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Let's talk PANT SIZES! I tried on 2 pairs of pants today, one right after the other and was surprised to find the size 2 was actually bigger, fit better, and was more comfortable than the size 4. What?!?? How does this happen?! I used to work at a clothing store and they would tell us that even WITHIN the same size and style, they can fit differently so they always recommended taking a few pair with us to try on before just going with our go to size! Granted, these are 2 different companies (Vera Wang and Lauren Conrad-whaddup Kohl's💁🏻), but it never ceases to amaze me how pants can vary so much. Don't let your pant size define you! I had a major nonscale victory today after not even picking out 0s to try on-just said nope! Those are too tiny-let's try what will fit your new, healthy body! Better to not be discouraged by trying on pants that will be too tight! I also bought both pairs because I loved the ones on the left and the ones on the right were $15, so....💁🏻💁🏻💁🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻🙋🏻lol so shout out to all my girls on a budget trying to find jeans that fit! I feel you on the struggle but just know, sizes fluctuate and your self worth should not be based on the size of your jeans 👖!

Homemade vegan 'cheesy' mini pizzas are always a great choice - especially for dinner, aren't they? 😍🙊 Hope you had a great day so far 😘 You can find the english recipe in the comments 😊 Have a cozy evening 😊
PIZZA 🙌 Hallo ihr Lieben 😊 Nachdem ich nach der Arbeit die ersten Posts hier in meinem Feed von euch angeschaut hatte, musste ich leider vorerst wieder aufhören und mir erst etwas zu Essen zubereiten 🙊 Ernsthaft! Durch Instagram und diese ganzen leckeren Bilder kann man doch nur hungrig werden oder? 🤔😁😍
Und daher hab ich mich schnell für eine kleine vegane Pizza entschieden! Egal ob eine einzelne Pizza oder den Teig in vier Minis geteilt - ich liebe sie 😍 Dazu einen großen Salat & fertig ist das gesunde Abendessen! Und wenn man nicht direkt danach wieder so leckere Bilder hier sieht, ist man erstmal satt 😁🙈 Meine Pizza wartet gerade noch im Ofen, aber ich wollte euch schonmal schnell das Rezept posten 😊 Ich liebe sie besonders mit veganem Käse, Tomaten, Mais, Gewürzen und Hefeflocken belegt 😍
So und nun wünsche ich euch schnell noch einen schönen Abend 😊 Erzählt mir mal, ob ihr durch Instagram auch immer so hungrig werdet und was es bei euch heute gibt 😘😊 .
Ihr braucht für eine kleine Pizza (oder 4 Mini Pizzen) 90 gr Dinkelmehl Typ 630, ca 60 gr Soja Joghurt, 1 EL Öl und eine Prise Backpulver. Gebt eine Prise Salz sowie Gewürze eurer Wahl (ich habe zb eine Mischung aus Peperoni, Paprika, Oregano und Knoblauch Gewürz genommen) zu den Zutaten. Vermischt dann alles mit einem Handmixer, knetet den Teig zu einem Ball, gebt ihn auf ein Backpapier/eine Dauerbackfolie und formt eine dünne (!) runde Pizza/ 4 kleine dünne Pizzen. Piekst den Teig ein paar mal mit einer Gabel ein und backt den Boden für etwa 10 min bei ca 200 Grad im bereits vorgeheizten Ofen vor.
Belegt den Boden dann ganz nach eurem Wunsch (vergesst auch hier die Gewürze nicht 🙊❤) und backt die Pizza dann je nach Dicke weiter bis sie leicht gebräunt und knusprig ist 👌 Eine genaue Zeitangabe kann ich nicht sagen, aber das variiert ja je nach Ofen - schaut immer mal nach der Pizza! 😊 Wenn ihr sie mit Heißluft backt, wird der Boden schön knusprig 😊

