! For anyone that has a sweet tooth but wants to increase their protein intake give these a go!😍 they are delicious 🍫

After a fast day, and a big squat session, this dinner is very well received and deserved.
Yummy grilled chicken breast marinated in lemon, olive oil and oregano, roasted pumpkin and steamed broccoli. Bring on the week 🏋🏻‍♀️🏃🏽‍♀️🌈
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If your ice creams not swimming in chocolate sauce, is it really dessert?

Shitmead strikes again!!!!! After a bullshit meeting in which the doctor basically triggered the fuck out of me and is now making me question if I really have anorexia or I'm just some attention seeking borderline.😑 we have gotten nowhere, just walking im circles. I know fuck all about what is happening treatment wise, my dietian said she would see me but didn't and I'm still not allowed off the ward. They don't care if I eat or not. I picked at dinner and am refusing supper. I'm now waiting for my PRN to kick in so I can sleep this horrible day away.

Kicked off my Monday with 2 poached eggs on avocado toast with smoked salmon & tomatoes🥑🍅🍞🍳 With plenty of protein, heart healthy fats and complex carbohydrate, this breakfast will definitely set you up for the day.
And I could sooo eat this on repeat! 😍
Eid Mubarak to all those celebrating today x .
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🌿 need brekky inspo? ever wondered what else to do with quinoa (that takes less than 5 mins)? So although it's a lovely 23 degrees here on the Gold Coast, it's winter and I felt like porridge 😁
🌿 Cue quinoa porridge served with coconut passionfruit yoghurt, banana and goji berries and a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg👌
🌿 in a small pot gently heat up 1/2 cup quinoa flakes, 1 cup milk (I used activated almond) - stir consistently for 3 mins
🌿...ummm...that's it 😁
🌿 even though my Scottish mum brought me up on salt in my porridge, I'm more partial to a touch of sweetness hence the passionfruit @nakulaorganic yoghurt and banana, but you could add a different sweetener of choice (maple syrup, coconut sugar, stewed apples, etc)...
🌿 so it's quick, budget friendly and sustaining and filled with amino acids and fibre - the goji berries give it the antioxidant hit 🙌🏼
🌿 any brekky inspo to share? I'm always on the look out for healthy, quick, sustaining recipes ☺️💚

🍓SNACK ATTACK🍓 Strawberries are my favourite fruit. Ive topped them here on rye bread with a little tahini. I think tahini tastes really like peanut butter and it's nice to have an alternative! It's so versatile I use tahini in stir frys, have it on toast, mix it with yoghurt and a squeeze of lemon for a nice little dip and it's also used in making hummus! .
#beebalancednutrition #balance #nutrition #mondaymotivation #snack #strawberry #ideas #inspiration #foodie #food #foodisfuel #eatwell

Den sidste morgenmad af denne kaliber indtages imorgen tidlig inden hjemturen☀️ #vilikkehjem August får den lille portion nederst i billedet og jeg har fået yoghurt med topping og en lille skål havregrød med nutella, idag ligeledes med æblekompot💪🏼 Dertil banan til August og melon til moderen. Ægget blev levnet i dag... Det fortryder jeg nu😂 De to børneskeer er feriens vigtigste udstyr fra buffetten, én til fodring og én til babys hånd 😆#postworkoutmeal #breakfast #vacay #spies #healthymom #healthyfood #healthylifestyle #stayfit #fitmom #fitfamdk #nofilter #foodisfuel

My blueberry chia breakfast smoothie! I used my colourful cup measures to measure out the ingredients for this one. Make sure your measurements are accurate, not measuring could be the difference between a good diet and a bad one 🙌🏽

🍒1 banana
🍒1 cup of unsweetened Almond Milk
🍒1/2 cup of Fage 0% fat yoghurt
🍒1/4 plain oats
🍒100g blueberries
🍒1 tbsp chia seeds (I use @thechiaco white chia)
🍒1 tsp nut butter (I use coconut and almond butter @pipandnut)

🥛Blend together (I use a nutribullet) to make a delicious smoothie!#breakfastsmoothie #healthysmoothie #smoothieporn #smoothielife #smoothiewednesday

How many of you love receiving your monthly fitness tracker & workout of the month in each Inside Out Box? It's funny, some of the feedback we get is that it's all about the 'actual' products in the box...the other feedback, it's all about the monthly workout and their fitness tracker that can be placed on their refrigerator door and holds them accountable each day. Whichever motivates you, healthy product or awesome workout...we have you covered! ...and as you can see here, we don't mind tracking our own fitness goals month to month too 😉 Join in, jump on board and start your very own journey to wellbeing with us! See you in July box 📦 #insideoutbox #ajourneytowellbeing

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