Ставьте плюсик ➕ в комментариях если нужен рецепт 😋 не пишите, что мы не присылаем рецепт, мы всегда его пишем в описание видео позже, не трудно же просто плюсик ставить и получить от нас всегда шикарные рецепты😍😋
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By masmavi3_mutfakta

Crazy how some days go🙄 I've felt wobbled all day.. yep..I even turned up at work on the wrong day!!😂
It's also been so wet and grey here in Melbourne so I haven't bothered trying to take any photos as it's just been too dark!! #thestruggleisreal folks 😫 So it's a Tb to these overnight Chia Oats, mixed with an apple compote, banana coins and a lemon, ginger and cashew cream sprinkled with roasted almonds and pecans!👌Breakfast and desert all rolled into one!! How good does that sound huh!!!!😜 Recipe for cashew cream👇
300g cashews soaked overnight
3 Tbls Rice malt syrup
3/4 C water
1 Tbls lemon juice
Zest from 1 lemon
2 heaped Tsp of grated Ginger
Adjust lemon, ginger and sweetness to suit.. Rinse cashews and throw in a high speed blender @vitamix Until smooth and creamy..
Keep in airtight container in the fridge for 3-4 days..
Enjoy xxx
Hope your day is a good one!!
Lots of love xx
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My body is a reflection my hard work and dedication. Being in the gym and working out, is honestly something I just love to do, but the perks that come along with it are so amazing. I'm so happy mentally, and so happy physically. (Ps peep the calf gains😏)
New video, Link in bio, update on my bikini prep🎥🎥•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Snapchat: fearstofit
YOUTUBE: fearstofit
Training- kstrampsfitness@gmail.com
@uniconutrition- 20% - KENDALL
@divebarnutrition -FEARSTOFIT
Coach- @nickkomodina

I felt much better today thanks to all your get well wishes ❣️And to make today even better I was reminded 3 years ago today we brought home Tux. Funny to think I had to be convinced to get and dog and now those boys are everything to me. Celebrating with cheese and a family walk 👩🏻👦🏼🐶🐶

grilled chicken + roasted peppers, broccoli, sweet potato and @iloveorganicgirl greens. Happy humpday!!

Thanks @questlovesfood for hosting A Place At The Table at your salon last night and to the chefs who came out and cooked #foodisfuel

#Omelettata game strong today 😎 It's such an easy way to pack in all the veggies without even realizing it! Make it for breakfast, lunch or dinner 🍳🍳🍳 I did a little how-to on my IG stories if you'd like to see how to recreate 😊
Directions: turn oven on broil. Add olive, coconut or avocado to small skillet and sauté veggies (I used bell peppers, mushrooms and zucchini). Once tender, add a handful of spinach and cilantro to cook down. Whisk 2 pasture-raised egg in a bowl with a splash water and seasonings of choice (I usually go for turmeric, pepper, red pepper flakes, chili powder) then pour over the top of the veggies. Let cook on medium for 3-4 minutes, sprinkle with organic goat cheese, then transfer to oven on BROIL to cook remainder, 2-4 minutes. Take out when it's starting to brown and becomes fluffy 😍 Top with avocado, @woodstockfoods Tamara pumpkin seeds and hemp seeds 👯✨


Who wants a present?

Morning guys hope you're all okay this morning it's another early start for me but I've only got half day at university today 📚 breakfast is cornflakes with almond milk 🌰🍼 plus toast with peanut butter 🍞 🥜 I've got so much to do when I get home this afternoon and then I'm going out to a gig tonight in Manchester 🎶 anxious because I'm staying over at a friend's and then going straight to uni with her tomorrow but trying to remember it's NORMAL 😌 hope you have a lovely day

😳 Night Snack. Only had a spoon to go with the tub of greek yoghurt as the kitcehn was closed so I just took what I could. It is something i've always wanted to do though 😅. However... I just ate the entire 950g!! I do feel sick and so full (v bloated) now. For some reason I had been craving greek yoghurt so much these last 24hrs and my mind has been focusing a lot on the protein in it??? I'm not one to focus in certain food groups either?? Dinner was a bit light too, to continue with the utter mess today has been. But the pineapple was delicious (got it half price 😍).

Guten Morgen 😊 für mich geht's jetzt nach Münster zum Messeaufbau 💪🏻 für die extra Portion Kraft, gabs natürlich Pancakes 😝🙌🏻 Ich wünsche Euch einen schönen Tag 💕

Yogurt bowl FILLED with alllll the goods for breakfast today! Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Naturally sweetened apple cinnamon granola, topped with strawberries ♥️🍓 #foodstagram #fitnessfood #foodporn #foodie #eatpurely #eeeeeats #breakfast #foodblogger #healthandfitness #healthylifestyle #HelseGlede #mat #godtno #sukkerfri #foodisfuel #balance

Se me antojó un sándwich... Y para salirme de lo habitual lo preparé con: setas con queso crema, pepino, pimiento, pechuga de pavo y aguacate. 😈😌 #instafood #instagramanet #instatag #food #foodporn #foodie #foodgasm #foodpics #foodpic #foodstagram #foods #foodlover #foodisfuel #foodblogger #foodcoma #foodgram #foodblog #foodlovers #foodart #SaludEnRed

Coffee, and a light breakie of low fat yoghurt, gullon digestive 'marie' biscuits, raw organic honey from a family friends garden and coconut chips 😏🍪😇🌈 #instahealth #foodporn #nomnom #nourish #fitspo #fitfam #foodisfuel #happiness #girlswithmuscle #girlsthatlift #coffee #healthybreakfastporn

"Mon raisonnement est qu'il y a quelque chose d'admirable dans l'homme, quoi que vous puissiez dire, que tous les savants ne sauraient expliquer."

Time for breakfast 🐥
Hope you'll have a great Thursday! 🌸

Reinventing the wheel, if you will😂 I baked my @sweetearthfoods vegan general tso's tofu with rice and broccoli, and then added some extra pepper for some crunch💥 The sauce was so tasty and I loved the ratio of tofu to rice, it was almost 3:1🙌 I had to get that protein in after getting back in the gym after a whole, long week off!👌💪 Thanks Sweet Earth!💕 #sweetearth #sweetearthfoods
In other news, did you know Lena Dunham has a book club? I didn't but I'm joining it asap. Apparently, lately the club has been delving into long-form articles on powerful women or written by powerful women-💪💞🙌😍, and I am super into it! I haven't read anything in a while but I can't wait to jump back in! Do you like to read?? What do you read!?!📚✨📚✨📚
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Hello friends! 🙋
I hope you had a wonderful morning und you had started the day with much love and energy! 🙅🙆🌅
My questions of the day is:
For what three things are you happy at the moment? Please write it down to fix it in your brian 📄✒
I'm happy at the moment for:
1) My life, that shows me that health is the most important thing in life
2) For my best friend, my familiy and all of YOU that give me so much love and energy
3) For the opportunity to give so much love and passion back to everyone of you!
This exercise brings you in the morning in a positively emotional condition. 🙏
It's one of my part of my morning rotine 🛌🎎🕺
On the picture you can see my rice coconut pudding of yesterday evening made with almond milk, bananas, berries and amaranth 🍇🍎
Now it's time to drive to my doctor to make futher investigstions 🚗
So, I wish you a fantastic day with much love and a lot of quality time, my foodlovers 😊
See you later! 🙋🌇

The best coffee i had in #copenhagen so far

(Using this picture AGAIN)
Part of breakfast was oats with blueberries and milk.🌸
It's the waffle day on Saturday, so please fight ana and eat waffles just because they're good and delicious!🙌
And remember to fight, even if it's harder than ever.💪
I promise you it will get better, just hold on.✨
Life is waiting for you.💕

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